@hiveaustralia July 10 Virtual Meet-up Minutes

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Authored by @bearone

Hey Guys!

Once again, huge Hive ✋ to everyone who came to the meet-up.

I know it was a bit of a last minute muck around with the time but I'm glad I changed it since 8pm seems to be a good time for a lot of us. Moving forward I'd like to lock in 8pm as THE meet-up time from here on in.

I remembered to take a photo this time!

One of the things I love about going to meet-ups is being able to put a face to the name. It becomes more personal, instead of just names on a screen you get to know the person behind it and the story, and/or family behind them.

I've had the pleasure to meet in person, @mattclarke at the Team Australia 2018 Christmas Party and @quochuy at the Team Australia Bavarian Bier Meet-u. Both meets were quite some time ago and a lot has changed for all of us, so it's awesome to see them (and their kids) on video even though we're mostly about business these days.

In attendance was also @ryivhnn (great to see you!!), @shaidon (who I also met at the Christmas Party), @ctrpch and @aagabriel.

We went through the list and discussed the following points as per my last meet-up post.


... a little back story

From the get go I have always wanted @hiveaustralia to be a community owned asset like @hiveph. As a founding member and lead of @steemph, making @steemph a community owned account was a top priority.

Our focus was to build communities and as such, we needed to have the power to support that community which meant implementing a strict no power down rule. When the great bear market of 2018/2019 happened upon us and then came the hostile takeover, I decided to rebrand to @hiveph and start over but this time taking a back seat as custodian with @romeskie as lead/boss chick.

Between us we hold all the keys. This is our "fail safe". Just in case one of us drops off the chain, the other person will be there to keep the community going. That said, we are the only two who hold the owner keys and we are also volunteers, meaning we don't get paid for our time and effort.

That is pretty much what I had in mind for @hiveaustralia. Strict no power down with a group of unpaid volunteers working together to build a foundation for the Australian community on Hive, current and future.

When we decided to rebrand as Hive Australia and revitalise the Australian community on Hive, @ausbitbank very kindly (and quickly) created the new account for us making him the primary holder of the keys. Days later @quochuy, also very kindly (and quickly) set up the @hiveaustralia bot on the new server, making him another key holder.

I consider them two of the most trustworthy people on Hive and I (along with everyone else who attended the meet-up) absolutely have no problem with them being our "Keeper of the Keys".

As for the posting keys, I, along with @riverflows (and whoever wants to volunteer as a writer) have access to that.

If anyone objects to @ausbitbank and @quochuy being our Keeper of the Keys, please comment below along with your suggestion as to who would be suitable and we can vote as a group.

🔶️ Curation and Volunteers

We discussed the topic of curation posts and considering that:-

  1. We are still rebuilding and don't have that many people to curate.
  2. The ones we can curate are the same ones who keep posting, so really we'd be featuring the same people all the time.
  3. We're still trying to get on the same page about using #hiveaustralia.
  4. Don't want to burn out.

We thought it'd be best if we slow down and revisit the curation initiative later when we're a bit busier.

As for post volunteers, at the moment we have @riverflow with her monthly "Vegemite Roll Call" and @scooter77 and whatever he can think of.

If anyone else wants to volunteer to write for the @hiveaustralia account, please comment below. At the moment our volunteers are unpaid. We will have to decide via voting if we want this to change.

🔶️ Voting Bot

This was quite a lengthy discussion with a lot of good ideas put forward by everyone, which is another reason why it's great when people can make it to the meet-ups.

To sum it all up.

Delegator payments are not possible at the moment.

Since we won't be producing curation posts it's even more important that we use the account to vote. And even though the bot is being used to upvote member posts, it's still not being used enough.

Several ideas were discussed on how we can best use the upvote bot. One was for comment upvotes to reward engagement and another was to allow members to vote for any content they want to reward on the chain.

In the end we decided that allowing members to use their daily votes to reward any content on the chain would be the best way to go as this would not only allow us to grow the Hive Australia account but make us more visible to fellow aussies.

@quochuy is working out the bot details and when it's ready well put a notice up on discord and on @hiveaustralia.

Please keep in mind this will be in trial for now and is open for discussion, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments so we can vote on which way we prefer as a group.

My Role

What hasn't been discussed, but I feel needs to be addressed, is my role within the community.

Personally, I just wanted to gather everyone and get the gang back together, and now that I've achieved that I'm quite happy to take a back seat if you'd all like to have someone else take on whatever I'm doing lol.

I realise I'm "self appointed" and that might not sit well with people so I'm putting this on the chain and up for voting.

As per usual, please share your thoughts in the comments. Voting will end when this post pays out at which point the majority will win.

And that's all folks! Catch you all in the comments!


Hey guys, thanks for writing this up bearone - I just wanted to leave a quick message on chain confirming that:

  • I currently hold the owner keys for @hiveaustralia
  • I will not use it for personal profit, or power down the account
  • I will happily hand over custody of the account to another when/if asked to by a majority vote of teamaustralia/hiveaustalia members in the hiveaustralia discord

Sorry for the delayed response, its been a long week already trying to get the kids back into school routine..

Hey! All good! Figured as much :)

Thanks for going on the record on the chain :)

Nailed it. Thanks @ausbitbank

Just leaving this here, for the record, on the chain.

If you haven't cast your vote yet, and you're not in the Hive Aus discord, you can do so on this post by commenting 'Yes' under this comment.

Apologies for not making the meet up. Reading through all of this I agree with everything decided and want to be able to support the community and build the HA account wherever I can. I don’t want to overcommit bug want to contribute some posts….. just not sure what yet but maybe something around Australian places…, a travel theme. Might entice some visitors to our awesome country (though not at the moment).

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Hey Scooter! All good! Any contribution, at any time will be welcome. Travel does sound great though ~ when you're ready of course. I'll dm you the posting key :) Thanks for volunteering!

Thanks for the update. As one who couldn't make it to the meeting, I appreciate you writing it up @bearone as well as your efforts in giving this community a kick-along. It's good to see things taking shape.

You mention you always wanted @hiveaustralia to be a community asset so it is safe to assume that it actually IS? I trust @ausbitbank too, but as the holder of the one key to rule them all it'd be good if he could confirm that he is just holding it on behalf of the community and would give it up if requested by the community - To avoid future "misunderstanding". I know he likes to operate in the background a bit (as do I), but many of us don't really know who he is and he doesn't seem to have been present at the discord meetings so for those who haven't had any experience with him over the years atleast a statement of some kind from him might be reassuring?

I imagine that @quochoy just has the posting key, as that is all that would be needed to set up the voting bot. Might be worth clarifying that too.

As for your role @bearone - you've been doing a great job doing what you're doing, but how exactly would you describe your role? Is it "El Presidente" (the title coined by Gohba years back) or something else? It'd be worth clarifying the role you intend to play before asking people to vote on formalizing it. I am sure you'll get the endorsement you want with some ease regardless, so this is really just another "avoid future misunderstanding" type of suggestion from me.

I still haven't decided what level of involvement I might volunteer for here. I do care about what happens to the old TA and I'd love to see HA evolve into a form of DAO or DAC over the long run, but I am already suffering some burnout from my involvement with another community on HIVE and have a bit on my plate over the short term. I had tried to start up a mentoring project within TA after the last bull run but it didn't take. Maybe I can try something like that again or I might have another idea down the road.

Hey Bugg :)

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

I'm sure @ausbitbank will get on to commenting when he's able. He was actually at the first meeting but he rocked up late so you may have missed him. I know ausbit and can vouch for him and his character but I agree, it would be good to hear from him directly, especially for those who don't know him or havent had contact with him.

I was actually hoping someone would set a definition for what I've been doing because I'm not sure what my role is myself (or if I even really want it tbh). I'm here because there was a need to do what I'm doing and no one was stepping up to do it. So here I am. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Most days I feel like an organiser/caretaker.

Community burn out is a very real thing. I've been there, done that, dont want to go there again because it takes the joy out of being in that community because it feels like work. That's why I leave it entirely up to whoever's volunteering to dictate what they want to do and when, with tons of gratitude for stepping up and helping out.

I think you've got the right approach to manage burnout and look to be setting things up so that HA has the best chance to be long term sustainable and prosperous.

The role or title is a tricky one, even a bit of a wanky topic to dwell on, but it'll be important for the community to have some idea of your mandate. I was never comfortable with "El Presidente" because it implied strong executive (even dictatorial) power which I fundamentally don't agree with. In a crypto-based community promoting decentralisation I found it to be totally innappropriate, but maybe that's just me :)

Chief Organiser sounds good to me. It's about facilitation, co-ordination and caretaking among members. If @ausbitbank is the only one holding the owner key then the Custodian role would be for him. I would suggest that the Chief Organiser role should hold the active key as insurance against the "Custodian gets hit by a bus" scenario (or equivalent) which would in all likelihood "brick" the account if others are only ever given the posting key.

Lol yeh it's a bit of a wanky topic. That word mandate is a little wanky too tbh lol. I actually thought that El Presidente thing was a joke and never took it seriously ~ more like ~ "tell him he's dreamin." 🤣

Organiser sounds accurate :) As for the keys, I would rather not have it. I'm keeper of the keys for a few accounts already and I'm not keen to take responsibility for another set. @quochuy is pretty solid and is on all the time, and it's going to be much safer with him (and ausbit) than me.

A little precision, I only hold the Posting Key.

@buggedout, another way to handle "Custodian gets hit by a bus" is to use a method I used for TeamVN (when it still was a thing) is to use the Secret Sharing method. In a nutshell, using a crypto method, we can generate X number of shares and assign each share to one member of the team. When generating the shares we can set a threshold Y. If the custodian gets hit by a bus, then we just need Y members to provide their shares and the app will be able to compute the original Owner Key.

Very interesting. I always figured that multi-sig account functionality was the way this problem would ultimately be solved, but this could be a good option in the interim.

This method could also be used in some real life stuffs too.

Nice work on the minutes @bearone the group is getting good traction and picking up momentum. I will be making sure I am following everyone so I don’t miss your posts

Hey! Thank you and thanks for rocking up to the meet! Yeh, we're travelling along nicely these days. Good to see a lot of engagement and chatter on discord and on hive. We're small right now but we're mighty :D

Really interesting write up, I still don't fully understand the process but I would like to get involved more and submit regular posts to the hive australia blog.

Thanks Platypus! Hope we cleared some things up on discord. Posts would be greatly appreciated 👍👍

Fantastic work team and well done!

Sorry I didn’t make the meet up.
I actually didn’t see the post about it with all the HF25 goings on.

All good! I know you're not exactly in our time zone, so it would be difficult. But if you're interested, we'll be having virtual meet-ups every 2nd Saturday if the months at 8pm Sydney time.

Thanks. I can't make that time. Pity.

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False group that peddled conspiracy theories and bans Aussies who hold a different opinion, especially after advocating for members of the community to kill police in GTA style.

Violence, fear mongering etc is allowed to continue under "free speech" Hold a different view and they will attack you.

I'm still tossing up if I should report to ASIO.

Hi guys,
Its great to see the community is still together. I'd love to come back if you'll all have me.