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RE: Introducing Wrapped Hive - Hive on Ethereum!

in #hive2 months ago

Still trying to find some benefits, eh, @fbslo? Yeah me too!

Sub Dollar tokens are unsuitable for ERC20, even the ETH based ones.
So how is a wrapped HIVE going to do anything? Now once we get back
to $8.50 (yes I was here for that) maybe it will be awesome. Now? idk

I agree that infrastructure needs to be built, so this is light years ahead of SMTs...

I will be a crypto millionaire before SMTs are even available.


@taskmaster4450 wrote a nice post about the possible use of WHIVE:

I agree that WHIVE might not be suitable for everyone because of fees (hopefully ETH 2.0 will solve this), but there is no harm to have it.

Awesome, Thanks!
Task and I go way back, he's good at 'Splainin to an old dinosaur like me LOL
I just saw this too, from my good friend @hetty-rowan