Hive Supporter Status Post | 25.06.2020

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Welcome to today's status post. Hive Supporter is a transparent project and that's why we want to update you on any development regarding votes, rewards and other important news.



Today we voted on a total of 4 posts.

Went to the Dodgem Fair and play with some Pistols trying to hit the Cup so I could win tickets for the Cruisin! - Luke is Alive 34 (50%) ✅
Body Beautiful - Promoting Positive Body Awareness (86%)
Monochromatic portrait (100%)
Quick Giveaway # 22 : win a random reward card (76%)

✅ Post(s) upvoted because of Delegation


No rewards for today.

Current pots

Contests/Giveaways: 1.017 Hive
Power Up: 0.14 Hive


@btcsam [350 HP]
@dxn [300 HP]
@elianaicgomes [101 HP]
@ana-maria [10 HP]

A huge thank you to our delegators!

That's all for today 😃