Hiverrr. What can it do though?!

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The only wallet a Hiveian needs. And I am about to prove it. 😜

This post will go over all of the functionality available from within the Hiverrr application. Give it a spin and let me know what you would like to see added or improved upon!

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Your savings account

On the Hive blockchain we have the option to keep hbd and hive in our savings account to receive interest.

Get Hiverrr here. Not entirely convinced yet? Keep reading! 😜


Your staking account

On the Hive blockchain we have the option to stake or power up our hive. This stake can be used to impact chain-government and the distribution of the reward pool. For staking you receive interest as well as curation rewards.

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Estimated account value

It's great if you have an idea what your hive account is worth and to be able to check the current price of hive! 🤑

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estimated value.png

Receive hive or hbd

If you are a merchant (or just want to remind your friend to pay you back 😜) it's important that you can create an invoice quickly and allow your customer / friend to pay you in an instant. To accomplish this we decided to work with QR codes.

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Send hive or hbd

What is a wallet if you can't spend your funds in it? From within Hiverrr you can scan a QR code to send your hive / hbd to someone or you can make a manual transfer.

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With the recent addition of recurring transfers on the hive blockchain. It's important that you can easily subscribe to any user and manage your current subscriptions.

P.s.: if you like the work I'm doing and want me to continue working on awesome hive dapps. Subscribing to @martibis gives me more free time to work on those (literally every bit helps tremendously)! 😜

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Transaction history

For every wallet it makes sense to have a transaction history, so of course we added it into Hiverrr as well. Most transactions should be supported, but if you find some that aren't, let me know!

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Account options

For users with a lot of accounts, you'll be happy to note that you can easily swap between accounts!

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Availability: Hiverrr is currently live on Android. Due to Apple's internal policy I would need to open a new company + bank account + Apple developer account before launching an "app that facilitates cryptocurrency transactions". The total cost of this would be around 500 USD, which I currently don't have to spare. If someone has interest in sponsoring the project. Please reach out! ❤️

Open source: Hiverrr is an open source project started by @martibis you can find the GitHub Repo here.


But smart devices are privacy nightmares. Crypto isn't crypto if there's no privacy. Turns it into just another digital currency like the USD.

You'll have to elaborate more on what you're trying to say here and how it relates to Hiverrr. Hiverrr is a wallet, not a cryptocurrency in itself! 😅

Wow thank you @martibis . This is an infoemative post.

You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it! 😄

No hive engine coins? Well I guess that is coming soon. The way I see it we do not really need more wallets, *though this looks way better than Keychain. We need an app/wallet that showcases all HIVE has to offer in one place, a list of all the Dapps neatly laid out and can be logged into and used through the app. An app where people can sign up and use it all in one place. I wish you would have tried to work with Keychain on their UI instead of creating an entirely new thing. Just my opinion. It does look good though.

At the moment Hive Engine Coins are not (yet) supported! But the code is open source, so there is definitely an opportunity for it! 😄

If I'm right some people have a similar idea, to create some sort of "dapp library" where you can immediately use any dapp.

I think from a decentralization point of view, the more options the better. The tech-stack behind the Keychain mobile app is also different than the one I'm using, so I would have to learn a new framework before I could help there! 😁

MAn you are so lucky you know how to build stuff like this. Good point, that’s decentralization, options upon options.

Could you do some stuff on my shit tribe ? 😂

The iOS, yeah I had an apps there ( nothing special) and the yearly subscription and updates were a nightmare.

Keep building man, who knows, this might become “The Wallet”

Haha, not luck, just learning and learning! 😄

At the moment I am pretty swamped with work, but perhaps in the future you can walk me through what you want to do and I might be able to help out, hehe!

Oh, that's the least of my worries. The problem is for "an app that facilitates cryptocurrency transactions" Apple requires you to have a company with the same name as the application, linked to a financial institution (meaning open a bank account) and set up a new developer account (so also with a new yearly subscription), it's not that much work, but it's +- 500 USD, which I currently don't have to spare! But when I can, I definitely will do all of that to get it up and running!

Yeah ill stick to keychain wallet by @yabapmatt or whatever ... it respects all my hive engine scams im invested in lol

Ill.make it real by sending people coins at parties

Fuck coinbase we have which has a fewl debit card

HIVE WILL BE ON AND ethereum PHIVE and bsc

I like the QR code on this one though. Imagine typing in the user name when drunk and high 😁. Not sure why Keychain doesn't have QR.
Really wish this dude would bring his skills to Keychain or keychain bring this dude in, they would make a killer wallet together, now we have half the good stuff on his wallet and half on the other. 😄 but I have no android devices so I guess I am gonna have to go with keychain

Yeah, I really hope I can bring it to iOS soon-ish, but Apple is doing Apple things, so yeah, haha!

I love this masterpiece. Keep up the good work 😍

Thank you, great to hear that you enjoy the app! 😄

I just followed you bro. You deserve everything for that work. I'd love to be your friend.

really great work, well done!

Thanks, glad you like it! 😁

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This is a reference stuff.

Pretty cool. I wanted a way to keep track of my stuff while I'm not near the laptop.

Glad to hear you like it! Definitely let me know your thoughts! 😁

I'll look it up and try it out first!

How do you calculate curation APR? Just curious ;)

It's a guestimate based on your curation rewards of the last week, and than multiplied by 52 and divided by your current vests! 😁 As long as your hive power doesn't fluctuate like crazy (big power ups / power downs) it's fairly accurate! Thanks @themarkymark for the pointer in the right direction on that! 😁

That's a pretty smart solution :) Thanks for the explanation!

you can bet I'm going to try this marvel and give it a detailed review of how it feels to move in Hive with this app!!!

Awesome to hear and I'm already looking forward to that review! 😁

Hiverr should be the fivver for hive come on maaaan

Lol good job makin stuff tho

Id rather just use edenos and my face and not need a fucking key lol

Ask @dan what i.mean

Imagine 20 witnesses for fuckkkcin faceid shit on wax nfts and multi chains all doing IDs where you verify each other with other stake based accounts

Haha, I thought about that, but well! 😁 And thanks!

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Thank you dear friend...🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Thank you, I hope you enjoy it! 😄

Wow this is real great! You did a very good job, thank you so much for bringing this to us.

Thank you for the kind words, I hope you enjoy it! 😄

I'm very impressed with your work and dedication to learn new things. Let's connect some time.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm always ready to connect with others, do you have a Discord account? 😄

cool, I'm Expire0 on there also .

When I saw the headline Hiverrr, I immediately assumed it is similar to, maybe Hiverr is coming soon?

Both and are taken, so it would likely be with another name! 😄

Nice one, this is really helpful thank you. 😊

Thank you, glad to hear you are enjoying it! 😄

Haha indeed. 😁

Thank you for the wine! 😄

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Well, I went to install your app because everything seems awesome and I forgot I recently broke my android and I'm using my wife's old iphone, so hopefully the IOS one comes out soon.

Awww, yeah, I hope we can get it on iOS soon-ish as well! Will depend on whether I can find the funding to follow up on Apples requirements! 😄

only just discovering this. very cool man!

Thanks man, I think it's flown a bit under the radar because I'm currently having a lot of other things on my plate!

Nice punk by the way!