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The Upvoteshares Curation Project kept a low profile during all of the hostile takeover drama not wanting to take any impulsive actions. The aim of this project remains the same which is supporting quality bloggers that have a long term mindset on this platform in a fair and scalable way (See Model Mechanics).

Hive Integration

To start off, the @upvoteshares account got the HIVE Airdrop which along with the STEEM in the account belongs to the shareholders based on the distributed shares. I've read that Steemauto will support Hive so all upvotes should automatically translate on the Hive blockchain soon.

My personal thoughts on how to go from here on out is to wait and see what happens the next 2 months having Splinterlands as the main reference. The witness that has always made the most sense to me is @yabapmatt and I take his view as my main reference on the entire situation for now.

I assume most people will cross-post their content on both Hive and Steemit while powering down steem and have all their interactions and engagement on Hive. I will make it into a shareholder decision, but Powering Down STEEM refunding all shareholders and continuing on Hive will likely be the course of action over time.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments!


Sounds like a fine plan to me!

Looks like a plan. But how do you see it. Will the people who did have shares, now have some kind of ninja staked shares :)

Agreed. Sounds like a good plan.

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Strange cannot vote on the post.

but Powering Down STEEM refunding all shareholders and continuing on Hive will likely be the course of action over time.

Sounds like a fine plan. :)

I for one do not mind using the STEEM from the @upvoteshares account (after powering down) to be used to buy more HIVE tokens to increase the power of the @upvoteshares account on HIVE.

But either way powering down the account (the one on Steem) seems to be the best plan at the moment.

Thanks for letting us know your plans and for asking us what's our opinion.

Personally, I will migrate to Hive completely:

  • power down and empty Steem account
  • 'transfer' Steem assets to Hive assets
  • don't post on Steem at all
  • I might be playing Splinterlands or Holy Bread until I own some steem; for now I am successfully avoiding those two games :)

As for the @upvoteshares owned Steem, I don't have an opinion. Whatever the community decides it will be OK with me.


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