Announcing HiveWallet for iOS and Android 🚀

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I was a bit silent past week: Work work work. I've (finally) migrated and got to release!

Screenshot 20200403 at 00.42.31.png

So, once all appstores progress with purging their caches your old SteemWallet app will be overwritten with the fresh new (SteemWallet apps for iOS and Android hereby effectively seize to exist).

The HiveWallet-app is a convenient way to:

  • Follow multiple Hive account balances
  • Import & store your keys in an AES256 encrypted wallet
  • Send HBD & Hive from multiple account balances.
  • Use the in-app Dapp Browser with Keychain for Hive support to use your favorite Keychain enabled Hive dapps on the go.


  • Use Biometry to easily unlock your wallet & transact on the Hive blockchain
  • Add and use custom rpc nodes
  • Optionally enable 20-minute-unlock sessions for fewer wallet-unlock passphrase dialogs
  • Whitelist Keychain for Hive operations per dapp and transaction so you don't get "Are you sure?"-dialogs for that given transaction.
  • Dapp overview from landing page (need moar dapps!)
  • Multiple themes... Do you like that new "centralised blue" theme? :P
  • Available for iOS and Android

If you already had SteemWallet on your phone, your app will automatically be updated to HiveWallet with a shiny new icon. Also the look and feel aligns with the branding of the Hive chain...

If you don't have the app yet...

Go check is opensource:

(please note because appstores tend to rollout apps slowly it might take a while before the old app is replaced with HiveWallet)


Where you successfully in using the new beem version on HIVE, or are there some problems? Let me know.
Great work by the way:).

Yes holger thanks!

I successfully run the latest beem version on the venv now. It is a flask / uwsgi backend api which now serves both steem account creation (will up the price soon :D) and hivewallet account creation using the nodelist feature.

I was not aware that the beem code specifically needs a pointer to the Steem Instance for several of the classes like Blockchain(), Account() etc... When implementing that (thanks to your sample on GH) everything worked flawless.

Im also using beem to claim ACC's once my treshold is over 40% mana on @wallet.creator.

Thanks a lot for maintaining and updating it.

Does this mean that you will soon support the creation of Hive accounts using credit cards?

Great work 💪

Nice! Just downloaded to the iPhone!

This is awesome. Just installed it. I am loving all of these things we have coming out for Hive.

I was a bit silent past week: Work work work.

Truly fantastic.


In fact, I am trying out the app as we speak (got it on Android).

Also, the website is sleek and looks great with white + red color.

I did notice you said "HiveWallet" and the website uses small h ("hivewallet") on the homepage. (Eh, a bit silly but seeing it from an editor's perspective)

Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 6.10.20 AM.png

ha cool. Im not 100% certain it already rolled out to Android everywhere.... They are a bit slow these days with making new apps available. You will see... it should state "hivewallet" :)


It is available on the latest Android versions. :)

Got it up and running in a minute. Will import the keys soon!

Never got a chance to use the previous app (if any).

For now, shows error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED. Definitely looking forward to this!

I'm sorry I don't know that error... I still think it might be waiting at Google Playstore for an app update... The listing is updated yet I think Google still needs to validate / accept the update.

cool! picked the centralised setting :)

Exciting news I'm heading there!

This looks amazing! You got some mad skills!

Cool. Thank you for making this snappy. I never expected hive apps so soon.. No dull moment on hive. Always making things happen. Getting the app right away. One love

Boom 💥 🤯 that’s really what we need thank you very much

Amazing app with little shiny icon. Just installed on Iphone. Keep it up @roelandp.

Beautiful. I had an earlier version of SteemWallet with keys configured already - I updated and it just worked <3


optionally, check the new feature: settings > unlock session. This is added per Splinterlands' (soon??) request specifically but can be useful for browsing/interacting e.g. Peakd too. Once activated it will only require passphrase unlock every 20 minutes instead of every transaction...

What a great news to start the day with

Nicely done Roel
Just installed it 👍

Woop woop 🙌🙌
Thank [email protected]

I really love how this ecosystem / community is thriving again! Just as if a big bang has happend two weeks ago... ;-).. sorry for the upvote... was just to test something..

Very good work and fast! I have one suggestion that will make a huge difference with onboarding: The ability to buy an account with a purchase from Appstore or Google Play. So it would be as easy as buying with one click, and the user would be able to buy an account like that. I don't know if you have used the EOS Lynx dapp wallet, but this is how it works....the app is free to download, but if you want to create a new account all you do is click "create account" and it charges you through the app itself, so the user never has to do some confusing process. I would donate money to get this done. Please look into this because onboarding is still very confusing and there exists way better ways already. I would highly recommend this way, and our numbers would go up exponentially. Please try to do this.

Here's the lynx wallet, which is by far the most user friendly blockchain wallet. I bought a lot of accounts this way, because it's so easy. If Hive has this easy to make new accounts function, we would see a lot of growth. Here's the link to study how they do it:

but steem?

thank you... Missed one... You proved i'm still human ;P Updated now!

Awesome! Thanks @roelandp.

Great development, I am looking forward to using this mobile wallet soon.

Just download for android through the link posted from googleplay and all I can see is steem wallet after it downloads... Any reason why? Can this be fixed?

Apparently due to Covid-19 Google is slow to roll out updates... But you are good, it should arrive shortly.

Excelente, la voy a bajar para android. saludos

Alright. Thank you

Yeah I downloaded for the first time and it's Steem wallet. I'll try again tomorrow then. Looking forward to it though.

The 1 star ratings are saying no transactions; I 'm ok with that, but wil that be a future option?

I don't know it has a list of transactions... As it samples from "get_history" it will depend on how many other actions you did on your profile (e.g. votes) before any transactions are listed.

Note that the app will update automatically to HiveWallet on Google Play. The update is waiting to rollout with them: Apparently due to Covid-19 Google is slow to roll out updates... But you are good, it should arrive shortly.

That was a quick install.
It replace the steem wallet I add promptly.
Hive on

Did anyone else catch the typo? "Seize" should be replaced with "cease".

Thanks for the cool dapp and updates.

nope. thank you spellchecker truth creative person! :)

Much needed relief

Do you know where i can trade Hive Dollar or Hice Coins?

Bittrex or internal market of

Blocktrades as well

Awesome, I just downloaded for ios. Very smooth. Thank you for this.

Hey many thanks for the endeavors on your side. Needing to buy food and pay rent as the recession and lockdown evaporate my last fiat. What's the best way to sell some Hive token on an exchange somewhere for BTC to move to fiat?

This are really amazing news :D

Awesome thank you.

“seize to exist” 👈 I know this is a typo but it came across as poetry.

Thank you!

Great work @roelandp. Good to you relaunch this project.

Very good

¡This is incredible, thanks so much @roelandp!

..great job!..will check it out, thank you!..

Awesome! This is really needed to "hive" on the go. I'm loving how quickly the HIVE blockchain is being developed. Thanks @roelandp ! Now I can send/receive HIVE right from the comfort of my phone with this app.

Wait no further. Downloading right away

does the steem tokens will be transmitted to hive blockchain?

sieze = cease :)

So just to be clear this is just a wallet app, correct? Is there a mobile app for Hive blog? or Peakd/3Speak?

OMG that makes everything much easier. I'm going to download it!!!!

Amazing news, thank you for making our new home even more cozy :) The speed of the development on Hive is just incredible, hats off to you guys. Sorry for a bit of OT but I just wanted to ask you... would you be interested in supporting potential participants of this Hive onboarding initiative?

Thank you for providing useful tools for the community!
I'm extremely impressed, it is easy to use, to browse and useful.
Love the centralized and navy colors and the transparent image you get in the account section, the direct link to blocktrades and.. translated in italian?!
This is a masterpiece of an app

I usually don’t voice much appreciation for the big boys, Perhaps it’s my hesitance to trust people with power. But with the whole forking of your stake at steem I just wanna day thank you for all the work you put in to everything, sorry about what he did to you. At least his actions made it crystal clear why we left and will lead to a more valuable hive.

You have my support!

this is what is called : improving seriously something (steem) into something awesome (hive) #hive ! great job dude ! will download it and use it and will be waiting for new features to start using ! Thanks

great awesome work , keep it up dear.

amazing, thank you!

I needed lol

Hi! HiveWallet was added to - directory of apps, sites & tools created for Hive. You can also join Hive Projects Community to be on time with all new informations!

Esto es sumamente fantástico, muy agradecido!

Amazing!! But how secure it is though

This is some awesome work thank you very much!! I've been a long time steemit user. I recently came back and decided the road of hive. I hope it catches on and tons more people join. Your very talented. My only suggesting is, maybe creating something to onboard people onto hive the easiest way possible. In my opinion, another app for Android and iPhone. Something that would make it dead easy for them to sign up and back up there keys etc. Also they can use the app to post. I know it would be a lot of work but I truly believe if it was that easy for someone to just download the app, make a name, and start posting how hive has the potential to blow up. Thanks again!!

Hi @roelandp
Is this wallet at QT/cli type of wallet?
Thank you

eh no its a wallet for IOS / Android.

cli_wallet is part of software and can be compiled seperately.

There is also a another desktop wallet based of Electron. See for the full list of options!

Thank you. Is it possible to compile cli_wallet for a second layer token, like Leo, the token for Leofinance community?

very good - but what we all need is a Direct Messaging feature! Partiko had a good system in chatting between people who follow each other. that would be a start.

i agree.

I don’t need my private messages on the blockchain but it would be cool to have a level outside the blockchain that we could use intuitively for chat

Me neither - just want to have an app that links hive ids