Let's talk About The Digital (Child) Labor Makert

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If you want to skip the intro just start watching at @15min

Alison McDowell: The question though is what resistance - one that would commodify children as digital workers? We have to be responsible all ALL children. If you see that it is a spiritual warfare, your duty is to step in!

The "industrial revolution" initiated this unstoppable drive that began to treat humans as commodities and launched the 'digital takeover" of humankind which tells us that we can feel better about "selling" ourselves.

If it is the only option that is left (Metaverse or die) sorry then it sounds extremely fishy.

Reality is catching up with society at full speed, the 5000-year issue we never addressed was taken up to the next level: the digital commodification of life. This should raise our eyebrows because the Metaverse is a digital platform that will only be accessible with a digital wallet. The gaming industry which has poured tons of money into VR technologies now shows its true colors as its main target is young children and adolescents to turn them into VR addicts.

Although there is nothing new under the sun, the ultimate goal is to help the military foresee new strategies of mass mind control. To put it bluntly, these video games are customized (ie weaponized) and teach young folks to think like machines and sell their souls to video games that are based on dystopian world best-sellers such as this one...

FOR THE WIN: It's the twenty-first century, and all over the world, MMORPGs are big business. Hidden away in China and elsewhere, young players are pressed into working as "gold-farmers," amassing game-wealth that's sold to Western players at a profitable markup. (AMAZON)

Then now the falsely innocent message of the World Economic Forum

According to Alison McDowell, the E-sports industry also incentivizes kids with social credits to get their consent to become digital laborers in South America under the guise to help those living in poverty. If nothing is done about it the next generation will be completely lost.

In the video, Alison shares our conclusions and also contends that Metaverse is in the process to hijack reality by making it possible to generate programmable hallucinations with all kinds of sensors.

MIT: Programmable Synthetic Hallucinations describe the utilization of the bio-physiological mechanics of hallucination generated in the human brain to display virtual information directly in the visual field...

The MIT article was released in 2019. The real concern here is why Blockchain is being used to power the aims of the video game industry and engineer a militarized world in the Metaverse instead of fostering massive decentralization and freeing us from techno-oligarchs.

Is there a good Blockchain Faction out there ready to counter this? Okay, we are just digressing here. That isn't going to work as cyber security would also increase accordingly.

To be clear, Blockchain is not a direct culprit but we've to wrap our minds around the fact that the "puppet masters" are decades ahead and will use whatever contemporary tech at their disposal because they are following a "well-thought planning" that escapes most people at this stage. The internet, when discovered, also was showing encouraging promises but then became a social experiment into mind control. It is not surprising to see Blockchain following the same path.

Wait for the Quantum Computer and servitude will become multidimensional! Alison seriously disagrees with Derrick Brooze and Catherin Austin Fitts who seem to have mixed feelings about virtual learning.

Any technology is extremely dangerous when people aren't taught the benefits of sovereignty and the duty to learn as much as possible about the ecosystem and how to live in harmony with it. This is the world we're wired into. The reason why we have to pull the plug on General Artificial Intelligence, until a majority of Earthians become aware of these concepts. As a matter of fact, we'd develop the gifts of telepathy and remote viewing using the sole power of our brains for example. But that'd be a threat to the Controllers!

It is also assumed that our lifespans could reach 150-200 years of age if getting the right wholesome food diet and newborns were allowed to keep all their stem cells stored in the umbilical cord (severed right after birth to be sold to the stem cell industry). That among other things. The environment would also have to be pristine.

The mechanistic (materialistic) worldview is at the very core of our descent into Dystopia and is what needs to be taken down and fast or it will engulf humanity forever!


Oh man, Alison and Jason are so dishonest, pro-censorship, and pro-centralization that it's absolutely laughable.

I wrote a point-by-point response to one of her early hit pieces on @dbroze, so she pulled a couple pieces from it to misrepresent and started slandering me on multiple platforms.

So, I wrote another, even deeper response to her fraudulent claims, after having a day-long debate with Jason Bosch (who at no point was willing to listen to reason, and just kept hammering the same false claims - sometimes within minutes of me disproving them.)

They delete every comment from people who challenge or question them, they keep repeating things they know for a fact to be lies, and they clearly have little-to-no-knowledge about blockchains or cryptocurrencies.

The really funny/sad thing is that everyone they are attacking are people who have long stood up for the values of sovereignty, decentralization, and peace - which they themselves claim to be promoting as well.

I've said it many times since she appeared on my radar - she's either just on that "hater" tip, getting more views by using bigger names, or she is straight up controlled opposition.

I can't think of any other explanation for the wildly dishonest communication, and the constant jumping between tracks (like explaining mainstream mobile games and their strategies, then simply copy+pasting that onto Splinterlands)

I scanned through your long articles and yes you make good points but my stance is that as long as the Davos Elites are not taken down and society is reorganized from scratch all tech is potentially dangerous

oooooooops I didn't know that @Kennyskitchen - Your input is always welcome!

I like Derrick Broze and Austin Fitts and I noticed that they are kinda clashing with Alison but I felt like Alison was saying important things about AI and thevideo game industry - Above all when writing I try to stay neutral but obviously, I didn't know enough about Alison -- I may have penned that blog too fast and will dig into the matter further

Ya, that's the problem that I have tried to focus on the most - Her fans all trust her completely because she does cover real issues (all of which folks like Broze, Fitts, Corbett, and the others she's attacking have also been covering for a decade+), and so they unquestionably believe that I'm pushing child labor - because Splinterlands is child labor...

The best lies are 99% truth - there's a reason Alex Jones is right so often too.

For me the question always comes down to what is the person actually focusing on:

  1. Solutions, personal responsibility, maximum freedom. Based in love.
  2. Only the problems, dividing people, victim mentality, statism. Based in fear.

To be fair, tons of video games already have had secondary markets where people buy and sell in-game items/resources/credits/gold/etc. This has existed for over 2 decades at this point and won't go away. Blockchain just makes it more visible.

People/prisoners in China and Brazil play World of Warcraft or Runescape for 16 hours a day for example, or are forced to. This happens in many video games and is terrible of course, but it WAS NOT created nor driven by blockchain games. As this has been around for 2 decades already, with blockchain games only really coming out in the last few years.

Where were there people when it was found out Runescape has chinese labor prisoners playing for 16 hours a day? All of this stuff is super well known in the video game space, it sounds like these people don't really have a clue.

yes, I agree that the lack of ethics is extremely concerning, and think that the industry wants us to stay stuck in the virtual world (In 2020, the global gaming industry's revenue is set to hit $165 billion, with 2.7 billion gamers worldwide today)

Thanks for bringing awareness to it!