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Hive Watchers comments and reasoning for banning me:

Copying and pasting previous posts or significant parts of them could be seen as spam when:

  • Reposting the same content without additional original content or significant changes
  • Reposting content within the same payout window

Do you see my content as spam?

Have I been reposting the same content WITHOUT additional original content or significant changes?

Have I been reposting content within the same payout window?

Please let @hivewatchers know what you think. Thank you.

At the moment I'm currently black listed with auto downvotes from their large accounts.

I clearly do not fit their given criteria. However they may have some points about my blog.

Is this how we treat eachother here on Hive?

No asking me to change my blogging style....just off with my head.


After carefully reading the responses on this post, I would say the same thing that @phortun mentioned in his comment.

it feels like you will be able to figure it out somehow and make some changes to your blog that will remove you from the black list

Thank you so much for taking the time, and yes I agree.

I hope you get this worked out. Not only have you been here rowing the boat with us forever but I personally like ALL of your content.

Thank you so much for taking the time @broncnutz, it really means a lot to me.

Glad you were finally able to have some communication with them, seeing the latest course of this thing, it feels like you will be able to figure it out somehow and make some changes to your blog that will remove you from the black list. You will be alright man ;) And btw nobody can remove / delete / ban / whatever you from Hive, remember that ;) One of many great benefits of this place. Good luck resolving the issue, I am looking forward to checking out and supporting your content again.

Thank you so much! You are right / delete / ban / whatever....can't happen here. I accidentally titled this post "removed". After I saw @ADM run through my blog wiping it out. My hands were shaking and I was almost crying when I wrote this post. Just felt like I've been removed, after 4.5 years of making friends and building a massive catalog of work. From photos to articles to videos. You name it. I brought my viewers around the planet like three times and to like twenty or thirty different countries. They think it's all about the money, it's more about my identity. I'm like forever tied to this name and this blog.

Thank you for speaking up and lending your support. It will not be forgotten.

Upvoted for attention.

Thank you for you help. Means a lot.

You've been one of the most consistent creators since I first met you online. Where you have reused content, at least from what I've seen, there's been a significant shift in context and surrounding text. Look, once somebody has a large body of work it's quite useful to reuse some parts of it because it lowers the bar for new works.
I think @hivewatchers do have an appeals process. Have you tried that?

Yes. It was more of them telling me why Im done. Their was no answer when I asked about what I adress in this post. Just ignored me.

I'm not aware of any real negative effects, besides the lost penny, of a @spaminator downvote. If @hivewatchers frivolously adds people to that list, it will lose meaning, if it hasn't already.

I only wish it was a penny. Take a look at my blog. Thanks for coming through :)

@eturnerx @pfunk

It was already explained to this user that he should stop farming with recycled posts 10 months ago

The user continued to farm with reposts anyway. All that was changed in every, single post were photos. juggling photos from the same photo sessions and dividing them into dozens of posts while the whole text was copied from the previous ones (text makes up and the majority of the post and is supposed to be a story highlight)

The user has farmed rewards worth thousands of USD with these posts. I guess, it is about time to stop it.



Each post was spammed many times over.




Sounds to me like you're stepping over the line into content policing. Many posts repeat themselves with the text they have but if he's sharing new photos and that's the meat of the content, why should it receive downvotes from Hivewatchers?


Note to @hivewatchers. First thank you for removing your ADM downvotes.

Please have a look at my blog. Specifically the last few days.

This is going to be my new posting schedule. Every other day alternating photo post and well written article post. Then I plan to continue running my price is right game for the foreseeable future in "winner takes all mode" 100% fun charity game to my followers. (so one good quality post a day for me technically speaking)

This was my plan as soon I saw my posts making a lot more with the price running up. I have truly felt my photo posts were overpaid once the price jumped 4x, but not before. Is it a coincidence you are coming after me implying I'm making too much at the same time the price jumped?

But by no means have my posts ever qualified as spam, farming, and certainly don't fit your specifically written criteria for blacklist. That is not opinion, it is fact. So thank you again for removing the downvotes..

Below is my new photo posting format.

An up-front note telling my audience my pictures are free for their use without copy right restriction. Telling them the article is written for the series and they are to enjoy and have a read if they have not done so already. New photo series will be no more then ten in length. Furthermore each photo gets it's own fun caption to add to the viewers experience.

I think it's best we drop this issue like a hot potato. I'm not your average newbie, oops I got caught plagiarizing with 10HP and a 40 rep. My situation is far more complex and I'm prepared to fight this as long as I have to even if it means I have to invest lots of my personal wealth into my account and network all my friends to my aid. I've got 4.5 years of sharing the world with people here and I'm not gonna walk away cause someone has a contrary opinion, money, and a downvote button.

Let's work this out. I've always thought of HIVE (previously steemit) as a caring community where we can communicate and resolve our differences without heavy handed tactics. I'm still in a place to say no hard feeling and lets move on. How about you?

I feel you should notified and cautioned before it's of with your head bro appeal it if you can.

All i can do is converse with them on discord. I did. They ignored me completley when I addressed the above. Just told me i was milking rewards and reposting content. Then stopped communicating after telling me to go to another platfrom.

Keep appealing is all I can suggest wish I could do more for you bro !!

Thank you very much. People like you who have gotten to know me on a more personal level have done so, cause you LIKE my content and the guy behind it and that says a lot. So thank you! And thank you for being brave and speaking up. Many will keep their head down and look the other way in fear of "being next".

I think you're confused or intentionally trying to create drama here. Blacklisting doesn't mean removing from the platform. There's a huge difference between the two.

You are right. I just up-dated that. I'm just beyond surprised and stressed out about this.

I understand that, it's just that newcomers don't know the difference and may think it's possible for their account to be removed.

Thanks for the edit and good luck.

Downvoted, because this is not content, just complaining about rewards.

Also you are doing a lot of spinning, and low effort posts. Please consider improving your content and/or reduce post frequency. This is a gentle and friendly reminder.

"Please consider improving your content and/or reduce post frequency."

That is what I am currently doing. I just want to be allowed to do so, and that is what this post is about. Thanks to comments like yours and others I believe I am being given a chance to once again prove myself; even though there has been no official word from Hive Watchers in regards to removal of my blanket downvote blacklisting. I am putting much more effort into my posts and it's already being reflected in my blog. Thank you for your kind words and excellent communication.