Hive Quora Space Progress

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"Hive" Quora Space just crossed 2k followers (30k + views) & we got a custom URL:

Hive Quora space is for helping users from Web2 get familiar with Hive.

Do you want to earn some Hive for contributing to the Hive space?
The Hive Quora initiative is ongoing indefinitely until Web3 eats Quora.
I curate the #hivequora tag on Hive, no need to post your links in the comments.

Right now is the time to push hard, charge!

If there is a bull coming around the corner, those that are prepared will rise with the tide, those that are not will sink and miss out.

It is time to go all-in on marketing Hive on every platform you can (POSH) blow the horns, beat the drums, now is the time, straws ready!!!

I'm also looking for moderators and active contributors (post directly to space) - if you're interested to let me know your Quora username below and I'll assign you your desired role.


Thank you dan for this great initiative it is the best way to get new users on hive.

Hey Dan..I have previously wrote on quora when it was steem space...I will start writing about hive now then.. should I share that here with #hivequora tag?

Yes and if you want you can go edit older answers and replace hive with Steem. :)

It would be interesting to have a quoara space about Hive in Spanish

Agreed. Quora spaces are permission only, I was a top writer in 2018 so they gave me one. However, you can always answer hive questions that are in Spanish.

This is a beautiful initiative and I am so interested. My username is Ore Debby on Quora. Its time to take charge.

Dear @theycallmedan,

Very nice initiative and we should have a lot of newcomers thanks to this.

I will definitely check it out and answer questions. I would like to have more time to be a moderator.



Good day, I will be very much interested. My Quota name is Ebingo Kigigha.

I have updated my profile and now will work to add value on hive. Thanks Dan.

great to hear about this i was active on quora some time ago but become less active
but now i am returning back to be active

Respects for you for all that you are doing for hive !!! Shows that one man can also bring a change, having more people join rewarding the newbies would change this place a lot.

That's so cool! I actually found out about this only now, what a shame, lol!
I'm happy to see so many followers and people asking and getting answers to their questions, we are finally making the right steps to a real community we've been searching for so long!

As I am still seeking initiatives and projects to collaborate with I would love to test this one out.

I have been around for 3 years now and have quite good understanding of our code, communities and history. I would be especially interested in direct contributions to the space as I only write Hive articles from time to time and about topics that I’m into and find super relevant and non-redundant.

I connected to Quora via Facebook, therefore you can find me there as Matěj Krejčiřík

Excellent would you like to be a active contributor? If so I’ll add you as one.

Sure thats why i applied:)

Do you want me to share those answers on Twitter? Are there some tags that i should use while doing so?

Congratulations! I'm also following there just now. Thanks and good luck again!

This is amazing and it is sure a good one. My Quora username is Ogunniyi Oladimeji Samuel

Looking forward to testing this and jumping on board some other projects that are being developed on HIVE!

Can’t wait to see the progress made on HIVE in the next 3 to 6 months.


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Hi @theycallmedan.

I would like to be a part of your team, I could contribute in healing content of Literature, poetry, history, art.

You and a few other users here have made it clear to me that I need to invest into and power up more hive. I am hoping to make some solid trades then buy a nice chunk of hive with the profits. Patience is key.