Talking heads | A day filming on location

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I had a hot and challenging shoot day yesterday.

Talking about lugging stuff around 🥵
Trip 1…


Trip 2…


Trip 3…

So many doors, lifts, security fobs, stairs etc.
Luckily I have these wheels.. (ideal for all the tripods and stands)


Not only was the job tricky work to get right under the time and space restrictions, but just unloading the car, getting it in AND parking in a city centre is just a nightmare. 😂

They don’t make city’s the easiest and most convenient place to have a car. I get why. But it’s just chaotic, restricting and expensive.
Not worse than London, but still. £12 parking for 3 hours? What kind of fresh hell is this? I bet London is £25 for 3 hours..

Anyway. Filming…

My mission was a multi-camera talking head/piece to camera.
The brief was pretty loose - the subject just needed to look well lit, contemporary and sound good.

The job was through my awesome brothers creative agency, who’s lovely client needed a last minute spot of video filming. Cue me. 👈🏻

The location


The room we had was a small office (see background in above) - so I worked first to block out as much unnecessary daylight from the window as possible. I did this with blackout material hung in front of the window (not very well pictured… I think I was taking it down in this shot…)
Anyway, the blackout worked well for what I needed it to do.

Up next are my awesome Aputure 120d set.


I used one as a back light, one as the front key and the last to fill the back wall to give it a nice gradient tone.
I kept a honeycomb on all of them. I like the way they control the light focus.




I had three cameras rolling. A Panasonic GH5 (4K) a Sony A7iii (4K) and my trusty Canon C100mkii (HD) to capture audio and add a nice third angle. Quite an eclectic mix.




There was plenty of coverage at-least and subject looked sharp across everything, which is great. 👌🏻


My next job is to select the best takes and present them for consideration to the editors. I hope they actually like what they see. It’s difficult to relay the struggles in the space to get what we eventually got.

It felt like a real exercise in old school skills of good lighting, basic camera work and sound. Nothing like a small, warm, busy, time sensitive location to keep you on your toes!! 😆

Anyway, I’m just glad to be working to be honest.
Stick me in a sweaty box room with a camera any day and I’ll happily get on with shit.

Cheers for reading, @ashtv.


I love the fact that one camera you are using is a Sony and using a canon lense on it. I assume when you are filming you are using the MF-Mode? Do you own a adapter that also comes with autofocus? I were never able to find a decent adapter for Sony E-Mount that is able to be fast enough as original lenses from Sony. Which would be pretty helpful for photography :P

Thanks for sharing. I love seeing set-ups from other people to see what they are using. I am pretty newbie but I try to learn from such posts :)

Hey thanks for the comment :)

The Sony was actually borrowed from my good pal @jackshootstuff. It’s was an emergency camera loan used for its 4K image. The adapter is a Metabones I believe. Think it had a 50mm on. Yes I used MF mode too.
Metabones are decent - I use one with my other GH5. They enable autofocus with most Canon EF models and loads of other brands like Sigma and Tamron.

Not sure if that is useful info or not!
Cheers fir stopping by.

Knowing a brand that makes quality products is always useful! 😁

I think there needs to be another "s" in his name @jackshootsstuff ?

Looked up his post about the dog food company. He has a really nice set up. And it seems he is using a 70-200mm/f4 telezoom from sony itself? ( I can't really tell cause the photo is not large enough, but looks similiar) :D I would love to have one of those :D

Ah crap, yeah I misspelt it! 🤦🏻‍♂️
It’s @jackshootsstuff 👍🏻
(He’s not that active on here… but he should be - he would do well)

Yeah we both have the same 70-200 f/2.8. Fantastic lens, I’d be stuck for many shots on jobs without it!
Especially event stuff or presentations - a good zoom goes a long way (so to speak)

What sort of work do you do/are you wanting to do?

So wat it was (the object to shoot )?
This guy? :)


How very astute!
Yes he was the subject but I’m not in a position to disclose identities/people/brands at this moment.

He was good though, first time doing this kind of stuff on camera but he nailed it!

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Impressive setup, but you have to lug it all around is the downside

Absolutely! Could have done with an assistant but the timing and budget didn’t warrant such luxuries

Keeps you fit, maybe!!

Yay! 🤗
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really not an easy job weighted by the conditions of the area around. thank you for the explanation - interesting to see the operators in action :-)






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Cheers for reading and appreciating! :)

sure my pleasure

Good to see you are enjoying what you are doing. Thst video camera is massive!

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