Time for a moment of grief and/or reflection.

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Is it that bad news?
Yes, to me it is.
And I'm sure for a lot of others here the feeling must be similar.

What am I talking about?

Every morning just before leaving for work I always do a check up on my Hive account, you know: claim rewards, a quick scan of my feed(s) and most times some upvotes.
Right after that I also visit the CoinMarketCap page to see if there have been some spectacular changes in cryptoworld.
And of course, this morning also.

WTF, where's Hive?
Click on 'Next 100'

Yep, there it is: Ranked 102 !?!?

Now, although a blind man could see this coming, it's still a giant


to see it has become a fact.

Now it's already 19 days ago since my last post.

In that post I wrote (and want to repeat it here again):

Let me be clear: everyone has the right to do what he wants with his Hive.
But if we want to attract and onboard more new people ...
a price moving upwards and much HIGHer up in the "charts" is a far more better advertisement than a price slipping away further and further if you ask me.

And the main reason (if you ask me) for that slipping away price is because of the massive continuing powering down and/or Hivers keeping their Hive liquid (non-vested), as I already tried to specify in that last post.

And what's bothering/annoying me even more is that 9 out of our top 20 witnesses take part in that powering down.
And ... with substantial amounts.

Witnesses, like-minded Hivers I presume, who I see as having a "role model" here.
Fellow Members if you want, who look out for and protect my (our) interest(s)

And no matter (already having a monthly fee btw for being in that top 20) what their excuse is for powering down etc., to me it's the same as buying a bread at the bakery and later that day the baker is at my door to invite himself and eat my paid for bread with him.

As a result of all this and to make a point I have (for now):

  • removed my vote for the 9 above relevant witnesses
  • enabled my vote for 1
  • removed my vote for 3 others not in top 20.
  • deleted 9 Hivers I had on autovote.

The last I have in mind for those who read this post is for you to do the same as I do. You make up your own mind.
I just felt the need to say this and write it down.

Ooh ehh, before I forget, one last "remarkable" thing.

Mr. Haejin has been pinpricking again with two posts last week, for those who haven't noticed.
Besides downvotes from some smaller accounts and myself, @blocktrades was the only big account that followed.
With notifications of being on the blacklist of @spaminator and @buildawhale, one of those two posts was on a $25+ paypout for hours, and nobody else acted.
Just saying ...

To wrap up ...
For those of you who think I'm being negative, so be it. But someone who is negative, doesn't power up (even this week) over and over again.
And it's because of me and all the others who are buying AND powering up their Hive, the price of Hive hasn't gone down to pennies yet.

Have a great weekend.

(Again) for (presumably) obvious reasons not shared on Twitter.

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I haven't seen you show up in a while. are you currently sick? or are you busy at work?

Besides loaded with work the last months I have been 2 weeks in Sweden with my son and grandkids. But I'm fine, thanks.

you already have grandchildren? I was so shocked😄
I thought you were not married.
I hope your work goes well. and hope all of you have fun in Sweden.

This is a quite sad. I really see no reason for powering down if one does really believe in the hive blockchain. It'd be a big bummer if in the end, hive keeps going down till it hits rock bottom.

We owe it to ourselves to make hive great.

Great comment, especially that last sentence.
We owe it to ourselves indeed!

He'll my friend, great to see your post again after 19 days. I share your sentiments I believe we have to maintain some kind of positive actions with hive which include powering up or not powering down, I believe everyone wants hive to do well but then we have to do right by hive and maintain a positive attitude. Price is important to drive in investors and we need to strive hard whether witness or ordinary hiver. Keep preaching it. Infact I'm sharing this this

@tipu curate

Thanks mate. Although the post may appear slightly negative, it's not.
Criticism, yes, but positively meant.

Sometimes a man's gotta say what a man's gotta say ...

Sometimes a man's gotta say what a man's gotta say

Not everyone will like it but then you're right, there's no better way to sugarcoat it and by all means criticism should set people to the right path

criticism should set people to the right path

Wise words mate, I agree completely!

Smassssh dont worry, you see those people powering down and in turn making hive price go low, they can keep doing so, while I use my HBD to buy more hive at low rates and power up, after a while some people will start shouting hive is oligarchy.

To be honest I also do have some liquid in another account, but its all my life, if i had an emergency its my only source of savings, I cant be running around all the time begging for assistance when im in an emergency so I hope you get my plight, everyother reward I've mostly powered up and keep powering up,

I wish I could power up more, but slowly and steady right?

Don't be ticked off, what will be will be. I told someone today, its rather a privilege to discover hive, I understand what you mean when it comes to mainstream adoption as it relates to price and chart number.

But when we check which blockchain has the most active app, Hive is the core, check list of most used dapps, 4of top 10 are on Hive,....these should at least mean something to somepeople who know what they are doing.

I'm concerned and dissapointed at the witnesses that fall under this category, if this is how we want to play the game we can as well get out of here and leave you witnessing your shit.

In Africa there's a saying, "monkey dey work, baboon dey chop", meaning one person is building and another person is sinking the ship.

But about low prices, I'm not all that bothered, like I said the cheaper the better for me lol, selfish but true.

The true believers will hodl and keep accumulating the right way. Eventually the token will spread out to the stronger hands, whixh will inturn be a good thing. In the long run things will be clearer.

This post doesn't apply to you mate, don't worry.
I know where your main focus is, on growth.
Which is good and I appreciate.

Preach it bud.

If you take a look at @penguinpablo's daily repots you'll see that power downs outperform power ups every single day of the week.

The days that this doesn't happen is usually because blocktrades powers up. Like huge power ups...and hats off to him for that.

And people keep complaining that their vote means nothing when it comes to witness and proposal voting and that a few whales control everything. Power up some Hive so that it matters ffs...Power up so that you can support other peoples blogs too instead of leaching...

Those who constantly power down are the ones who milk it so they can make a living or buy other crypto..
As for the witnesses...I am gonna have a closer look too.

I'm not accusing the witnesses of being the only ones powering down.
To me it's more the principle of them being a "role-model" here, especially in times that Hive is in "heavy weather" (out of CMC top 100, not onboarding masses of newcomers/investors etc).

I am not saying you are accusing them. Neither do I. And after a quick search most of those powerdowns are tiny ones compared to the stake they possess. Probably to cover server costs or something. Except from two. But then again it their right to do what they want with their stake just like it is your right to unvote them if you think that they aren't the "role models" we need, especially for newcomers...but also for the old guard.

Exactly that!

Thanks for doing the hive search @smasssh ..I'm just a little guy, posting everyday and trying to increase my hive-power.. it's depressing when witnesses can't at least not power-down...

Someone who's, (in stead of powering down) every day trying to increase his hivepower in order to grow, to me is not a little guy.
Keep on going man.

I have been watching Haejin and remove the votes before payouts, he hasn't been able to make anything on Hive. He uses his votes to give massive votes to shit posts with $0 rewards so he can maximize curation, I've been countering these for months and has taken all my HP and then some. He has now switched tactics to try to stir up drama.

I know you keep an eye on him and that's great, thanks. That's also why I mentioned @buildawhale.
Just wondered why only very few reacted, while so many know who he is and how much he already "milked" in the past.

Probably the same reason no one countered his $25 votes on comments and shit posts.

He voted my post yesterday (haejin), and I'm fully expecting a flag to counter it. I know how it all works, and that is not sincere in the least.

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You should probably take some time to get your English correct.

No need for grieve my friend. Everything will take shape in time

for you

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I myself have no reason to power down. at this time, my love was diverted to hive. even I did power down on steem to buy hive. because of love I did not do power down even though I was urged to need money. now I always do power ups. even though it is a small amount, what matters is the intention at heart. because a small amount will also lead to good things.

and a little to make me confused for those who say love for hive but constantly doing power down.

'They' knew from the very beginning they were likely to get run out of town as scourges to humanity, it's why they hang on so tenaciously, imo.
Crushing dissent is essential to maximum reaping.
Gotta get every penny before the inevitable catches up with them.

How would you like it if the trillion dollar code you helped make told you to f**k off on your way to burning in hell?
I bet ned can tell us,...at some point, there will be others we can ask.

Yeah, I saw this morning I think that we dropped out of the top 100 and was a bit bummed. I hope that we don't end up having all the same issues we had with Steem. We cannot sustain all of the dumping over the long term without new investors.

I too noticed the drop out of the top 100, its back again now after the listing on another exchange. Time to power up.. as you say.

Ff checken hoe is het in Zweden en hoe is het met jou ? Wij zijn in Italië en dat gaat prima alleen mondkapjes plicht binnen