#HiveTestimony - Testimonial Initiative

Hey Hivers!

Every day I am contacted by a lot of users with ideas for Hive. It is nice to see so many people excited about the future of Hive! I would like to thank Hiver @clivemartin for the idea of this initiative!

Today I want to invite everyone to share their testimony about Hive. Your stories can help us motivate and inspire future Hivers!


To participate:

  • Write a full post sharing your Hive Testimony. You can also make a video and upload it to @threespeak.
  • Share your post on Twitter and use the hashtags #hive #hivetestimony #posh and any other hashtag that it is related to your post. Sign up here https://hive.blog/posh/@acidyo/posh-info-and-faq to receive extra POSH tokens!
  • On your Hive post or Video include the tag #hivetestimony.
  • Put your HIVE links into a comment. Twitter is shadowbanning some Hive links and all 3speak links, but if you put in your comment section it won't shadowban your tweet.
  • When making a video, upload a short clip of it to Twitter as a teaser, and put the link in a comment under the Tweet. Videos get a lot more views if uploaded directly to Twitter, and to see the rest they will need to go to your 3speak profile.

You can be as creative as possible, for example, you can share how you found out about Hive, your struggles, your first impressions and how you share your passions and your talents. Most importantly share how you feel right now as a member of the Hive community.

This is not only for positive stories of Hive, please share any bad experiences you’ve had, and please also share a recommendation (constructive criticism) on ways Hive developers could remedy the challenges you may have faced.

The top 10 testimonials will receive 100% upvotes. Videos uploaded to 3Speak will be eligible to receive up to 10 100% votes from the @threespeak account as well!

Shout out to @stateofthedapps for helping curate this event!

COMMUNITY LEADERS please translate this initiative into your language for your community and we will get with you for your help in curation.

Have ideas for future initiatives? Reach out to @eddiespino (eddiespino#1698 on Discord) to let him know your ideas and he will relay them to me.

Be sure to follow @hiveangelists for future initiatives.

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Love the idea of @clivemartin

Let’s Go


Nice! Already working on my post!

Pinged you on Discord..have some ideas to share

Amazing initiative. Lemme get to writing. Hive has been so good to me.

Impresionante iniciativa, estaré ya trabajando en la publicación.

A fabulous initiative that will undoubtedly contribute to the rise and growth of our hive. Thanks to @theycallmedan for promoting the development of HIVE with these spaces. Waiting for the initiative in Spanish that for sure will go out to several communities, to upload my participation. My best wishes...

Excellent, a new initiative that will strengthen community interaction.

Thank you Dan for motivating us to create

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It was great my friend Thank you for motivating us to create in hive

I love the idea, I'm joining this great initiative

Thanks Dan is really an interesting one....

This is exciting ...
I try to record my story on hive ... hope it can inspire many people ...

Great idea...

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Hola me encanto esta iniciativa

Excellent initiative friend @theycallmedan I'm already working on my post, greetings

Above all, you seek praise.
Not actual attraction of money players.

The bottom dwellers are the only ones that this excites.. and praise (brown-nosing) is the only currency they bring.

I didnt realise HIVE links were being shadowbannwd on Twitter?

Something very new to.me as well..I generally used to tweet with the hive links.

This is really a great idea and it will surely strengthen Hive community.

I love it... I can imagine all those great stories...

Loving HIVE ❤

Shared on Twitter

Looking g forward to read some of the amazing stories from around the world...stories of fun, friendship, success sorrow and wealth...

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you're always hustling! I might participate in this one!

Thank you for the information, nice to meet you i am newcomer to hive.

Wonderfull idea!!! I already posted my video... ;-)

My Testimony ..a fairytale story that supported me and help me withstand in difficult times.


Just seen this and awesome. let's get rocking :)

Yeah man!💪🙌👏

Nice Initiative. I will share mine.

Yes! It is the good way to know about hive users views.

Excellent initiative I will participate today :)

Link to post on Peakd: https://peakd.com/hive-148441/@belemo/my-hive-testimony

Here is a link to my Tweet:

All initiatives should be easy to comprehend and less lenthy

All initiatives should be easy to comprehend and less lenthy

Amazing, this is my participation

Post Link -> https://hive.blog/hive-148441/@ikasumanera/jxhiuitm


Hello @theycallmedan, excellent initiative I leave my participation here hoping it will be useful to contribute to the community. I also take the opportunity to thank you for your support in my last posts



What can I say... Another excellent idea!
You & @clivemartin are really good team, great job buddies!🙌😉💪

My Hive Testimony




Great idea! Congrats!
Thank you

So shadowbanned also means that when somebody likes our hive links in twitter we won't get notified by it ?

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