HiveFest 2022 - Thank you!

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Sitting here on my bed in the Volkshotel, literally just sneaked out of the final closing drinks events. Tired as a f. But energized by the many lovely and meaningful thank yous received from so many of you. As I almost certainly said back to you, out with the thank you's as I am bad in receiving compliments, but nonetheless it does mean a lot.

I am just happy. Happy you guys had a great time. Met with old friends, made new friends, maybe found new partners to execute on new ideas and got inspired along the way. All that while having a good time in Amsterdam. Personally I found it a pity that the closing dinner's quality was under par (for at least my expectation) and I told this when having a convo with @starkerz, but I took wise words from him: "It's not the dinner which will be remembered, but the connections with people that will" (paraphrased by me).

After 2 years in VR we did it again. Together. Putting up a program like this only matters when people go for it, take the leap and come and enjoy what had been cooked up. And you did this. And therefore I want to thank you! Thank you!

While prepping a lot for the event there is always the emotional support for my family, my gf and kids, but I will thank them tomorrow in person.

Back again, actually never left since Portugal (SF2), @poezio had been a part and great help to rest upon. Obviously he is one of my best friends and we know what to expect from eachother. Beyond that a great cook, and a feel for Apple devices specifically which came in really handy when lining up presentations the past days. A wine conaisseur and also great in timing the saunas!

@mynewlife will be making a video out of this, looking forward to that too! Than this year saw the energised help from the @coldbeetrootsoup guys: @minigunner and @artakush thank you so much! The soup was delicious and your presentation was great. Looking forward to what is coming up! @priyanarc and @blind-spot: Thank you for taking the trains back and forth to Amsterdam, in between your jobs!

Thank you @guiltyparties for your support during the creation of this event. As I said tonight in the closing remarks, it was a pity you couldn't make it and I am not certain that anyone knows how much you and @crimsonclad do for the chain, without taking any spotlight. It was a pleasure to work with you for this edition and thank you for having @hivefest as part of the generic @valueplan proposal for promoting and growing the Hive blockchain!

Next to the @valueplan proposal's support HiveFest 2022 was made possible by generous donations of @splinterlands, @smooth, @pharesim, and @yababmatt.

Also, minnow and plankton tickets were made possible by donations from:

If I may, on behalf of fellow minnow and plankton community members: Thank you, it means a lot to have your support.

Well... that's about. Now I wait for the invoices to arrive from all the suppliers. I will try to find time to cut all presentations from the livestream's original recordings into dedicated videofiles and also issue the @t-r-f reimburesements!

But first.... sleep...


Obrigado, dank je wel, gracias,



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"Bravo!" for a well-done Hivefest! You are a tireless and consummate organizer and delightful host! I was unable to attend the in-person event, but thoroughly enjoyed the live-stream — thank you for that! The presentations were informative and I like how we can re-watch them again later. Carillon master Gideon Bodden did a wonderful job with the Juke Bells concert, and I enjoyed the live-feed from his location as well! Your outfits with the Hive logos were a perfect touch!

"Kudos!" also go to your helpers, all those who worked behind-the-scenes with the cameras, sound engineering, venue setup, and housekeeping. Each location appeared to be perfectly organized and well maintained for the event.

From the smiles, hugs, 360° views atop the tower, canal tours by boat, and the cold Beetroot Soup, it looked like everyone who attended had a blast! Thank you for organizing the event for all these years and all of your other dedicated work to the community and our ecosystem! I am proud to be a longtime supporter of your witness! 💜

In the end of this great journey, I'm laying my back in my confy bed in the wonderful Volkshotel room, with a wide and open smile on my face, thinking about all the interactions and great quality time (with mind-blowing, interesting, original, heart-spoken conversations with many of the Hivers present in this HiveFest7). My expectations, has a plankton and has a person, and from this day one "a family member" were overtaken by the memories, knowledge, and interactions that I bring back to my beloved Portugal. Hopefully I would attend the next year's #HiveFest, and someday welcoming you in a second turn event in Lisbon or Oporto. Cheers

I had such an amazing time!

It is funny how you end up with a completely different perspective of people when you actually meet them in real life.
This was my first event and everyone was so friendly and easy to talk to and it felt like being welcomed into a new family.

Thank you to everyone who arranged and supported this and I look forward to doing it all again in the future if possible. Hopefully Rising Star can even become a sponsor when we get back into the next bull market!

And last but not least thank you to @steevc and @tdctunes for the hilarious skit at the beginning of my presentation. You rock!

Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 09.48.38.png

Cheers and rock on \m/

I'm so glad you came and we could hang out. These are amazing people who want to change the world. So inspirational. Hope to see you again some time.

I will certainly try to make the next one!

The skit was awesome! 👮

Just knew that you have a good singing voice. really fits for the creator of RisingStar. Glad to see you in hivefest man.

Very kind. Thank you!

It was a lot of fun playing the cop! I managed to pull out a clip of it from the official stream:

Thanks again for making this happen. I love these people and it's great to see them in person. I'll be leaving Amsterdam with such a massive smile on my face that the border guards will suspect I'm smuggling something stronger than coffee.

See you next time!

I may have snuck a little something in yer guitar case just for the lolz


An extraordinary experience. I am very happy to have met many hivers in person. Looking forward to seeing you next year! Special thanks to @asgarth and @jarvie who offered me this opportunity ❤️

My first experience of HiveFest is a success due to your insane organizing skills.
I will start saving HBD so I hopefully will have enough for next year's event.
At first, I thought; 500 HBD is quite a bit, but now that I can judge it: it's perfectly balanced for -everything- that is included.

  • Where did you get the pajamas?
  • Special thanks to your tech team, they made almost everything run smoothly
  • Mad props on the very unique venues and activity combos
  • The arrangement of food, drinks, bites, etc. is underrated. I did not expect that next level of hospitality.

Next time, I'll make sure to have my phone connected to Hive so I can participate a bit more lol!

Thank you, Roeland!

Since I won a ticket, I'd like to return the favor and release all my photographs regarding HiveFest7 for you to use for promotion if you would like to.

release all my photographs regarding HiveFest7 for you to use for promotion

That's such a great gesture! <3


Thanks @roelandp!
Great job as always.

Thank you for everything 😍 We enjoyed the event and got to know so many awesome people 🤩

You sneaked like a pro and I didn't get the chance to thank you in person, but here it goes: a big THANK YOU for all the superb organisation. The start of your second paragraph basically sums up what goes on in my mind, and I bet l'm not the only one: I feel just happy. There will be a lot to digest on these coming days, but for now... time to sleep! Cheers!

Thanks so much Roeland for organising. My first Fest at BKK took me out of my little bubble just by attending, this one I really pushed myself and spoke to a lot of people (still not enough though) making so many new friends. Thanks so much for this!!

You must have been writing this while I was doing my goodbye round - thanks for another great Fest @roelandp - I had a great time and I thought the food on the final day was fine - they just needed a little more of it and chips maybe!

But yeah it's tbe amazing Hive peops that make it for sure!

See you at the next one!

Hey dear @roelandp - Whoooooot - and thanks again for the perfect event and all your work to make it happen.

It was a blast!

Even together with the flue I got on the way and which limited my evening activities.

Two thumbs up for the great event from the HiveFest bench


Two thumbs up for the great event from the HiveFest bench

Hahaha that's an AMAZING pic of you! :D Love it :D

@soyrosa a BIG thanks to @louis88 who did this pic

Well done!!
Thank you 🙏🏽

I watched every minute of the live stream and you were as awesome as ever! Thanks so much for all you do to organize this incredible event! Bravo! ♥️

From all the posts I have seen people making that attended, it looked like an amazing Hive Fest. Hopefully my wife and I can make it to the next one. Can’t wait to see everyone.

glad you all had a great time! Would love to have been there with you all
maybe next time : )
well done everyone

Watching the video of the speakers I got to say the whole event was LOW ENERGY.

Same old boring heads doing the same old sales pitch to people who have already heard or read about it many times over.

The only moment that stood out was RAVE shirt guy and @steevc getting chased of stage. It was like... "yay finally a joke that lands and doesn't leave an awkward silence..." The crowd there shared the same sentiment with the unanimous clapping.

You love to host Rolo and you were once good at it but your cheesy hive pijamas didn't align with your "I'm here but not really here" vibe.

The impromptu meet ups by Latin America communities are the real "FEST" events for Hive now and you old dinosaurs better recognize that those are the people who ACTUALLY keep Hive Alive.

Hive can't attract western audiences like it once did and the group that filled the room there looked like old white nerds who are committed to their niche projects but lack the WOW FACTOR to attract and inspire.

What ever happened to the vision...

How dare you talk shit about roeland's outfit?

I'm actually giving praise for outfit but make a point that his vibe didn't match the eccentricity of it.

The whole presentation fell way short of the good old days of STEEMFEST.

And the whole Blockchain is so much in a state of "hey there's a few folks who still believe our bullshit... so we're doing good... (Aka: we're still extracting money from fools)"

It's far from the promise of old where by now HBD would be the currency of many real world initiatives and the libertarian flag would be flying high on HIVE.

It was quite cringy watching starkerz essentially say... "Yeah 3Speak is a failed project but believe our bullshit and pretend that SPK NETWORK will be a success."

In a nutshell that shows the state of Hive. Those in favorable position can continue to "BUILD" and get proposal money for it. Yet not one project other than SPLINTERLANDS can really claim itself a success story on HIVE.

I don't see that changing with HF26 because the chance of mass adoption of users is an absolute MUST in order for any project to ever take off.

However those in high places want to KILL "reward for bloggers" so then who the hell would stay loyal to a Hive that doesn't really have a web3 easy to follow/easy to market 'fair rewards for all' foundation.

BUILDERS aren't good people attractors. Good people attractors don't see anything been built worth pushing to masses.

Thank you for your feedback. The impressions you got through the livestream imho not reflect the event or state of Hive from/for "western audiences".

You def might have a valid it came across as Low Energy. And that is directly my responsibility (partly), but also the attendees. As much as they want to present their projects on stage, they also met with fellow old friends or connected in the first time ever with fellow Hivers. Not during the event days only, but specifically during the several mixers the event had. Leading to short nights, big hangover and maybe the looks of low energy. At least for me personally that certainly was the case. I told some folks: if I would be a "white drug you snort"-user, these would be the days I would use that... But I don't, so 3 days of 2.5 hrs sleep were pretty heavy.

To be honest I found the diversity of projects on HiveFest really showing progress. There was not a single presenter who presented something he/she already did before. Yes there were "old faces" but also many new.

Personally I was also a little disappointed not more people could join in for this year's event, totally gotta give you that and yes South America baby!

Again, thanks for your genuine feedback, on a personal level this gives me food for thought for sure.


@roelandp Let's organize the next HiveFest in Margarita, Venezuela and fill that event 😀



Its OK to be a nerd, and old

The impromptu meet ups by Latin America communities are the real "FEST" events for Hive now and you old dinosaurs better recognize that those are the people who ACTUALLY keep Hive Alive.> Quote

if this is the vibe of Latin America i am not sure that i am looking forward to HiveFest there as it was talked about. 🤷‍♂️

And you are... interesting, young, and headless? Wish you would've been here with us, instead of firing empty shells at Roeland and judging people how they look like. Sad. And please don't speak for me (I was in the crowd), as I do not share your sentiment at all.

Low energy in Amsterdam? 😆 LOL I can't believe how this is both so inaccurate and accurate. Should've done some research about Amsterdam before making such a comment, e43.

We got this Dutch word for destructive-attention-seekers, 'Azijn pissers'.

Can't tell if you simply have a crush on @roelandp or actually want to be him.

Either way you should have read through replies to realize Rolo DID agree with my criticism and DID NOT take it as offense.

Thus your "Ass-ijin Piss-head" contribution was simply an emotional, somewhat vicariously triggered outburst. Or possibly 'performance art' to impress your superiors here. Either way I was chuffed.

That's because I certainly support individual opinion. I don't however adhere to blind-believer, simpleton-like praise for everything (or everyone) within this Hive bubble.

It's OK to be a bit harsh sometimes, specially when doing so to improve things or people. Which I believe I did achieve and now I can look forward to the next FEST to be more of a high energy event... hopefully.

Hey maybe you will host? (!!)

Just don't kidnap Rolo and keep him in your basement.. if you do then feed him well and change his PJs often.

You don't have to make it sound as if it is that weird to compliment someone for their skills. I certainly am incapable of hosting anything besides my own birthdays. Lol.

So, will you be with us next year and drink some beers and party till 2-3 AM?

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Sounds like a blast. Any initiatives to get HIVE more recognition in the news?

Look for the part about marketing by @behilarious on day 1

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I saw some part of the live stream, it was really nice HiveFest.

It was amazing even watching it from a distance... Thank you and we'll done

Een hele dikke dankje wel terug.
Its was quite an experience

Awesome work and what a cute Hive dress :-)
Thank you very much.

It truly looked like an amazing HuveFest 😊😎 well organised.
Loved seeing a bit on YouTube and reading posts about it.
Well done!

Was watching on YT and i enjoy it and the presentations that were showed
still don't get cold beetroot soup but hey ho :)

im a !PIZZA


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I didn’t found the chance to congratulate you directly, but this event has been above all my expectations for the level of organization and commitment which it shows.

Congratulations on that amazing work and looking forward to the next one. Take some deserved rest 🙂


Ich war nur per YT dabei , und fühle mich etwas enttäuscht ???
Naja , nee , aber , jaja , unsere #CHAINZ sind sowas von wertvoll und sowas , ganz besonders der #HIVE auch , alles voller Spezialisten mit unglaublichen #SKILLZ .
Ja , zerrissen ist #Es , denn auf der einen Seite ist #Es ungeduldig auf die kommenden möglichen Entwicklungen und zum Anderen will #Es auch nicht abgehängt werden , gewisse Grade von Verständnis für die #CHAINZ erhalten und fortbilden , bevor´s "richtig" abgeht , hihi .
Und ja , !ich und #Es werden dabei bleiben , !ich habe auch feine Ideen , die allerdings #Es umzusetzten hat , genau @xstern93 und @tokenindustry sind nicht tot , und @udabeu kann !man hier und dort unterstützen , hihi , oder voten auch , jaja .


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I didn't get to attend, but I do thank you, and all of those who make Hive about genuine connections 🙌 It is and should be about much more than writing and clicking submit, then closing the tab.

!PIZZA for when you wake up :)

Thanks a lot for all the hard work to make this event happening. It was really great to meet you all for the first time, in person. I am looking forward to the next event with family 3.0!


Well deserved rest, thanks for all you do for the Hive community! 💪

Thank You for everything.!!

I can't thank you enough from my phone's keyboard so I'll do a proper post when I'm home!

Cheers Roeland, it was great!

Thank you so much for everything. I am really happy that I finally managed to join Hivefest after going through a tough period in life. Everything was great and you are an awesome organizer. It was an honor for me to do something for the hive community. Last but not least, finally, I met you in person :D...

What an incredible 4 days. It was my pleasure to be a part of the fest. So many memories, new friends, and brainstorming for new ideas. All credits to you for pulling off yet another incredible hivefest. You have worked relentlessly and it really showed. Well done and rest up, @roelandp.

Thanks for all of the work you put into this Roeland! Come hell or high water we're going to make it next year. It looks like it was a huge success!

Please make it happen next year! <3

I’ll try my best! I really wish it would have worked out this time. It’s extra special there in Amsterdam.

hi thats nice, I've been there also on the 2nd day and did some video coverage and made a video highlights. Its on 3speak and my ign is great-king. Hope you were there also on the 2nd day and hope I caught you on video. :) Have a nice day.

Success achieved. It's time to rest after. Congratulations to the organizers of the hive conference and to all the participants. Joy overflowing is all I see.

Thanks @roelandp fpr organizing the @hivefest! so coooollll :-)

Me and the @hiq

Hi @roelandp, in #Hive we usually inculcate the good use of the platform, I don't want to accuse you of anything as I also write post and sometimes I forget to give credits, something as simple as placing the source from which I got an image, I want to believe that in the speed of writing your post you forgot the detail, but for sillier things than this @hivewatchers has muted hundreds of post.


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It's not a matter of opening a debate, arguing or anything like that, your post is simply trending, it's being seen by thousands and details like this should be avoided.

Thank YOU dear Roeland! As I said already: you made it happen AGAIN to have so many people meet-up somewhere in the world. Personally I appreciate it a HUGE deal and will be able to live on these warm memories for quite a while again :-) Please learn to take compliments, you deserve them :P

Thanks for organizing the event! It was a blast! Had so much fun and met so many new friends!!


Congratulations! much success... may this beautiful community continue to grow!

While watching the videos on YT.. I'm imagining how fun it is to be the people of Hive... Job well done.. You guys are great...

Un saludo a todos. Espero que estén muy bien Mis felicitaciones a todos los participantes y creadores de este evento. Me alegro mucho que la hayan pasado genial y la comunidad Hive siga creciendo cada día más. Para nosotros los que estamos empezando en esta red social es muy inspirador y nos motiva a seguir aprendiendo y mejorando. Un abrazo

Thank you so much for this great event and the possibility to get to know all of those amazing people! I hope next time we are going to talk a little bit more :D

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It's a pity I couldn't join this time. Been busy with works and my husband's back on his outstation schedule, so will need to be at home with my girls. Also I have been kinda away and quiet on my Hive journey this year. A lot has happened and is happening but friends made aren't forget and memories are burnt deep into my heart and will never change.

This event will mark a before and after in Hive, from Cuba we followed it as we could, but we were very attentive, Thank you very much for the initiative

Wonderful buddy

what a privilege and emotion you should feel in an event as big as this, every hiver dreams of being in this type of event @roelandp

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🙌🎊I enjoyed this event digitally; the presentations were great. I hope to participate in a face-to-face event soon; best regards and congratulations for making this event a reality. 🚀


You were the host who did the most! Thanks for a great and succesfull hivefest and all the venues were spot on. And I will for sure book the VOLKSHOTEL again. A Dutch treat for everyone. The hive5 awards were super cool. Thanks to you family for loaning you for the fest days.
Nu kun je uitrusten !

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Please mind your votes.

It wasn't to promote the project, but thanks for assuming. Good luck with your projects and manual curations. We will never tell you what you should do or how to do it.


Kinda hard to assume otherwise when I see 4/6 short comments of your other account voted up to $4+ with other people's delegations. Just letting you know it's kind of frowned upon to use voting power like that here, you can feel free to keep doing it.

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We're currently also running a few contests with @ocd to assist games on Hive to get some new users and post about the games, currently running one for hashkings, before that we did one for dcrops and next up will be crypto-shots. Feel free to reach out to us to host a contest when your game is playable and people have something to post about if you're interested. We can discuss it in more detail over dm's.

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