Keeping COVID: "Probable" Cases are Now Counted as "Confirmed Cases"

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What Do You Do When COVID Deaths are Declining?

Over the last few months, we've seen cases of COVID-19 spiking in areas, causing governess are local municipalities to impose more "safety" measures, such as mandatory masks in public, certain events canceled, etc etc.

How do our overseers keep us engaged and complient when it's clear that the threat is over?


Simple. REDEFINE was a confirmed case is and terrify us with the numbers! Just like that, all the data you need for compliance and tyranny!

Texas Collin County Court Meeting

The definition of "probable" COVID cases was leaked in a Collin County Court Meeting. It was revealed that that "probable" cases are counted towards "confirmed cases". How probable cases are accounted is ludicrous.

The video is a bit dry, but very informative.

Commissioners meet on Update to Covid-19 from the Texas Department of State Health Services on case definitions. State of Texas DSHS informs public health departments of their adopted revised definition for Covid-19 probable cases. New definitions allow "probable cases" to be included with "confirmed cases" for total Covid-19 cases. Confirmed cases reflect PCR lab positive test results. The update now allows that if you have symptoms, but have not been confirmed through testing you can now be counted as a case.

New Case Definition

This image isn't clear, but it lays out the NEW case definition of Covid-19.


Adding a "Probable Case" Definition

You are now counted as a "Probable COVID Case" if you:

  • If you test positive for corona antibodies (shows positive after a common cold)
  • Have come in "close contact" with any person who testes positive or is catigorized as a "probable case".

This means that every person who tests positive is considered a "Confirmed Case" and everyone that person comes in "close" contact with is also considered a "Confirmed Case".

They are counting suspicions of infection as confirmed cases.

It's fraud.

Doesn't a Coronavirus Confirmed Case Require Symptoms?


According to the new definition of a "Case", by testing positive, you can be perfectly healthy, living your normal life and will be labeled as a Corona Virus "Case". And everyone you come in close contact with, is also labeled as a Corona Virus "Case". And everyone else that person comes in close contact with is a Corona Virus "Case".

Image Source

This is what "contact tracing" is all about. Find a confirmed case (no symptoms, just testing positive), then tracing all people they are in close contact with and labeling them a "probable case", then tracing all people they are in close contact with and labeling them a "probable case", and so on and on.

Then add up all the "Confirmed Cases". Are we wondering why "Confirmed Cases" are sky rocketing?


Threatening Language

The number of "confirmed cases" as redefined, are now understandably going to the moon. However, no news article ever explains what a "confirmed case" actually is. They leave it up to the public to ASSUME that a "confirmed case" is an ACTUAL CASE! It's not, it's a friend of a friend of a friend tested positive. Not a single sick person among them.

And these confirmed cases are hovering over the public as "we must do more" or else.


Don't Believe Them, They Lie With Numbers

We have been trained since our youth to trust numbers. And when numbers come from a trusted source (MSM), surrounded with authoritative language (words like CONFIRMED, PANDEMIC, CASES, MANDATE, DEATHS, HOSPITALIZATIONS) we are easily tricked into believing the news.

And worse then that, we spread it around in our social network. Have you heard something like this?

"wear a mask, I heard there are almost 200,000 confirmed cases..."

It's MIND CONTROL. They get into our heads and scare us into submission. The mask is a sign that you have surrendered your God-given sovereignty over your body, allowing the lies of the State and Media to dictate to your mind what to do.

And you place a medical device over your mouth and nose because... "it's the right thing to do." Morality has shifted according to the zeitgeist: it is now a sin to go in public with your MOUTH EXPOSED. But is it really? Or have we been tricked?


The mark is coming and the world is accepting it gladly, on their knees, offering worship to the gods in the white labcoats.


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I totally agree.
Governments destroyed the economy and people's lives over something that turned out to be pretty innocuous (only 1-2% of deaths don't have another serious medial condition).

Now they are trying to avoid looking foolish by extending the hysteria with fake numbers.

What's weird is normally they change the subject and distract us with something else, like some alleged environmental crisis or something, but in this case they are doubling down. I think they're setting the stage for something new that's coming up.

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Since Day 1, this thing has been blown way out of proportion. They fudge the numbers to incredible lengths and instill fear in the people’s minds.

But wait... a vaccine is coming!! Ummm... we have a vaccine for the common flu and Yet 40-60 thousand people a year still due from that... and.... nobody blinks an eye because there is a “vaccine” (that doesn’t work).

As the numbers increase is will take the death percentage even further down. I wonder how long they are goin to keep running this circus. If trump gets elected, I feel it will still be around. If he doesn’t, I
This covid thing will magically disappear. 😉😉