Announcing HiveFest⁶ - 12 + 13 November 2021 - Return To The Metaverse

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I've been waiting     such a long time
Looking out for you
But you're not here
What's another year?

Johnny Logan, 1980

Hey hey hey!
Writing this, listening to this somewhat melodramatic song. It pretty much captures my feeling. Memories of real life Hivefest's fading. But hope is growing we are getting back to normal. Here in The Netherlands people slowly start shaking eachother's hands. Yet the introduction of vaccination or health passports are obviously received with mix feelings. Travel restrictions are somewhat lifted but still pretty stringent. All in all this means a real life HiveFest is not in the cards for 2021. So we...

Return to the Metaverse

With last year's introduction of HiveFest in the metaverse we also saw the benefits of organising an event in VR: Low cost, low barrier to entry: It was by far the HiveFest with most visitors ever. Still it somewhat managed to capture some of that magic of getting that crazy bunch of folks together in one room and have some (digital) fun, while learning about fellow Hive and Hive related projects.

This year we do it all over again. Dust off your VR-goggles, or maybe grab a fresh pair with those Hive earnings? (Hive easily went up 500% this year) and install or update AltspaceVR and plug into the virtual reality.

AltspaceVR - our place in the metaverse

AltspaceVR is the premier place to attend live shows, meetups, cool classes, and ... you can learn, laugh, and gather with people on every major VR headset (and 2D desktop apps too). Just recently the 2nd edition of Virtual Burning Man was held in AltspaceVR.

You only need internet to join HiveFest 2021. With 360 audio in a 3D environment in which you can walk around, it really feels as if you are part of a communal gathering. Beyond discussions and presentations the AltspaceVR worlds also enable interaction through games, so fun ensues.

Without the need for lots of production, tech, locations, catering, hotel bookings, flights this year's HiveFest is rather affordable to execute. It will "just" cost a lot of time and some digital gear investments. It is why this version will again be free of charge to attend. Maybe you can even use the money you save on a ticket and travel expenses to obtain a VR headset? I have the Oculus Quest 2 from last year, but maybe better options are around... If you go for a VR goggle, do some research and check whether it supports AltspaceVR first!

Apps for VR headsets, Windows & Mac. Livestream too.
AltSpaceVR is available on VR headsets and desktop apps for Windows & Mac. See this link to get started. HiveFest⁶ will also be streamed live for consumption on any other device, but joining in the VR world is recommended.

Squatting some bugs

Although last year saw some warm up events which we mainly used to test running a large scale event infrastructure as well as livestreams and such, some bugs had been introduced during the live conference days. This made the experience less optimal for some users. Which I sincerely regret. I remember those unfortunate "?" question mark elements where others had pretty cool interactive conference badges and wristbands and other interactive apps running in the VR world. Also, we were running around last minute looking to find speakers lost in duplicated event worlds and were travelling across to replications only to find out they had just travelled to the place we just left :) This was a great learning. Those bugs should be eliminated this edition. That said, I also received tons of compliments, especially also from long time AltspaceVR users! Things can only get better.

HiveFest names announced soon

Hivefest program will consist of 2 days of short presentations, trips into the metaverse, art shows and what not. The program is still in the works and open to suggestions. Visit to share your suggestions.

Register for free at!

Want to join in on 12 + 13 November? Here is what you should do right now:

  1. Register for here
  2. Put on your goggles/desktop and install AltspaceVR
  3. Follow @hivefest on Hive & Twitter
  4. Join the Telegram group
  5. Setup your AltspaceVR account (read more) - Tip: use your Hive name as username for recognisability
  6. Customise your AltspaceVR avatar for originality and recognition

See you in the metaverse for HiveFest 2021!

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I very much enjoyed last year's virtual HiveFest, so will definitely be there again this year!

Glad you are doing this - can't wait for HiveFest '22 where I trust we'll be able to do an IRL version <3

Yay it will be fun to see you again. We need more selfies with fireworks!

You mean where @jarvie kept throwing Fireworks so we could try to take a decent Selfie?! This is the best I could find from the whole session :D


(Somehow the image doesn't upload, but it's here on the servers :D)

YES!!! So funny. @jarvie are you in?

Hey @sjarvie5 , is it easy to use AltspaceVR and do I need any special devices to join this?

I would love an IRL version blsss!!

It's time! :D

Please shave your moustache before showing up this year!

hehehe will do papa smith

Me too... this year... it's going to be @forkyishere time.

See you there.

Yesss! Happy to see you there @forykw!

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I am keen and have registered again. Didn't realise it has been a year already! Was excellent last time.

Yeah okay. So how would one put on one of these art shows?

There is a lot of possibilities... check the website if you need to know more info about how to do stuff in the Virtual Environment.

I am not going to be able to do anything this year, but if the Pub goes the right direction, next year we can create something =) Looking for people.

Looking forward to it - last year was so much fun, despite the bugs! Bad luck that HiveFest was just after AltSpace VR had an update...

I made a German translation of your announcement to reach everyone in the German-speaking community.

Johnny Logan: You're a true European - there's a song from the ESC for every moment in life ;)

Great news but I hope this is the last HiveFest having place (exclusively) in the metaverse! I enjoyed last year's experience, I'll attend again this year 🤜🤛

Ooh! It's a shame not to meet up in person, but the VR experience last time was still cool. I 'met' a lot of people there for a chat.

There were some issues with the experience. Using AltspaceVR on Linux I couldn't get the badge and the presentations lacked visuals, but it was still good. Maybe things have been fixed now.

BTW I have registered, but couldn't see the 'slider' for donations. Tried with Brave and Firefox.

See you there!

Have a virtual !BEER

thx. fixed!

I'll look for the avatar with the guitar ;)

Not sure they had that. I made an avatar that looked something like me last time, but could go for something wacky.


Hey @rmach, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Done, I will definitely make some of it!

How exciting @roelandp, this will be my first time to attend :) I’ve just registered!

It’s been a real pleasure blogging, first on Steemit and now on Hive, for nearly 4 years.

I’m grateful for the fine people I’ve met and for the inspiration. As an author, I owe it to Hive for helping me overcome writer’s block.

Many of the pieces I, first, published here have found their way in my new book, Revolutions of the Heart where I credit Hive :

I’ll register when I get back on desktop.

🤯 HiveFest in the metaverse? VR? Customized Avatar?! Sounds like SciFi but seems to be just the normal Hive Blockchain stuff since its already the second time. Wow.
🙋🏼‍♂️ Will look into that, will certainly be an especially great event for a newcomers like me, won‘t it?

Sounds pretty cool, got to checkout some compatible VR headseat... NIce!!

Good news

Upvoted for aggrandizement 😀

Where can I HELP your team??

I've registered.. but I'm having problems installing the altspacevr application. My computer does not support the application.

Wow good thing I picked up an Oculus just for this event. Signing up for sure.

I need something better than version 1... it's going to hurt buying version 2...

Do you still need a Facebook account for Oculus? I've avoided it for far because of this.

Yes FB is still needed, I find it awful.

Will the tickets be as expensive as the SteemFest tickets?

You can register for free.

DYOR :) :P

Just read the article and find out that the there is no ticket needed for admission.

Can't believe it's been almost a year since the last one. See you again soon :)

This time we have to meet... need to chat about some stuff about that multisig stuff =)

Buenas noticias en especial para las comunidades hispanohablantes y sus líderes el poder organizarse y llevar una representación a dicho evento... gracias por la información y esperemos sea todo un éxito para los usuarios y que sea una gran experiencia. Saludos cordiales desde Venezuela.

Brand new hivian here, we would love to do some ledsaber combat with vr. One of our dreams is do saber combat sparring and tournaments through vr! I definitely will be checking this out!

I was hoping to meet people in real life this year but I guess this is 100x better than no meeting at all. Looking forward to it. I hope Altspace has some new features since last time. I haven't logged on for a while.

Awesome ! I'll be there

So glad to hear you're doing this again, Roeland. It's the next best thing to being there in person. I've registered and donated. Thanks for helping to organize this again and we're looking forward to an in-person HiveFest in 2022!

Going to be my first Hivefest. So excited man! Website is looking so lit @roelandp.

Happy to hear that the Hivefest is on this year as well! I will be there for sure and greet you all in the virtual realms! :) Takes the red pill

I am ALL IN!
I was waiting for these news and will be registering soon PLUS Spreading the word about it :)
Thanks for the heads up Roeland!

Done, I will try to be there again!

See you all soo and hope we all have a good party when its on.

just registered! this will be my first HiveFest!

Registered and this time I'm going to get some perscription lenses for my kids VR goggles and some Dramamine!

I've been watching you guys having a hivefest before and it was so amazing. Thanks for another activity like this which will be good in the future in hive. I hope also everything will be back to normal so you guys can travel that may near in our country and be able to join. Anyway, good luck..

It is definitely not the most acclaimed option, but it is actually the best option, as long as covid19 continues as a threat ...

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This event is awesome. I will join it . hehe

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Wow that's great good to hear that we are again going to organise hivefest. Excited

Signed up and registered. Never been able to atttend any of the fests before so this will be a new one for me.

Wow, this is amazing. I can't wait to experience it.

Wow I can't wait for this

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Time runs fast, How taste the virtual beer? Is it cold?

Besides that, do I need an occolus for that?

Woow i really wanna make art and músic for this fest

@roelandp, that's cool and I'd love to join in! Thanks.

I'm so happy this is happening soon. I will definitely make it up. Hivefest soon 🙌🙌

nice, let's meet there!

I missed last year meeting, love to participate for this year own, how do I register?

Because I feel it will be really cool 😎.

Time flies and it seems like the last one happened a few weeks back. This is going to be exciting.

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excelent post you can do it

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