The Appalling Story Behind Leaded Gasoline We ALL Should Know About

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We just bumped into a video boosting our motivation to advocate for the end of a profit-based system. We regard profits as the symptom of ignorance and an education that does not teach that ignorance kills is no education at all. Despite the fact that the system generates millions of college degrees worldwide every year, we continue to harm ourselves and the environment. Most people older than 45 years of age remember the lead gasoline ban but threats have not gone away.

Leaded gas banned decades ago, particles in air still threat to health (2021, UPI)

It is about time to call the system out and demand transparency as explained in our blog Pondering The Zero-Risk Society. We have to quit thinking that individualism is going to save us from the brink. Individualism goes against the collective consciousness which expects us to help the superorganism called society thrive. And this video is a perfect example illustrating this.

Of course, the scientist did not kill millions of people accidentally as he was financed by the oil industry. On top of that, lead is used to manufacture artillery and in other fields requiring smelting ores to make metal. 1600 years ago, people had 1000 times less lead in their bones though. That's right, we're told that we need weapons to protect ourselves from a wicked foreign attack but also commit suicide at the same time. The gift of a trillion-dollar market that also harms its investors and their descendants by the way. Let's that sink in for a few moments.


Studies have proven that lead is responsible for slow learning and for 2\3 of mental disabilities. Why did scientists work on lead for decades is still incomprehensible to us. Interestingly the crime rate also went up by much, then back down when "leaded gasoline" became prohibited for cars. It is still used for small planes, we just read.

The world today is less intelligent than it was before the marketing of leaded gasoline. Of course, many blew the whistle but since lead was used to maximize profits, it took almost a half-century to partially address the problem. Though nobody went to jail to our knowledge.

Ignorance? Not at all! n 1786, Benjamin Franklin himself was well aware of the hazards caused by lead poisoning. He and his contemporaries already knew that there wasn't any "safe" level of lead. Clearly, education is falling us big time. And electric cars are no better, just research the topic by yourself. The toxic mining of rare earth metals is already costing us dearly. We have to come back to our senses and fast.

We are not going to paraphrase the 20-minute video here, this blog is a summary that should entice you to screen it. The question nonetheless remains: how long will it take for a majority to realize that profits always come at a very high cost?. It is obvious that if we were truly concerned about preserving the homeostasis of the planet first, money would no longer offer any incentives because Nature is in perpetual equilibrium and gives evenly.


This video makes it abundantly clear that industry only cares about industry. It doesn't have to be that way, but at present, it is. Beware all industries, they do not care one whit about the well being of the common man, no matter how loudly they say otherwise. The lead disaster is only one of a great many events that have killed and sickened us, so that industry could profit.