Official re-launch of "Hive Meetup?"

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We are happy to announce that the website of the Hive Meetup project is now available again, which has a purpose: to encourage and promote good events related to Hive.

Hive Meetup arises with the idea of having a website where we can find most of the events related to Hive and Web3 and the basic marketing tools to help communities and projects promote events.

The website had several adjustments to adapt to the main objective and is available in 2 languages, English and Spanish.



Now on the website is a table with most of the events to be held:


Soon, there will be a segment where what will publish the hottest or trending events.

Pictures of events related to HIVE

We also added a section showing several pictures of events related to HIVE community.


An early stage project; Hive Meetup

Hive Meetup is one of the projects supported by Hive Creators, so we are going to work to make this website have the following features:

  • A method to create a landing page for events, like the one we did recently for Hive Live Session:


  • A button to submit a proposal for an event, and the community can donate HBD/HIVE

  • Event ticket generator

The Hive Meetup website is created on WordPress, but we hope to have a web application in the future.


We want to know your opinion and suggestions to improve the site, and you can also contribute with your ideas.

Visit HiveCreators:



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Y en buen momento para ser compartido en todo el evento que se viene en Cuba!!!

This is such an amazing website to have. Thank you so much!
I must say that I’m very sad to see there are no meetups in USA. I’m jealous of all the people that get to meet other community members in person.

I would love to make a Hive Meetup in Chile because the community here is very small and do not know the platform if someone who is in chile reads this comment can talk to me and get together.

Me encantaría hacer un Hive Meetup en Chile ya que la comunidad acá es muy pequeña y no conocen la plataforma si alguien que este en chile lee este comentario me puede hablar y reunirnos.

Hazlo amigo, comienza a preguntar en las comunidades, y seguro encontrarás a muchos hivers en ese país. Así lo hice en Buenos Aires y comenzamos cinco y ahora somos más de 30 hivers. Y Nuestro primer #HivemeetupArgentina, será el 1.º de octubre. ¡Sí se puede!

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Muy buena idea, de esta manera estaremos al tanto de todos los eventos de #hive.