Kissinger: Post-COVID New World Order ‘Could Set The World On Fire’

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Yes, the choice is really black or white now: one walks with the Light or not... moral relativism has been a joke for all this time, we see it now! And you hear it from one of the men pulling the strings in the shadows and obviously on the dark side: Henry Kissinger.

We really recommend the video, which is, in fact, the reading of his own article whose link is at the bottom page . Some phrases are pretty chilling. While he tries to say a few things more uplifting here and there, he also warns of utter doom, and this means that the 1% is truly prepared for a calamity. He says that the upheaval the covid19 is going to release could last for generations!

We shouldn't exclude the impact of another (new) virus because he says that we must develop global resilience to infectious diseases, and develop new technologies or infection control (aka mass vaccination). His article is in full support of Bill Gates' recommendation, that it is most likely the only way to save our civilization from itself. Just keep in mind the flu vaccine only works 13% of the time because there has never been any truly efficient coronavirus vaccine.

But things are not always functioning in concerto and even could backlash from within. The authoritarians are fighting among themselves it seems... and already playing the blame game...

U.N. Chief Warns Authoritarians Are Weaponizing Pandemic to Subvert Human Rights | APR 23, 2020 (democracynow)

Another conspiracy fact. We believe this to be true but there is nothing good to really expect. If there are inner fights for which faction is going to take over the planet, that does not mean that it will benefit Earthians. We always should keep in mind that if there ever was a real faction working for humankind, the latter would already have made itself known by now.

We feel like people will start organizing and creating their own local currencies in some area and anti-vaxxers will move to more welcoming states. Not all 50 states will agree with forced vaccination. Unless you are certain to stay at your current location regardless of what may happen, just get ready to move "overnight" to a state that has a strong anti-vaccine stance!

At least 20 states have proposed anti-vaccination bills (2019, CNN)

Although this was before covid19, we assume that at least 2 or 3 states will not comply because the deception has already begun to unravel, and this data is hidden in plain sight for antivaxx lawmakers to make up their minds. Consider this below, though there is much more available online:

A Whopping 94% of All NYC COVID-19 Patients Have Underlying Health Problems, stated the Journal of the American Medical Association a week ago. ---- Hospitals are too cashing in big when reporting coronavirus deaths, uncovered USATODAY: $5,000 for regular pneumonia but if it's COVID-19 pneumonia, then it's $13,000 and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator it goes up to $39,000." ---- Watch also the video at the bottom page about the press conference in California

We ought to be prepared for the worse. This is serious while so surreal. Nature and human rights are being destroyed by the illusion of value, and that's the ultimate bottom line. Money is a fiction and it is time to recognize that and act upon it: love and cooperation are the only remedies.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order

by Henry A. Kissinger Video Reading (See link at bottom page)

Dr. Erickson, DO Accelerated Urgent Care, Bakersfield, CA Full press conference: COVID19 fatality rate is 0.06%



The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order (April 3 2020)


We always should keep in mind that if there ever was a real faction working for humankind, the latter would already have made itself known by now.

The anarchists have been fighting this fight for over 150 years.

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

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I know how to solve this! Just get rid of money!


you still have a long way to go before understanding that EMPATHY is the only REAL currency in the entire UNIVERSE.... so now sit down and watch chaos unfolds because people were too busy chasing money and indulging in materialism... exactly why you were able to make a living for all these years... profit over nature and human lives is OVER!

You can have both empathy and money. There is no reason for not having both. As a matter of fact, if you have both money and empathy, you can do much much more for your fellow human beings.

My business model is fair. I offer value for value. This is the most basic human moral.

You pretend that reality isn't how it is. Spouting bullshit while collecting as much "evil" money that you possibly can.


value is a perception-illusion that you take in your grave, get over it...the only real value is that of the earth which feeds us... the planet will never tolerate any profits... atheism is on its death bed

email Kissinger and co instead

The earth is a spinning ball of molten nickle and iron. It is not a value. It is not your mommy. Humans obviously put a great value on it as it is our precarious little perch in the universe, but it is our subjective perception.

So, you have no argument against the fact that one can have empathy and money. There is no reason why you can't have both. Look at the CEO of Twitter, he donated 1 billion dollars towards the fight against the corona virus. That is 28% of his total wealth. His generous act will do so much more than your bitter complaining about money.

You see how having a lot of money can do a lot of good for people?

you'd better find a monetary theory that can prevent collusion because if you don't see why collusion is taking the world down as we speak, you and blind

and should you see it, then start penning this theory and quit stalking this blog because that is what world needs, NO COLLUSION/monopolies, to free itself from hierarchy-slavery. Unfortunately, history tells us that this problem has existed since the dawn of time... so repeating the same mistakes is INSANITY... and that insanity is now going to cost the CRASH OF THE MILLENIUM!!

so keep dreaming that money is what makes the world go round. You are blind! And the coronavirus is used to pop all world bubbles at once... we do not need lockdown, this blog has explained this pretty well nor mass vaccination endorsed by the same COLLUSION that led us to this impasse

Money is what allows smooth and frictionless trading. The world is built by free men voluntarily trading. You think the world is in bad shape because of the Covid-19 lockdown? Multiply that by 10,000 and you will see what getting rid of money will do.

So why do you keep collecting evil money on every stupid post you make? Could it be because you find money useful? Are you dancing with the devil?