Ten Reasons it's Better on Blurt!

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1: Freedom of Speech

Since Blurt has no down-vote button, you do not have to worry about being down-voted for your opinions. You do not have to self sensor. You do not have to side with a majority, a whale, or the platform's leadership in fear of becoming a down-vote target and run off the platform. With no down-vote button you and your voice can not be suppressed, controlled, or manipulated.


2: Highly Decentralized

Unlike Hive and Steemit, Blurt's power structure is extremely individualized amongst it's witnesses and investors. There is no central authority controlling others, there is no organized network at the top. Where this kind of power structure is pervasive on the other blockchains.


3: Huge Room For Growth

The ground work for Blurt has been laid and it is now ready for take off. There is room for mega growth, applications, and much more to be built onto the blurt blockchain. This is all without lots of headbutting competition or a central authority or down-vote button to shoot you down.

With the price sub five cents, many with a little investment money can propel themselves into a leadership position immediately; and use it as another force for growth as the price and your investment increase in value.


4: Freedom of Finance

Your up-vote is essentially part of your gained interest on your investment. Nobody on Blurt can down-vote you and cancel out your up-vote (your interest). Where on Hive and Steem it happens all the time. If you buy $10,000 of Blurt, you are entitled to cast up-votes however you'd like that comes from your share ($10,000) of the reward pool. Nobody can take that away from you or the recipient with down-votes.

If you want to pay the neighborhood kid for mowing your lawn in up-votes on a blank post, then that is your right to do so. If you want to support projects that will immediately sell the blurt to feed hungry children in Africa, it's your up-vote and at Blurt you have the freedom to do with it as you choose. If you want to up-vote yourself all day, it's your reputation and your decision. Freedom of the investor and what they do with their up-vote comes first on Blurt.


5: Access to Your Investment

Unlike Hive, Blurt was designed to put the average investor in control. Once you power up on Hive, you can not access the entirety of your investment for a whopping thirteen weeks! On Blurt you get 25% of your power down each week over a reasonable four weeks. Again Blurt puts it's users in the driver seat.


6: Blurt is Simple

Unlike Hive and Steem, blurt is not all built up. There is not a million places to click and get confused. There is virtually no learning curve for anyone familiar with hive and steemit. Blurt is not over crowded, yet has many strong and ever growing communities. Their are no spin off tokens. There is no HBD/SBD stable coin equivalent. It's a solid blockchain with good normal people using it, growing it, and maintaining it with committed witnesses. It's clean, simple, and easy to use. Those with a steemit account dating before July 2020 already have a Blurt account they can access with their steemit keys. There is no reason to choose between Blurt and another social media site, we encourage our users to earn rewards and use both.


7: International Use and Interest

There is a growing number of communities currently springing up from all over the world. From the US, Germany, Korea, Africa, and much more. Rapid growth can come from the expansion of interest and investment in any one of these places at any time.


8: Easy to Buy

Blurt is easily accessible on 4 exchanges with plans to be on more soon. Currently you can gain access to blurt on Ionomy, Probit Global, Pancake Swap, and Hive Engine.


9: Bully Preventative Design

With no down vote button on Blurt nobody can bully, harass, and financially attack you through down-votes for any reason.


10: Spam Preventative Design

Since it cost a tiny fraction of a blurt to post and comment, this applies a financial burden for those looking to churn out massive spam. While those who put out normal posts and comments, the first up-vote is usually far more than the tiny sum it cost to create the post or comment.

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  1. There are no safeguards in place to stop people like you posting the same shit over and over again or for posting dishonest stolen content.

  2. Blurt is the most centralised platform out there because it relies on big blurt holders upvoting you and no doubt you have been licking arseholes and are earning lots of Blurt.

  3. Have fun with all the plagiarists, scammers and shitposts. You will feel right at home.

  1. Simple solution. Post on Facebook then, over and over....no problem and no one will bug you or create your own platform where you decide how it works.

  2. You have no idea what I hate or don't hate about the world!

  3. There is no backlash. Just one pathetic, immature individual who thinks he can do as he wishes and sulks like a baby when others disagree.

Entitlement is one of things I hate most in the world, just so you know :-)

Moving onto the "Blurt is great" stage, I see.

You aren't the first.

It's totally shit on blurt.png

Easy to buy, hard to sell.. you really should be more honest.

dishonesty is his thing though bruh

Yep, I wonder what he will promote next.. Hex?.. Maybe the next Bitconnect.. who knows.

I can't help but think if Blurt were so much better, the market might reflect it. That's not to say things could change in the future, of course, but a snapshot right now is not flattering. Still, I have no reason to hate the platform like I hate what Steemit became.

Yep just one look at Blurts orderbooks on exchanges and it says it all. A ton of sell orders.. little to no buy orders. People really should do basic research before buying altcoins.

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Value is subjective. Market prices signal whether there is widespread approximate consensus on value. They can be poor signals when something is new or niche, but still a useful data point. It took HIVE a long time to jump to consistent decent value. Where is BLURT in comparison, though?

Mind the door's backswing as you exit.

Oh, I don't know, I'm pretty likable, mostly.

I've watched this fella for a very long time, he is not the most friendly of people, but, if you are getting downvoted by him I assure you that there is more to the story than just your some memes and pixel art.

Because @themarkymark is so just and honorable. Enough to play judge, jury, and executioner for a 350 million dollar market cap platform all by himself. It's okay if common sense is not your thing; I fully understand.

If you would like to contribute to the effort to keep the pool going to people that put out original content, feel free to do so.
So far, marky has stepped up, will you?
He's not alone, but he certainly has one of the larger stakes willing to stop people from defrauding the pool with low effort posts.

I understand why that might be difficult for you to experience, but if you had simply started to follow the original content every time rule, you could've avoided this whole debacle.

I don't like this drama queen platform bashing. I also don't like seeing posts downvoted to oblivion because people are bickering. I'm not sold on Blurt, but unlike Steemit, I can see a case for using both. Have a !BEER and chill out.

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I have an airdrop there, since I hadn't finished powering everything down and trading it out when they forked from Steem. I personally took a look and didn't find the content I was interested in. Maybe it has changed since then.

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