Donald Trump at CPAC: Audience Reaction to the "Warpspeed" Poke

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Great Excitement and Thunderous Applause

Except when talking about the "warpspeed".

YT Censored the CPAC video, check it out here on 3speak (and give @vladtepesblog an upvote for saving it!)

Trump's speech at CPAC got off to a great start, saying "miss me yet", giving props to Rush Limbaugh, the "maybe I'll win a third time" line and informing everyone he's not forming a new party (that's fake news).

The audience was enthusiastic, clapping, standing, clearly happy to see the former president taking a leadership role again. He was the MEGA CELEBRITY at CPAC that everyone wanted to hear from.


The Conversation Takes a Turn

The teleprompter speech eventually turns towards one of the Trump administrations favorite talking points: how quickly the vaccine was developed under his administration.

Operation WARPSPEED.

About 24 minutes 30 seconds into the speech, during a pause in the speech where everyone is expected to clap and cheer, the camera pans to the audience. About 8 people clapping out of maybe 40 people shown here.

That's 80% of this audience sample are refusing to clap.

What is going on here?


Hands folded.

Hands on the knees.



Trump Continues Seemingly Oblivious


The former president continues his speech from the teleprompter, making the case about how many lives have been saved from pushing the vaccine through faster than anyone else.


26 Minutes Into His Speech

Things went decidedly downhill from there. Then he delivered this line:

"Not only did we push the FDA far beyond what the bureaucrats wanted to do, we also put up billions and billions of dollars, 10 Billion to produce the vaccines...."

Wait for it.


Another Audience Reaction

The camera pans to the audience and we get a glimpse of the reaction and it's very telling. I count about 60 people in this "applause" scene after DT concludes describing his vaccine accomplishments...


...maybe a dozen people clapping?

That's 80% of the audience deliberately refusing to clap, when the speech pauses for the expected applause. The audience at CPAC are not impressed with his pushing a rushed and untested experimental gene therapy injection.

The Body Language of the Crowd

I'm no expert, but look at this body language. People are wishing DT would just shut up about the poke already.

And these are the MEGA Trump Supporters at CPAC!

Arms folded. Not gonna clap.

Not gonna clap for this garbage. Nope.

Look at the body language of the guy in the white shirt. Not smiling, hands on his knees.

Hands in lap, no hint of even thinking of clapping.

Hands in the lap.


The lady in red claps a few times because people around her are clapping, then she begins playing with her hands. Even she is sensing the tension in the room.

Trump Gives an Interesting Look

It's at this point, I think Trump is finally getting the message: this is not a good topic for audience approval - at least not in this room.

This room is CPAC, the future of the Republican party and conservatism at large.


After pausing for the obligatory applause (26:18 minute mark), Trump looks deliberately at the audience. I think it's finally beginning to sink in, 80% of the people are NOT on board the whole VAX accomplishment thing.

Final Words on the Subject

After all this, Trump tries getting the crowd excited again. He concludes with this statement (26 minutes 25 seconds):

In fact, the director of national institutes of health Frances Collins (he's Fauchi's boss actually I think he's a Democrat too by the way) recently said that our operation "warpspeed" was absolutely breathtaking and that the Trump administration deserves full credit... which we do.

He pauses for a lukewarm applause then continues with a rousing statement, meant to get the audience on their feet:

And as conservatives and Republicans, never forget that we did it!

SILENCE. A single female voice says "Thank you president Trump!" and another lukewarm applause.

Never let them take the credit, because they don't deserve the credit.

A few people clapping. One female voice again says again "Thank you president Trump!" DJT doesn't seem to hear her.

They just followed, now they're following our plan... but this is something that they really call, they call it an absolute miracle...

Surely, "absolute miracle" should get a response, but hardly anything. At this point, Trump keeps going, avoiding awkward silence.

...Joe Biden is only implementing the plan that we put in place...

Keep reading off the teleprompter.

...and if we had an honest media (which we don't), they would say it loud and clear, by the time I left that magnificent house at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, almost 20 million Americans had already been vaccinated.


1.5 million doses were administered on my final day alone. 1.5 million in a day.

Silence, then some applause, (I think we're supposed to clap here) not much.

Yet Biden just said a few days ago that when he got here (meaning the White House) there's no vaccine! Oh good!

Few chuckles, very little reaction. Tough crowd!

Say it again, Joe.

Few more chuckles, let's finish this thing with a zinger!

Now I don't think he said that frankly in a malicious way, I really don't. I actually believe he said that because he didn't really know what the (h-e- double hockey sticks) was happening.

Finally, the crowd reacts!


Final Audience View: Distress

Even while the audience finally claps and cheers (somewhat), the body language again is very odd. The majority is still not clapping.





Everybody Go Get Your Shot

Continuing the speech, he assured the audience that the shot doesn't hurt, it's good for you so "everybody go get your shot".


Awkward, mostly because DT would not abandon the topic, even while most people in the audience seem uncomfortable with it.

And what's with the "go get your shot" line?

Conservatives are Too Polite

Too polite to say "boo", and certainly too polite to say "boo" to the GREAT DONALD J TRUMP 45. Instead they just patiently waited for a better topic to come up. Instead DT went on and on for about 5 minutes on the subject.

Somebody needed to have the courage during that topic to shout "boo". I know it's easy to say someone should have, I can't say that if I were there I would have, but if it DID happen, the world could see what the majority of conservatives REALLY think about the poke. Booo!

The Aussies Are Showing Us Up

Why can't we be like the Australians who openly BOO'd the vaccine rollout at the Aussie open, just a few days ago. One "boo" started an avalanche in Australia. One person had the courage to say "the emperor has no cloths on", then everyone joined it.

Contrasting Another Topic

Once Trump got past his warpspeed "everybody get your shot" speech, the audience got back on board again.

Another audience pan illustrates the difference. 44 minutes in, DT talks about the wrongness of men playing in women sports. The crowd is clearly on board with that message.


Totally different body language.

Standing, clapping, few to no hands in the lap, no arms crossed. Whistling and shouting... why didn't the audience do this for the "breathtaking" and "absolute miracle" warpspeed that has (allegedly) saved countless lives?

It's because we know. This was Trump's chance to take a cold hard look into the fruit of his "warpspeed" miracle.

And by the way, when a Democrat tells Donald Trump that what he did was a miracle, that was his "Q" to reconsider what he has done, that his adversary is encouraging him. From the adversary's perspective, "warpspeed" is in fact a miracle. He never could have expected the man #45 himself, to aid them in the Agenda. Only God could allow this to happen.

Did The Devil Make a "Warpspeed" Wager with the Don?

Allow me to entertain a possible scenario, the tinfoil hat in me can't help but bring this up. Bear with me on this.

Reading between the lines, perhaps "warpspeed" came about by a WAGER. Perhaps somebody challenged DT with a bet that he couldn't roll out the vaccine before the re-election and he accepted the challenge. But not just any bet, a CALCULATED BET that the Don knew he could win.

I find this statement fascinating (25 minutes 30 seconds):

It was called ->a calculated bet<- or a calculated risk because if we didn't do that you still wouldn't have the vaccines, you wouldn't have them for a long time.

Is is possible that warpspeed came about from a wager? A "calculated bet"? Did someone appeal to Trumps pride, saying he couldn't do it? Did warpspeed come about so he could win his bet? Perhaps he did win that bet, because Donald Trump is a winner, don't you know.


It's an interesting thought experiment to play out in our minds - sometimes the truth is revealed between the lines in the strangest places, even during CPAC speeches from a former president.

We may never know what motivated DT to push the FDA so hard to get experimental gene therapy through the safeguards so "everybody get your shot". Somehow he was sold on the idea that the vax would save millions of lives. Maybe he was sold because DONALD J. TRUMP could save millions of lives, if only the vaccine could be pushed through the FDA.

If that's true, congratulations on the win Donald, too bad you didn't make a "calculated bet" preventing election fraud. Then you could be speaking at CPAC as the CURRENT president, instead of FORMER president.

I guess you win some, lose some.


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sir, i upvote you for your upvote i thank you dear


Trump became what he vowed to destroy.


@ironshield, I would have yelled had I been there, "People are dying, the vaccine has salt, sugar, vinegar, and preservatives, to make you deadly allergic to them." I would have at least booed if I couldn't say more.

I've been writing probably since 2016 that people must try to infiltrate MAGA Rallies to start real chants to get Trump to hear what he needs to hear. The good news is Trump saw a bit of a silent protest at the 2021 CPAC. Now, we should assume Trump is not and will not ever be President ever again.

Yeah, Trump should be the President right now because Trump got at least 80 million votes and some say possibly over 100 million real votes in 2020 while Biden got less than 40 million unique votes from eligible voters that is if you only count a ballot one time per applicant.

And yet at the same time, assuming Trump is not ever doing 5G Chess or assuming he isn't smart enough to trick the globalists and outsmart them enough, we must see that Trump failed too excessively apart from some of the good he did.

I've said it and I've wrote about it for years, I was concerned with 2025 which was when Trump would have ended his second term, assuming military doesn't come in to call for a new election soon. I was concerned that we would not be ready for after Trump. I said it many times we must prepare for what to do after Trump is President.

The good news is states are seeking independence to legally not enforce the Biden executive orders. States are trying to also end mask mandates. People are waking up. So, there is good news.

At the same time, I feel like I may never ever vote for an American President ever again. I voted Trump in 2020. Strangely, as bad as Trump was, Trump was the best we ever had. And I defended Trump a lot because of that.

I like Qanon for encouraging people to study history and yet Q and the Anons might be pacifying too many people too often. In other words, trusting the plan is not going to be enough if you don't choose to join plans of your own as well.

I will continue to do all I can as a citizen journalist. It is good that some people, even at the zombie-CPAC, are at least not pretending to cheer in the face of Trump. It's not enough but it is a step in the right direction. All we can do is encourage people ask questions more and more, to wake up faster, and to simply spread the word regarding what is happening each day now both good and bad.

You need to use a non Youtube version. Its been blocked by the bastards.

Grrr.... Can I embed other video sources?

Well done article Ben, thank you!

Lost some sleep on this one, my friend. I think DT did a lot of good for our country, but the warpspeed, spaceforce and 5g rollout are all abominations, in my opinion.

Yeah, I'm with you there! He did a lot of good overall but things do have to happen to get us closer to the return of the Messiah!

Guess Trump speaking at CPAC violates YouTube's Terms of Service. Go figure.


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