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Hey everyone, after some trials and errors and a thank you to the community for helping with finding them I believe the bot is now fully functional so I wanted to make another post with some info on registration, how the bot works and some FAQ - some questions that have been asked by others and some "future" questions that probably will be asked.


... works in two different ways now.

The easier way (in my opinion) you need to make sure the format is correct, tweet this and only this:


example for me it would look like: register-hive-account-acidyo

then you take the tweet link and post it under any @poshtoken post in the comments with the command:

register linktotweet


register https://twitter.com/GPujs/status/1283045955625979905

the bot should reply with a comment letting you know you're successfully registered!

The other way

A user either sends any amount hive/hdb to @poshtoken and will receive an encrypted memo with the message "Please create tweet with this content: "#poshbotregistration 811592"

bear in mind you need your memo key to read encrypted messages and the number will be different for each unique user, after you got the number you just have to tweet:

#poshbotregistration 811592

the bot will search for the hashtag and your unique number to register you.

If you want to make sure you're registered, you can check if your username shows up on this website here that was set up by @fbslo!


The bot will be distributing 1000 tokens out daily to registered participants.

What you need to know is that your tweet only needs to have the hashtag #hive for the bot to scan and register it. But of course you should also add other relevant tags about your hive post on twitter so you get a bigger reach cause likes and retweets will matter for your token earnings.

The other factors regarding how much of the daily pool you earn will depend on retweets, likes and how many comments you receive on Hive from users who've engaged with the engage token at least once in their last 500 hive-engine transactions. This means either received engage, given out engage or purchased/sold engage and if you want to check if you classify for that you can go to https://accounts.hive-engine.com/accountHistory?account=username and ctrl-f search for the engage token. With this we also want to increase engagement and add some more value to the engage token through posh.


What's the main point of posh token?

Posh token will be worthless in it's distribution phase but the main point is to increase more sharing of our front-ends onto Twitter. Right now it counts hive.blog, peakd.com and 3speak.online as valid front-ends on Twitter links for token distribution and we will add more in the near future along with other platforms than Twitter.

Will the posh token ever have any value and usecase?

At some point, yes. We don't want to rush it and want a healthy distribution without much gaming and abuse in the beginning, but at some point we will either create a hive-engine token or an SMT for the market at the very least. Other usecases are being considered and thought of but the least we will do is spend hive on buying up tokens and burning them from the market on a regular basis.

Is there a premine?

No, posh token recently started its distribution and no one has an unfair amount of tokens before that and that will not change. Only those participating in sharing links and earning tokens will have them but since they currently are only points in a database it means we will make sure people are not gaming them and if we find such instances we will blacklist and null their balance before the airdrop of a real token were to happen. At the same time this also means that it's a community token, thus the development work is being funded through votes as it is something that will benefit us all by sharing more links and getting more traffic and new users signing up for accounts over time.

What is the best part about posh token?

I just added this question myself as I think it's something that really sets aside the need for a token considering the way posh was working before hand and needs to be made clear. Before the token authors would usually just share their own work onto twitter in the hopes of more curation from our accounts from proof of sharing, with the posh token, though, anyone can share anyone's post and earn tokens for it. Incentivizing other Twitter accounts that don't necessarily post or are content creators to still share Hive links to their followings and depending on how well those shares perform they can earn a lot of tokens which at some point will have real value.

That's it for today, would appreciate your thoughts on it and what you think about it so far or if you have any improvement ideas - as said this is something for the whole community and we're not trying to be a central authority controlling everything - we just want what's best for Hive and the ecosystem.

Make sure to register in case you haven't yet, as you can see from the latest @poshtoken distribution posts, there are a lot of unregistered accounts that could be earning tokens but have not yet registered. Thanks for reading!


Twitter. Right now it counts hive.blog, peakd.com and 3speak.online as valid front-ends on Twitter links for token distribution and we will add more in the near future along with other platforms than Twitter.

I believe http://ww.leofinance.io was added too by your dev guy

Great to know!

Awesome, thanks! This is great, I was trying to register my account in the super long registration post and my browser and Ecency kept crashing lol appreciate the update and the bot!

The premise behind it is really nice as well. It allows us to get credit for doing the POSH tweets and links to posts on other social media without letting people buy the tokens to mass them then dump them when the price goes up.

I like how we can share other peoples posts on Twitter! I will definitely be doing that with some of the gems I find.

Hi @acidyo, I hope you are well.
I was told long ago, especially since the HIVE HF, that I should post my publications to Twitter (and other places) copy that link, then come back to my original post that I had just shared to twitter with the #POSH tag.
I have done that with most, but not all of my posts since last march.
To my knowledge I never registered anything with you, and yet today I got
So I must admit I am quite at a loss to understand.
So the purpose of the bot is to REPOST the very same thing I JUST Posted to twitter with a link TO my twitter post (which I had JUST posted myself) in a comment on the original post? 😕
Can you say "wheels within wheels Bendereth" (old sci fi reference)
I look forward to your reply

Hey, if you look at my recent reblog you'll see the announcement of poshbot, this one is created separately from other things posh and will automatically comment on authors posts when it finds the post shared onto Twitter.

main point is to increase more sharing of our front-ends onto Twitter

Love this.

I think you guys will be adding LeoFinance and CTPtalk and DApplr and other dApps soon

Way more clearer now... =) thanks. Certainly this is causing some non-HIVE people to question what the hell is happening on twitter. Which is great!

@wesphilbin You can find the answers to your #posh questions here! Thanks for this @acidyo

As I mentioned... trying to make sure I have the details correct to share with everyone at @theterminal

I think a few people have found this confusing. I had to read the older posts quite concisely to understand how to register, and I know I have now.

So to be clear, all I need to do is use the #hive tag along with all the other tags I use for my Tweets.. and that's it?

Yea after registration that's all there is to it.

If you want you can also use comment with a link to your tweet under your hive post with "#posh" included, but that's just for an extra chance at curation.

Thanks, that's clear enough!

Excellent information I am already registered and actively participating.

Thank you @acidyo for this explanation. I've shared your post in @theterminal for new users to be able to register !tip

Help Hive grow and aid onboarding by sharing what you do here to Twitter.

LOL this is comedy man..
Poor bastards they need to take classes in coding to participate.
The other thing is you're actually working against your own initiative.
First by making it complex to the newb or to the person(s) completely new to blockchain/crypto. Also even those that participate aren't even receiving REWARDS NOW! that they can see and say, "OK at least my efforts are getting me something."

I don't criticise for the hell of it.
I do it because I see failure in such a "jump through hoops of fire" way to onboard. No one out there if even interested to migrate would want to take up the task of having to understand how it all works regarding keys and crap.

The best way I think would have people migrate is if there was an essentially "mock Hive" where people just joined as a temp/burn account. Added whatever they add.. then those posts would be forwarded to people who curate etc..
Then the rewards given would be a type of "waiting for you.." thing that then made a person think "wait, do I seriously get x dollars for that? OK I think I want to know how this all works now." ... THEN that person might be committed to the new system.

BUT.. that would only be a positive if you were attracting already reputable and established names that then carried some of their following over. OR else, if it's just poor bastards joining.. that's a flood no one really wants.

Of course that mock Hive isn't a simple bot operation, it's essentially a new front-end which somehow needs to implemented into the actual blockchain.. but really THAT is why many don't come here... they only truly join if they have serious interest in BC. Because the old lure of massive rewards, have faded into the history books. There's no $400+ "introduce yourself" posts anymore. So for the mere dollars that a person might make.. blogging on here is just no longer enticing.

The other thing is..
IF you need to run all these window shops to try get people into the store..
IT might be that the story just isn't selling what people want to be buying.

I am still on Facebook, do #posh their sometimes, but by the time #posh officially gets support on Facebook, I may have already closed my account.

It is kind of a strange paradox that my time on Hive takes away from time on other social media, which in turn causes me to want to shut it down. Since I've joined Hive, I've been considering shutting down my Facebook instead of adding Twitter to the collage.

I realize Hive needs exposure, and sharing links via mainstream social media channels will achieve that goal. @Sreypov and I have already been locked out of Facebook for 72 hours for sharing Hive posts there, but of course that's not the official reason facebook gave us.

I know everbody's on Twitter, but the thought of signing up for another social media platform is overwhelming, especially after all this news about the massive Twitter hack, my faith just isn't in the platform, nor Facebook either, but I started my Facebook account when I was much younger, and it's the main way my family communicates with me.

My Mom and Dad have discussed interest in starting Hive accounts, and if they do that I'll shut down Facebook ASAP, no need for it. That would only leave #posh for human-to-human contact.

I talk about the Hive and my posts to several people a day that aren't on Hive, but no way to #posh that.

Keep up the good work @acidyo, everything you do brings more value to the chain.

My account is registered but I guess nothing happened till now :)

I like this approach! Super fair for everyone!

I don't seem to see our name in that list, altough I have sent the registration request a while ago, maybe a week ago?

Could you retry? :) bot seems to actively be replying to new registrations right now.

Right, thank you!
I have just placed my registration request from twitter in the current #poshmark (2 days old) post.
example: register

🎁 Hi @acidyo! You have received 0.1 HIVE tip from @wesphilbin!

Check out @wesphilbin blog here and follow if you like the content :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

Hi @acidyo I do not think the token value matters so much at this point in time.
As user base increase and gain these tokens a natural price discovery would happen
I tried and find it amazing how smoothly and quickly the registration process happened.


Wow @acidyo it worked like a charm!

Good good good Vibes...

Awesome. Will give it a try...

hey @acidyo I just did a translation of your post for the community in Spanish, it's great your project




please post this on a @poshtoken post

@behiver you can find your #posh answers here. do check out the comments too :)


Hi my twitter.

Hi My Twitter

i tried some weeks before and it presented a bug that sended me like 30 transactions of 0.001 back, now, idont know if it is working, could you help me?

register under a @poshtoken post

if it's not working atm our dev will fix it some time soon

please do this under the @poshtoken posts

@acidyo Hi, Where can I see if I have received tokens?

Please comment this under a @poshtoken post, but I'm not sure if it's up and working at the moment. It'll be worked on very soon I hear.

oh ok, thank you :)

Do it under the @poshtoken posts. :D

Ya, I figured it out. I hadn't realized this post was a reblog. Thanks is bombing out. :-(
Wanted to check I'd registered?