FINAL HIVE HF24 DATE SET: October 6, 2020

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In the past few weeks, HF24 has been put through its paces by dedicated community testing - the tentative initial and interim suggested dates have come and gone as issues have been uncovered, but with the latest round of fixes, we now have an official hard fork date of October 6th, 2020.
Set your alarms and get ready for Eclipse! 🌒🌑🌘

You'll note that if you view this post at, there is a countdown timer to the hard fork attached to it. You can also find a live countdown at
The Hive blockchain does not fork at a specific block height (after a certain amount of finalized blocks) like some chains. A timestamp is set in the code, and when a super-majority of witness servers are running the upgrade at or after this time, the chain will fork to the new version. In non-tech speak: as long as enough of the top 20 are running HF24 when we hit the coded time on October 6th, the hardfork happens automagically.


Exact time of Hive Hardfork 24: October 6, 2020, 14:00 UTC/GMT


Why has it taken so long?

One of the things that's happened during past code base updates is a lack of testing, which certainly isn't acceptable now given how much is changing under the hood for Hive during this upgrade. During the direct run up to the first tentative date some pretty large bugs were discovered and squashed, and hived (the actual blockchain code) has been test run and successfully forked as many times as possible between then and now. The last few largest delays have been related to Hivemind, which is the extensive API powering all of the features of your favorite Hive dApps. Getting it prepared and working smoothly has been the final piece to make sure we have a hardfork where there's no disruption to any Hive user doing anything they love to use the blockchain for. With both of these components in place, it's finally time to get ready for the hardfork!

What happens now that the HF24 date is set?

Exchanges have been notified of the upgrade, and some have already begun posting about their intention to update and subsequent outages. (See: Binance, Huobi) You will notice that the exchanges supporting Hive will have their wallets go temporarily down for maintenance as they update their nodes to the new version in anticipation of the fork. A big plus is that the new version will be much quicker for them to spin up or replay, which means that downtime and wallet maintenance will be much easier for them going forwards.

Over this next week, it's a final run for all dApps and projects to test and make sure their services won't be interrupted. A lot of information on development and information on places to learn more about the ecosystem from the last post is still applicable, which you can find here in the HF info mega post:

If you run a Hive node, you can find the final code release here:


For most of you, there's nothing different or special that you need to do to prepare- the hardfork will not require anything from end users. It's been a long road to properly prepare Hive to power your social, your business, and your dreams, but it has been worth the ride. 🚀

Thanks for being a part of the Hive blockchain, and for creating one of the most active and diverse crypto communities in the world 🐝


Very encouraging to read about all of the quality control steps which have been taken to ensure as smooth a transition as can be managed @hiveio. I for one, have no problem with the delays. Much prefer that it be done right than done fast!

A por Flash Gordon, haha!

Yuuuuuuup, downloading flashgordon tonight 🤣 🤣

Yeah, that'll give me enough time to buy another batch of HIVE before the HF.

Absolutely right on sounds like a excellent thing!

Can't wait. Big things are in the works for all of us. Keep up the great work.

How to loose users: hardfork, rebrand.
How to loose devs and working services: change chain ID and API.

Yes please enlighten me what the new chain-id will be and which of the steem sbd hiveapi variables will br replaced w hive and hbd. Also there was mention on node backwardcompatibility and that the hf wont take place unless enough witnesses updated it after tuesday afternoon....

Thank you for reblogging. I guess that you saw that the new ID is beeab0de00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and it will work only after the fork. In my snippet I don't care about the number of witnesses which will have updated.

With Blurt the only symbol in the json is BLURT. With Hive the answers are using HIVE and HBD but the requests must use STEEM and SBD.

For reading answers I splitted by space and parse the float in first item. Thereby, modifying my scripts for working with Hive was easy, just changing the endpoint. There is a little more changes to make for working with Blurt.

Ah thanks. i thought the rebranding would have implications on the current steem in the json cuz they mentioned removal of all remaining steem.

I am maybe wrong about the symbol used by Hive in json after hf24. If I were the devs, I would accept both in json for backward compatibility. But Hive devs are proud and proved that they want to be different. As I have adapted my scripts for Blurt it will be quick to change.

Yes they changed the json to hive and hbd... check out the test node where you can test your code
Also update got delayed to 8th or 9th

Thank you. I have to check that!

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Thank you!

Thank you hive developer team

We are ready for this. Good thing if we can have Livestream countdown on Twitter. Great work guys! This is the start of the new beginning!

Here's to a smooth a fork.

Don't hardfork @smooth, he ain't done nothing wrong!

He knows what he did....

Wishing for a smooth HF and we come out on the other side stronger

Smooth sailing, everyone!

No quiero ni imaginar el tamaño del eclipse ni lo que con él viene

Forking is nice and good because it is like eating when you like the food.

i love this Post

Fingers crossed it will support the prize - frustrating to see this.

I'm waiting, I'm waiting changes 😎🍻

This is gonna be forkin awesome!!!

Excellent! Good things are coming!

Awesome work.
Thanks 👍


Eclipse ... style points, y'all, mad style points!

This sounds great, hope to have it enjoyed

All blessings to a smooth transition!

Force be with you during HF!

Woo Hoo!! Lets GO!!! 😁

You are guys are really doing a great work but Please this hive community needs to be simplify. So many communities that you hardly reach the end of the communities

Hope the best to all integrators, maintainers and new business as this is also a great demonstration of how things can work on wide community like the one in this blockchain.


Wow I can't wait for October 6.these really sound like a good stuff coming😇😎✅💃

Hi, How do we claim the new Eclipse coins and is ti a 1:1 hard fork with Hive?

Looking forward to it