Introducing HiveBuzz - Add gamification to your Hive experience

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After being shut down for one month, I'm proud to announce that HiveBuzz is now online and ready to welcome you!

What happened since last time?

Remember, over a month ago, the SteemitBoard project was stopped. It was both a way to protest against the centralization of the Steem blockchain and the result of the removal of the delegation from Steemit Inc. which had helped this project to work on a daily basis.

Although its services were very partially restarted on Hive (notification of birthdays), we found it quite annoying to go on using the name SteemitBoard (yes... a youth error...)

Goodbye SteemitBoard - Hello HiveBuzz

Many of you asked me about the project and told me that you miss it. So finally today, after weeks of hard work, I am happy to announce the rebirth of SteemitBoard HiveBuzz.

We are really sorry that it took so long, but we really wanted to take this opportunity to rebrand and refresh the project before launch. We worked hard to make it as perfect as possible and we truly believe we did it!

At this point, I also want to thank our Web Designer @techybear and Graphic Designer @captaink that worked with me long hours to make this happen!

I am also happy to welcome @lizanomadsoul to the team as communication and community manager. She was looking forward to seeing HiveBuzz back alive to engage with the community and will support me in the future for communication and translations.

What stayed and what is new?

While keeping the major elements of the project, it has been completely redeveloped both in terms of the underlying infrastructure and its look and feel.

At first, we redid a layout quite similar to what you knew before, but this redesign will allow us to make it evolve more quickly.

A few things to know:

  • All the your achievements from the Steem blockchain till the hardfork date to Hive have been preserved! They moved together with your account

  • has been definitely shutdown and is no more be available. That means you will no longer be able to access your old badges from the Steem blockchain.

  • From today on @steemitboard account will no longer be active which hurts because over time it ended up with 43 421 beloved followers. But this is necessary and an exciting step.

  • From now on, update posts will be published from the @hivebuzz account. So I invite all our followers to stay with us and start to follow @hivebuzz

  • The @steemitboard witness, which also got tremendous support and allowed us to support the community in return, will continue to operate until we find a more appropriate solution, so please continue to support. We'll let you know when it's time to move.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done to implement our new ideas and the many suggestions you have suggested. So it's not over ... it's even a promising new start.

Who knows maybe you will hear about some of them sooner than expected ;)

We are looking forward to starting this new chapter and can't wait to read your reaction on this news!

Check out the Hivebuzz site at

Have a look at the Hivebuzz guide with all its features!

And above all ... have fun!

If you like my work for the Hive blockchain and its community
Vote for my witness



xD As promised, I'm going to delegate to the account to help it along! Glad to see it back and even better than before!

Thank you for your delegation and unfailing support @shmoogleosukami, really appreciated!

Happy to see it's finally out there!
Thanks for welcoming me in the team ♥️. I am so excited to see the reactions of Hivers and looking forward to whats coming next 😉

You have been long-awaited @lizanomadsoul
I'm so glad you joined us. I hope for a long and fruitful collaboration.

Outstanding work @arcange, @techybear and @captaink. We kind of missed our badges.

QUESTION:   How would I go about qualifying for the Verified Profile Badge and the Community Supporter Badge?

I want this badge!   I want this badge!

Thank you @gtg and @patrickulrich for upvoting this comment. Hopefully, I can have these two badges. Everyone knows I am a true account. Ain't no bot could be as crazy as my ass, not even @banjo! Also, though very critical at times, I have always supported the community. I appreciate your vote of confidence. Hopefully, @arcange sees this.


I can always be contacted on Discord my handle is @sgt-dan#0001 or you can check out my profile at


Would you also like an icon to denote you as "Essential"?

Absolutely! 😂

Are you essential? My answer is yes. We are all essential. You are the CEO as am I. ¿Me entiendes?

If you don't understand me maybe talk to @theycallmedan. That young man gets it.

Thank you for your positive feedback @sgt-dan

Content/Identity verification is performed by HiveWatchers (formerly SteemCleaners)
You can read more about it here and initiate your verification process here

The community badge is now locked and no more distributed. Is was part of the legacy witness vote campaign initiated on Steem before HF.

Could you maybe add the link for initiating the verification process to the info text for the badge?


I like that you/they recommend everybody maintain anonymity as a rule, and then verify (or ask for verification) of real-life identity (name, birthdate, etc) only if there is a specific reason to.

I'm not doing anything wrong but I will always err on the side of privacy. I think we should all do so, because that protects the privacy of those who want it. Privacy can be given up, but not taken back.

How do I use my badges in a post ?! Is there a way to copy a link for it? And thanks @hivebuzz is pretty awesome!!

Sweet! The new look is awesome! Can't wait to collect more badges.

Thank you for your feedback @derangedvisions.
I'm glad you like the new look. @captaink worked like crazy on it. We both wanted it to be top-notch!
And more new badges coming soon. Be ready!

Love the new icons!, do we have different weight of Minnows etc.., such as 1, 2, 3 like 'at that other place'.

Thank you for your feedback @slobberchops
For the moment, there are only 5 classic levels without sublevels.
I will see in the future if It is appropriate to split them.

It may make the goals easier to attain, there used to be three levels for each, busy used to show them up.

"we found it quite annoying to go on using the name SteemitBoard (yes... a youth error...)"

Have you not now made the same error, by putting the current chain's designation in your username again?

We didn't know the future of Steemit when you named yourself with that word, and it turned out to be a bad idea. We assumed Steemit (or blockdhains and their communities) last forever, but that turned out to be a bad assumption. Now, we don't know the future of Hive, but you've gone and done the same thing. :P

Anyway, I don't need gamification, but I do enjoy your occasional notifications about milestones etc.

The main issue was not the chain name but rather the use of "steemit". Those similar names have always been confusing.
As HiveBuzz is focused on the Hive blockchain, and as I don't expect the name to change for the next 4 years, I think we are quite #SAFU

Dang - I read this too fast & went over to change my witness vote from Steemitboard to HiveBuzz... that'll teach me that RIF... 😂

Wicked awesome (if somewhat bittersweet) update, @arcange - thanks so much for all you do for our (new) favorite blockchain! 😊

Reading too fast... were you too excited to play with? 😂

Thank you for your kind words and your unfailing support @traciyork!

Congratulations @arcange! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

Your post was the most commented of the day

You can view your badges on your board and compare to others on the Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

HiveBuzz - Hive Gamification Experience

Hey there, here @lizanomadsoul from HiveBuzz team 🙂

You're very welcome @arcange! What a great badge to earn! You can be very proud of yourself 😉

cheers to you🥂

Great work it looks awesome, but and I hate to sound like I am complaining, but I have noticed I can see the page for others but not for me, it shows as blank for me

He He, your account triggered a small bug. Fixed now 😉

Thanks appreciate that

Gamification?! That sounds familiar ;-)

I thought this was a myth :D

Yeah, I heard that word somewhere and thought I could make something with.
Mix it with "scan" and "hugs" and you get a good recipe for fun ;)

The hype is back! :) This one's really a great catch!

Unreal! Great to see you back, and #hivebuzz looks amazing. Congrats to all involved.

Question: Would it be possible to include some pop-up or rollover text on the minnow/dolphin etc image to indicate the requirements for the next level?

Thank you @trevorpetrie
Your suggestion is a good one, I added it to the to-do list

Well done for all the hard work and the quality rebrand. I’m looking forward to my next notification already!

Thank you @cryptocurator. Notifications have been unleashed and you should get some soon.


Great job my friend. Full support here.

I think we need a BEER badge or a #BeerSaturday badge

Thank you @detlev. Can't wait to see a BEER badge 🍻

Let's talk this week...

This is awesome, great work and way to stand your ground and never give up !!!! I recently came back to Steemit cough sorry I mean Hive! I love it, I think Hive has a ton of potential, slick, features we begged for over on steemit done in a few short weeks. Congrats, and welcome back!

welcome thanks for your dedication

PS: I just gave you a witness vote. :)

nice to see you make your way back.
everyone loves badges.

Great update. I was missing such badges announcement of accomplishments on the platform and hope soon I will be able to aee that on posts m thank you..

Was missing i can keep a track ofmy activity...thank 😟

Your STEEMITBOARD account is still asking for votes?

Yes, currently @steemitboard still represents the HiveBuzz Team as a witness.
I will keep you informed if things change.

Congratulations with all the work you managed. Good luck to all of you.


yay! Thanks for this @arcange!

Brother, Can You Make A HIVE Post-Animated Baner For Me?

Thanks for bringing it missing this a lot :D finally its here :)

Yeah, finally! It was more work than expected, but worth it 😅

Definitely not easy at all this sort of work but great effort for the community :)

are we still fish people or insects? (bees, queen, soldiers?)

There was an internal debate about that while rebranding.
We first started with a "bee" universe but found it inadequate.
"bees", "queen", "soldiers" are more roles, where the marine ecosystem is correlated to the stake "weight" of users.
Either way, it could evolve in the future.

What do I need to do in order to receive the "Not Justin's friend", "Not Ned's friend" or "Not Steemit's friend" badges!? ;)

Great work @arcange!! HiveBuzz looks great! :D

Sorry but it"s too late to get those badges. They were part of a challenge on the Steem blockchain before HF23
But stay tuned, we prepared another fun challenge... coming soon... (me teasing 😁)

Ah ah ah, looking forward to see what will be the next "special" badge :D

Best news ever!

So excited to use HiveBuzz for a lot of my 'measuring' on the blockchain....SteemitBoard was my go-to resource for so long, I'm pumped to see it's re-birth here on HIVE.

Awesome stuff @arcange Appreciate you man!!

Congratulation @arcange and team for this move. #HiveBuzz is refreshing and makes about Hive experience FUN!

Oh cool! That's so awesome, and I really like the new "Hive look!" It's one of our "old" features I have been missing, so I am glad to see it up and running... great job!

Well done. A lot of work I'm sure. The site looks good and it's good to have it back. Thanks to all for your efforts.

Happy to have you back. And I love the name! Of course I do! 🐝

thank you for all you effort to make hive even better.

Welcome, I love the name @hivebuzz, is the buzz of the bee, excellent name.

Thanks, all I can do is say thanks.

One of my favorite mobile apps was Foursquare, 6 years ago a more interactive version was released focusing on fun and play outdoors, casually called 'Swarm'

Swarm Logo

What I like, is that it rewards you for going to discover places with some badges, for doing certain things on special days, it was just fun without too much.

since I've known the project, I have always believed, this is a way to motivate the community to be more community, I don't know how to explain it. I just hope to keep winning Badges (I promise to dedicate more time to do this)

Random suggestion, could HiveBuzz sponsor contests? Maybe not with a crypt support, but with a badge that some or all of the winners can be proud of.

Random suggestion...

HiveBuzz will from time to time organize its own contests, as we already did in the past.
If you want to organize your own and want to create a badge to reward participants, you can contact me on, Discord or Telegram

Love the new design!!!
Question: I discovered I am not yet verified!!!

After, 3 years almost? but, what should I do?

Anyway, good work!!!

Thank you @toofasteddie

Content/Identity verification is performed by HiveWatchers (formerly SteemCleaners)
You can read more about it here and initiate your verification process here

Nice, glad to see this feature on hive now :-).

Definitely Hive Buzzing from now on! Kudos for the move and awesome job.♡

Most welcome 🐝

Great work man. We sure really missed.

The new design is great! Love the way the badges look :D Great start for the new era! Cheers <3

this is pretty cool. I used to like seeing my achievements and gameification is always good.

Buen trabajo hombre..! Me gustaría empezar a recibir notificaciones de nuevo ¿como hago para activar el bot que detuve en la antigua cadena? Gracias y saludos..!
Firma Fermionico 3.png

Muchas gracias @fermionico!
Las notificaciones se reiniciaron con el lanzamiento de HiveBuzz. Los recibirás automáticamente.

Love it!!! Been waiting for this 😊😊😊

I gotta get involved in this too. Thanks fro sharing @arcange

This is legit! Can’t wait to get some new badges

Coming soon...

Wow, Thank you for all the effort. Steemitbord was good. Hivebuzz will even be better for sure. Thank you for beeing an awesome Developer in hive.

Twitter proof of share for Hivebuzz video and guide to using it:

This is great news, thanks a lot for your hard work, and looking forward to your further development.

Thank you @sacra97. I will pass your kind words to the team.

I got my first achievement yesterday and plan on getting many more.

Go Go Go @moemanmoesly! 💃👯💃👯💃👯

This is awesome, I thought we may miss steemitboard, but here it is beautiful :)

It’s great you’re back in action and with a new name. Thanks @arcange!

Nice initiative @arcange. Congrats! I can't find my stats at, though!

I am so glad it's finally here, I am new to hive and I am trying to understand alot of things and getting started. I will looking forward to your informative post @arcange

Very informative, goodjob

Also quick question, Will hivebuzz be doing a kind of replay to account for everything that has happened since the fork? Probably to much data to go through all at once though. or will it magically figure it out as time goes on.

@steemitboard was still working in the background, aggregating data and updating each user board silently.
I just turned off notifications, except for registration birthdays.

As a result, each account has been kept up to date, except for the few last hours while we were transitioning from to
HiveBuzz should catch up quickly, if it isn't already.

Awesome news 📰 if you need any translate to Russian ,please let me know ,thanks ❤️

great news!!!!
would be really cool if we could link and use the badges in our blogs.
i can't get an image address at all of my minnow badge by using Copy image address

Welcome back then :)

...great news, but why are we still associated with fish, when most users have associated Hive with BEES? I don't know how or what hierachy bees have but they have a queen bee who is at the top, and worker bees lower. I think the fish levels still kind of associates Hive with the now defunct Steem(it).

"bees", "queen", "soldiers" are more roles oriented, where the marine ecosystem is correlated to the stake "weight" of users.
"Whales" is a well-known terminology shared among several crypto projects and is not limited to Steem.

OK, yes that makes sense now. thanks for the info.

Awesome! cant wait to see my badges

You don't have to wait. They are ready on your board at

Nice badges. Are we reddit yet?

Thank you very good information

@Hivebuzz, which is integrated into the Hive platform, sent me its first notification today. I hope we will be more successful all together