My New Cactuses And A Tomato Plant Check-in

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Hiya Guys,

About a week ago I was reading a post that @ewkaw had published about his cacti ( you can find the post here..

And this post I found really interesting as I have a cactus or should I say had a cactus.

My mum had been away for a few days and when she got back I popped round to see her and to retrieve my cactus, but to my huge disappointment, she told me that while she was clearing out a few things she had popped it in a bag and took it to a charity shop.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I went and bought myself some new cacti and thought I would share with you all my new collection.




The little one in the bottom picture is my favorite, I like its curly red spikes.

So here we go cacti, lovers, what's the scientific name for these cacti as I would like to know?

I also wanted to show you how well my tomato plants are doing, when I had my old allotment some of the other plot holders told me about a tomato plant that just produces loads of tasty tomatoes, and last year I gave them a try.

The tomato plant is called Shirley F1 and we had loads of tomatoes from the plants last year so I decided to give them another go this year, and again they are doing really well.


The photo above is just one trust, I didn't even know it was there, After a bad case of the leaf curl I had to cut away the bottom leaves and this was hanging behind.

the rest of the plant is doing really well too with lots of flowers and tomatoes popping up everywhere.



I water every evening and feed them on a Friday, so I think these will be my go-to tomatoes, I use them on burgers in salads and I even made some soup from them last year, I can't wait till they're ready.

until next time. stay safe.


How could she give it away :o

The new ones are lovely though. The first one is probably notocactus leninghausii. The middle one I have no clue. And the one with hooks is Mammillaria bombycina. I have one too :)

P.S. In the future try to post in related communities. Your posts will get more visibility that way.
There is a gardening one and succulent one that would fit here. Just don't post the same post in both.

cheers, I'll do some reading on them as I think they are pretty cool.
My mum said she thought they were plastic and looked like it was collecting dust, I just don't know why she would think I would water a plastic plant.
I didn't realize there were different communities, things have changed a bit since last year, still trying to catch up.

why she would think I would water a plastic plant

Oh I dunno.. something like "My son must bee crazy, why is he watering a plastic plat? I better get rid of it"

Nice tomatoes! I don't know what the centre cactus is but your two outer ones are Left, Parodia leninghausii (Yellow Tower cactus) and Right, Mammillaria. You'll only know which species once it flowers. There are a couple of possibilities

I'm so looking forward to them flowering now, hopefully, I'll have more success than the last one as that never flowered. I've got some reading to do on these cacti.
I recommend Shirley tomato plants now to everyone as they just do so well here in the UK.