Wrapped HiveFest2020 - Thank you! Stats and a lookback.

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24 hours of decompression was needed after being goggled up in VR for 20+ hours the past days with only minimum sleep in between (goodmorning kids!). But I'm back at it and officially wrapping up HiveFest 2020. It was a blast and I could not have done it without you! In this post I iterate over some stats as logged by the badge computer inside AltspaceVR, key findings and obviously thank you to who made it happen.


It was nerve wracking, stressful and beautiful at the same time. Nerve wracking and stressful to find presenters, get them setup just in time and to the correct room, restart the presentation slideshow every other presentation, manage magical "mutes" and "off air" triggered by I-still-dont-know-whats (causing the intro presentation of day 1 to be audioless, and part of the core-dev presentation too, so sorry for that). Beautiful to see so many of you show up and interact with one another! The event also drew in many "regular AltspaceVR people" and personally humbling was this remark from Aria, long-time ASVR user: "Congrats, this was the most professional and awesome event in ASVR I ever seen here". Not bad for a virgin VR event organiser :P

Of course the bugs of the software were regrettable and only discovered during the event itself and not in pre-events, as the pre-events did not feature teleports. (I figured those teleports being a regular feat. of AltspaceVR to work anyhow). Great to see @ewkaw undertake and launch their own Livestream viewing room in AltspaceVR and instantly create a social place for those being bugged out.

On Day 2 I made all AltspaceVR rooms fully public for ease of teleportation, which I explicitly did not do inititally to prevent trolls from to quickly randomly hop in the Mainstage Presentation zone through the discovery tab. The idea was that anyone discovering HiveFest through AltpsaceVR's native discovery would only see the "Lobby event" and enter there, which was the place for fun, mingle and seriousness in the Mainstage area. Anyhow, those bugs aside, personally I give the event and organising a 4 out of 5 stars :P

HiveFest welcomed 782 unique people (!)

The badge computer also had some stats logging attached to see monitor the events attendance. This now gives unique insights in how the event was attended. I'm not certain whether the data is skewed a bit, because some of you could not properly load the Badge Computer App and instead saw the "Question / frowning"-emoji, so I'm not sure whether those did trigger event logs. I don't think they did so those visits are excluded from the following stats:

  • 782 Unique Visitors
  • 174 of those visitors happened to get their Hive Badge
  • The HiveFest worlds in total saw 4,629 entries:
  • 2,337 times to the HiveFest Lobby by 734 unique people
  • 1,542 times to the HiveFest Mainstage (presentations) by 389 unique people
  • 455 times to the NFT Art Gallery by 201 unique people
  • 182 times to the Photobooth by 130 unique people
  • Visits came from 71 countries across the world
    • 360 from the United States
    • 68 from United Kingdom
    • 44 from Canada
    • 42 from Germany
    • 31 from Spain
    • 21 from The Netherlands
    • 19 from Australia
    • 17 from France
    • 12 from Italy
    • 11 from Mexico
    • 11 from Malaysia
    • 11 from Portugal
    • 10 from Poland
      and then 58 other countries with visits:


Thanks so much to:

Stay tuned for future AltspaceVR Hive related events, the individual presentations cut up and the some more detailed visitor stats! I will also take some time to digest this whole VR event organising in a more generic post serving as a guide for future events.

By the way, if you attended HiveFest, but did not manage to get the Conference Badge running because of the unexplainable bug, you did not get your Hivebuzz badge for attending the event. If you still want it, please send a selfie from yourself at HiveFest to [email protected] with subject "Hivebuzz Selfie", so that can be fixed!

For now I'm taking a couple of days of to spend some time with the family, but not before paying some Hivefest bills :P

See you on the Hive chain!


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Whoooot 782 Unique Visitors, that is massive and I'm more than happy to support it again and again.

We had a lot delivered beer tokens from that people who had a badge and @gandalf was the winner on sending BEER while @martibis is the winner in receiving BEER as you see in the link above. There we already took @detlev and @wehmoen and @louis88 out of the ranking.

Imagine the badge was working for everybody - they where all virtually drunk!

For myself I love to say it was a pleasure to stay such a long time behind the googles and we plan to do more in that worlds. Maybe the next HiveMeetupAachen will use such or a similar format.

On Sunday afternoon, I couldn't resist to edit the video of my speech about beer. See the talk and let me know you comments

Thank you @roelandp roelandp and @poezio for that event

Thank you for @hivefest! 😎🙏

🤘😎🤘 looks like all went well!

Congrats on another successful fest @roelandp & the Hiver Community


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I cast the livestream onto my TV and was completely fascinated by the technology and by the info conveyed by all the presenters! What a great way to bring us all together. I hope it happens frequently, not just once a year.

Even with the issues, Hive Fest was wicked awesomesauce! Thanks so much to you & everyone else involved for making it such a spectacular success!

great job, and with all those small bugs, you did everything to try to fix them. the mail with links for teleport was a great fix.

you can add some more numbers as i know 4-5 people (+me) that could not get a badge. so if i know 5 you can probably add +50 :D

Truly a great event!

Ended up participating mostly via Livestream, unfortunately. In 2D, AltSpaceVR is unfortunately a somewhat poor experience, but maybe it will get better with time.

In any case, it was a good substitute for a HiveFest in reality. Thanks for the work.

Agree, evdn that Microsoft product obviously did not perform well on a mac 2d environment it was fun

782 Unique Visitors

Amazing, HiveFest could be the largest blockchain VR-based conference so far :)

Had problems with teleporting and the badge computer.

Despite all the glitches, the main stage was well organized, kudos for making this possible in VR.

It was good fun, I managed to muster up a convo with a least 2 random people other than that I was pretty much just silently watching.

I also derped around like I do and merged with a bush.



Amazing event, thank you!

Looking forward to Hive Fest 6!

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Thank you for organizing! HiveFest⁵ was fun, despite the buggy AltspaceVR platform. I noticed quite a many awful bugs in the UI, as the piano and chess set were at one time skewered in a way they were unplayable. I couldn't get the audio working for the first two hours I was in, etc. and so on.

I could eventually get a couple conversations going, saw many cool NFT art (but why no photography from lensy.io?), and finally had a nice game of Cards against the humanity with a few cool people whom of some I had met in the previous year's meet. It was a great (rofl, lulz) game.

Okay yea that's it. Thanks again for the latest fest, and let's hope we can all meet again IRL some day!

yes next time lensy.io too!

I am glad to hear that! 😁

Such a cool experience to give a presentation in VR. Some tech glitches prevented me from staying in the virtual world after the talk, but we are very grateful for being included in the festivities. The Hive Ecosystem is truly something special, and MarketSquare will continue to produce great content to bring more people to it. Thanks very much!

Really appreciate your work but I think there should be some follow up "meetups" to make up for the massive glitches, most of us on PC had problems. I didn't mind so much but I only donated 5 HBD and was happy just to hear the speakers cause online isn't much different than discord to me, but I know some people who were very let down and I don't really blame them.

Not your fault as much as an unstable app and new tech, just saying we should have a more chat-focused event and it'd be nice if you organized it cause you are good at that and can catch peoples attention. Simple, easy, and tested before hand for non-VR users. I think it was the badges that made things glitchy, maybe we can do an easy casual event without them and one area....easy

Nice :)

Unfortunately I missed this years HiveFest as my wife had me on honey do duty all weekend! Those brakes won't fix themselves you know. lol. I'm looking forward to checking out posts to see what all I missed, and hope to attend in person next year!

I ended up not being able to attend as much of it as hoped, but what I did see was fun and unique.

It was a great idea to do Hivefest via VR.

Definitely the way to go. I wish I could have given more. Next year for sure. It was a note worthy event and well executed. Would have liked to have had more time to catch the presentations live. Was a neat experience. This is the first Hivefest I've been able to attend since they started.

Mmm too bad I couldn't assist this time... Maybe next year. It looks too cool!

That was a fantastic festival, sadly I don't own a VR so no 3D, but 2D was an awesome experience too. So I'm really thankful to all these awesome HiveFest organizers.

Thanks for organizing and moderating. You made it to a very successful event!! Chapeau!

As always, despite the many bugs we suffered, the organization of the event itself was top notch!

Thank you Roeland for all the work you did, for your patience, your incredible availability and the Olympian calm you showed as I appeared and disappeared during my presentations, all while entertaining the patiently waiting audience.

It is a real pleasure to work with such professional persons as you and @poezio and I am already looking forward to the next edition.

Enjoy your most deserved rest. Hugs! 🤗🤗🤗

You are going to force me to buy a 'windows laptop', aren't you? Something that I can use sporadically and then shut completely off :)

I never did figure out a way in from my Linux systems, but I'll keep looking. Hoping that MS will make that happen is not at all likely IMHO.

Really sorry I missed!

Hey Bro !
I use an Ubuntu-based distro (Pop_OS) and i was at HiveFest !
For the future with AltSpaceVR :

  • Update your system and your graphics card drivers
  • Install Steam
  • Try to install AltspaceVR from steam, it doesn't work vbut it's now on your library
  • Right click -> Properties -> Compatibility
  • Check "Force the use of a specific Steam play compatibility tool"
  • Select "Proton Experimental"
    And install it and launch it ! VOILA :)

You may ask @bambukah cause he attended from unix ;)

ha :) or check in some temp vloud computing. we ran several
windows servers off amazon for the event

It was good to see the people behind hive. Also thanks for switching to links from the website.
Also jumping on the trees I don't know who but someone yelled hey my tree get off 😂😂🤣😂 it was funny also the dry jokes of Mark at the end. It was a pitty I didn't register for the event but attended and also ended in the final picture just behind the guy in green with the mustage and hat on. I was last at the first picture taken then the word came turn around someone can take pictures trough walls then I was all of the sudden in the front 😂🤣😂

Thanks for all the work done it must have been lots and lots of hours preparation.

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It was very interesting! I might have had the most artwork displayed at NFTshowroom. five of them. I enjoyed having my art there. Thanks for selecting them. visit https://nftshowroom.com/bubblingwells/gallery?r=bubblingwells to view what you saw at the gallery. I made a community on Hive called "Art101". Please join there at https://peakd.com/c/hive-156061/created There I will show you how to paint like Vermeer in 30 minutes without you having experience. Try it! It's free! You CAN be that artist! Please support the Arts by joining "Art101". Lot more art courses to come. Many thanks to a new friend who helped me set up the Art101 community.

Thank you you did a awesome job

Was a nice experience indeed

Thanks for putting it on. Even with the glitches it was still worth doing as we have had a lack of events this year. I had lots of cool chats with people and the talks were great. You kept it running well. Spending that long in a headset must mess with your brain. I found it easier to just stream the talks as I could not see the slides in VR (2D) anyway.

I would be great to have some regular events even if it's just to meet up and chat. People have been missing the casual interaction and some may be stuck at home alone for months.

I hope the next Hivefest can be back in the 'real' world, but take a nice long break now.

I would like that too! Being a virtual thing, I found it very nice as meeting enhancer of HIVE. I would definitely prefer that model to Discord most times I need to interact with someone at least.

Totally vote for more events using VR tech.

PS.: don't remember if I saw you around... but I have a glimpse of memory that I had.

Not sure if I saw you either. There were so many people. I wanted to hang out more and chat, so also wanted to hear the presentations. Catch you next time.

Indeed... felt the same. Especially because of the timezone differences, some people were just getting later into the event to hang around. I even found some Portuguese on the first day by my mid-day time. It was a cool experience and also very nice to know we have so many cool people around.

Really puts a different context into the blockchain community thing. Hopefully, I will be able to be around more on things like this.

great job roelandp

The 1 person from Greece (+ at least another one @steliosfan) would like to thank you personally from our heart!
It would never be possible for me to be near so many people that I follow/admire/respect.
I am looking forward for the next happening - I believe that such events are great hubs for brainstorming and for new opportunities in all aspects :))

I'm glad to see myself motioned here! Too bad I didn't know how to use the platform so I was flailing around all the 15 minutes I was there.

I had a great time on Hivefest though because of the technical issue from my side, that's why I was not so interactive but I enjoyed all the great presentations as well. I had a good chat with @gandalf and with many others. It was a great experience overall :)

Thanks for this arrangement...

Thank-you! It was fantastic and the huge amount of time and effort put in to make it happen was evident. Looking forward to any future virtual events :-)

Awesome event. Looking forward to more Altspace events for sure.

782 people - that's the biggest Hive fest ever, right? Well done!!!
Next time I'll be inside rather than watching as an outsider on YouTube :)

Thank you for all the work and time you invested in making this event possible! And greetings and thanks go to your family for lending us our HiveFest-host :)

Need to find who from Auckland attended too.

Thanks for setting this up!
I was in front of the TV :) Some stats about people watching the live streams would be nice as well. Those can be counted as a form of attendees...

youtube had from 40 to 50 live for the most part of the first day. and as it was streamed all over there were probably 100+ people

Was my first (unfortunately, but finally) HiveFest experience... and I really loved it. Lot's of "bonecos" (avatars) like I would say in Portuguese.

Found lots of people I commonly interact in the blockchain which is the cool part of it. Also, found and met "virtually" new ones.

In presence, these would probably be Way cooler, but this was a different experience and for that, it has already a special value. Thanks for organizing @roelandp!

Will be trying harder to get into the next one (physically) if COVID booby trap is not around or not dangerous anymore.


You did a great job as always ;)

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Massive turnout!

Thanks for organizing everything @roeland, it was a pleasure to attend!

The future is looking bright for the HIVE blockchain.

Best of regards from the Deegram team!

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HiveFest⁵ feedback and contest results
It's today! Do not miss the opening of HiveFest⁵

Thanks for orchestrating another successful Fest @roelandp and performing lots of minor miracles along the way! Hopefully we can all meet face-to-face next year.

In all honesty, I was way too distracted by all technical hiccups to actually enjoy the event. Spent loads of time on Discord trying to get some help and therefore missed most of the speeches and was too distracted to have conversations with people I had liked to get to know more. But it sure was a new experience haha!

I realize that it was a lot of work hell of a thing to organize and coordinate so kudos to you.

I like the idea - that some uttered - to make this a repetitive kind of thing and was excited to hear the news that the NFT Showroom stays open. Would be cool to show my work on there too.

Groeten uit Portugal :<)

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