There will be login, it will simplify everything. But right now it's just checking/unchecking the box for support and cast your vote with keychain : )

Oh yeah, for sure logging in will simplify things. What I meant was that the look of the support button didn't seem very intuitive for me - I wouldn't guess it's a button I can click on if I'm not already familiar with the idea of the DAO (i.e. that I can vote on proposals). Just purely visually something is a bit off and it doesn't quite look like an upvote button. My first guess was that it was more like a toggle to expand so as to see additional content related to the proposal. Does this make sense?

Hmmm, interesting feedback. Love it. What do you think will make it more intuitive for you and others (of course)?

More contrast - the color of the button can be a more contrasting color so it stands out as a button. For example there is very good contrast here: