If you use the same photography again by submitting it to curated photography tags, please mention at the top of the new post that this photography was already submitted for curation before and provide the link to previous post. Also, please write brand new thought about photo being used.

Recently my friend did that, but the post was marked by a spaminator, I think it's unfair, because in using the image for a photography contest, because on instragram or other social media, it is possible to use the same picture, as long as it's our own.

You have been explained many times in Discord that Hivewatchers do not do proxy appeals. I really do not understand why your "friend" is not coming to Discord. Discord app works fine both on desktops, as well as smartphones.
Unless you are pretending that it is a "friend" and it is actually your alter account.

he has no discord, he is indeed my friend, why should he pretend. he is a photographer journalist. so he asked me to help him. here I also attached a picture of me with my friend.

if you don't believe, you can see his work in the media on behalf of Rahmad.+

If he has time to very actively post on Hive then he has time to come to Discord and talk.

I want to ask again. Are hivers required to have a discrod account too? why can't you submit an appeal directly on the account comment? is discord part of hive blockchain?

Almost entire Hive community is using Discord to communicate. Anyhow, I have laready explained that we do not do proxy appeals at least 3 times. It does not matter if it will be done through the comments here or Discord.