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RE: Introducing HiveBuzz - Add gamification to your Hive experience

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Outstanding work @arcange, @techybear and @captaink. We kind of missed our badges.

QUESTION:   How would I go about qualifying for the Verified Profile Badge and the Community Supporter Badge?

I want this badge!   I want this badge!


Thank you @gtg and @patrickulrich for upvoting this comment. Hopefully, I can have these two badges. Everyone knows I am a true account. Ain't no bot could be as crazy as my ass, not even @banjo! Also, though very critical at times, I have always supported the community. I appreciate your vote of confidence. Hopefully, @arcange sees this.


I can always be contacted on Discord my handle is @sgt-dan#0001 or you can check out my profile at


Would you also like an icon to denote you as "Essential"?

Absolutely! 😂

Are you essential? My answer is yes. We are all essential. You are the CEO as am I. ¿Me entiendes?

If you don't understand me maybe talk to @theycallmedan. That young man gets it.

Thank you for your positive feedback @sgt-dan

Content/Identity verification is performed by HiveWatchers (formerly SteemCleaners)
You can read more about it here and initiate your verification process here

The community badge is now locked and no more distributed. Is was part of the legacy witness vote campaign initiated on Steem before HF.

Could you maybe add the link for initiating the verification process to the info text for the badge?


I like that you/they recommend everybody maintain anonymity as a rule, and then verify (or ask for verification) of real-life identity (name, birthdate, etc) only if there is a specific reason to.

I'm not doing anything wrong but I will always err on the side of privacy. I think we should all do so, because that protects the privacy of those who want it. Privacy can be given up, but not taken back.

How do I use my badges in a post ?! Is there a way to copy a link for it? And thanks @hivebuzz is pretty awesome!!