Hive Keychain Now Available on Chrome & Brave!

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I am extremely happy to report that the Hive Keychain browser extension has FINALLY been approved by Google and is now available for everyone to install on the Google Chrome and Brave browsers!

You can use the following link to find the extension in the Google Chrome Web Store:

We encourage everyone to add a positive review for the extension on the Google Web Store as that will help ensure that it remains listed and future updates get approved in a timely fashion.

It has also been available in Firefox for a while now here:

@stoodkev did the vast majority of the development work on the extension with contributions also from @arcange and @quochuy, and @nateaguila took care of the design and graphics as always.

To see a detailed update of the work being done on the extension please see @stoodkev's recent development update post here:

HDF Proposal Update

The existing funding proposal for the extension will end in approximately one month at which time we expect to launch a new proposal to continue to fund ongoing development of the project. We do not intend to submit another proposal on Steem as we do not plan to continue to work on the Steem Keychain extension, so funding going forward will only come from Hive.

We greatly appreciate the support from everyone who has backed the proposal, and we hope that the community will vote to continue the funding when the initial proposal expires.

NOTE: All rewards from this post will go to @steem.dao (the Hive Development Fund account) to support the ongoing development of the Hive platform


That is an amazing news. I have been facing some issues with the previous version but all good now. Thanks for everything!!

@yabapmatt thank you for the link! Finally got it loaded up on Brave! Thank you @stellabelle for letting me know 👍

Excellent stuff. The best bit of code done for the platform ever :O)

As soon as they open up the chrome store for reviews again I will be there. Cheers!

Amazing! First of all, thank you.

Secondly, I noticed Firefox is beginning testing of addons for their Preview build, which is what runs on Oculus Quest and Go VR headsets. The first few hand picked addons should be available first half of this year.

In our (@dlux-io) effort to bridge the gap between HIVE and WebXR, getting this addon supported would be an enormous leap forward, as it would allow HIVE signing in VR!

I don't know if there's much you can do right now, just wanted to get it on your radar. Here is their announcemnt:

Finally! Big step forward.

A job well done to you champ! @yabapmatt. Kudos!

Goooood Work!


Finally! Thank you Google 😅

At last Hive Keychain is on Chrome 🙌

Very well. I just removed the previous version and installed it from the store. Everything works good. Thanks for efforts 👍

Using Git was fun but one-click is better.😅

Great news!!

Thank you for this awesome tool Matt.

Unfortunately, Google aren't allowing reviews at present but I'll try to remember to take a look and remind people to get some reviews added - which i'm sure will be very positive. Cheers!

Damn Google!

Thank you friend For information

That is awesome news! Thanks for all you are doing!

This really is excellent news. Congrats on your stubbornness :)

Installed, imported the keys from the manually added 1.8, it's working!

I can't rate the app. It might be too early yet.

Great stuff! Thanks for getting the Keychain plugin sorted! I just installed on browser but Google have disabled reviews for the time being! Will leave one once it is up and have tried logging in to peakd with it!

thats great news !!!!! great job guys

Apparently reviews are not accepted right now on the Google store!

Just a question: will it take you ages to push new versions? Is there any advantage to running on a development version now I figured out how to just grab a new version from github?

great job yaba !

Well done! 👍

Due to adjusted work schedules at this time, we are pausing the ability to post reviews on the Chrome Web Store

For now we can't review Hive Keychain. 😒

I'm dancing.

Edit - It's not possible to write reviews at the moment though.

Screen Shot 20200417 at 9.27.32 PM.png

What is the preference option I should select?

Well done

YAY!!!! fianlly!! thank you so so much!!!


it wont let me rate it!!! also should we remove steem keychain? or we can continue to use it?

Very good news from google ✌️
Good job @yabapmatt 🔝🔝

Awesome, thank you @yabapmatt 👊

This is cool! The version of Steem Keychain will remain at least?

Horay! no more "disable developer mode extensions" dialog box.

Impressive. Good job. It keeps getting better.

It's so pretty too. Thanks so much for your work in this, guys.

This is awesome!

It is funny though because of the fact that I literally just got done installing this extension manually by following the instructions on GitHub... used it to log in and then found this post with the convenient link to the one-click extension install. OH well.

Thanks for the hard work!

Hi, this is great! Been waiting for the official release for quite a while!

But there's at tiny bug I think.

I had it installed previously from the github. Now I uninstalled and installed the version from the chrome website. After I setup my account using my private posting keys, it was showing balances from my steem wallet and not HIVE wallet. I had a little pending reward that were not claimed. Once I claimed those from the keychain, it started showing balances from HIVE wallet.

Just this:

Thank you very much..!

Firma Fermionico_Mesa de trabajo 16-10.png

Nice! I just removed the original one and will try installing this one instead and see if I can actually use it to log in to PeakD.

Hive never felt alive without this!


ahhhhhh, been waiting for this the entire time. Thank you!

Awesome we'll update our links for our users.

thanks 🙂

good work dude! I just got it 5 min ago. super easy.

great news guys, good job.

I have a question: should I update my hive keychain from the Google Chrome Web Store right now, if I downloaded version 1.8 from github some time ago, followed by @themarkymark tutorial

You can export your keys via the extension. Then remove the extension and install it from the Chrome store. Then just reimport your keys again.


I was unhappy when the wallet decoupled from front page but I understand why it was done.


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how can i undelegate power ?