BTW, Israel is not a country, nor a nation, it's a state built for an army which is a collection of terrorist groups (Haganah, Irgun, Stern, Levy...), they even call themselves the 'state of Israel', they don't have recognized borders, no ethnicity, and no history in the region, even that they stole the history of the land owners, the real Semite people, and came from Europe and Russia and elsewhere to establish a state which their own Torah prohibits them from doing so. Just be careful with the definitions.

There are people who are the descendants of the kingdom of Israel. In other words, some people are biologically Jewish. Some people are religiously Jewish as they practice the Jewish religion. On top of that, you have individuals who make up the current Israeli government. It would be a question of how many globalists and others infiltrated the government in Israel in the same way they infiltrate governments in the United States of America. It's gradual and ongoing in many countries. Yeah, globalists are terrorists, I agree with you on that.

Interesting, so a European comes to Palestine kills the Semitic people, the real descendants of Sam son of Noah, and claims he's a Semite just because he follows the religion of followers of Moses... How about the vast majority of the followers of Moses who upgraded to Christianity after the Jewish born Jesus when he tried to fix all the flaws that were at his time, and later the vast majority of those who upgraded to Islam when it reached?

Being a Jew is a personal preference for religion or way of faith, has nothing to do with race.

In another scenario for those few immigrants who were shipped to Palestine and somehow had roots there, more than 5000 years ago, imagine a USAian going back to Germany and evicting who's staying on the property now because some of great grandfathers lived on that property before they migrated to the Americas some 100 to 300 years ago, not 5000 years ago, or to Britain, or a Mexican doing the same?!

Like I said, we are talking about several different things simultaneously. I'm aware of everything you said. But it is not simply a question of who is biologically related to Noah because all humans come from Noah. Therefore, not relevant. Not important. The government in Israel should be as good as possible. But like I said before, the ruling entities in that area have problems. I do not endorse globalists. I do endorse Israel. But I when I say Israel, I mean the people there in general. But of course, you got Israelis, Palestinians, etc. A Jewish person, biologically, are people who descend from not Noah but from Abraham or Moses or David or wherever the starting point should be. But the nation of Israel, today, is not the same as it was thousands of years ago. So, the country came back in 1948. But did Israel really come back in 1948 is a highly debated question. Regardless, globalists and other monsters were behind the alleged resurrection of Israel in 1948. That is not good. So, I am against the globalists and those who work with them.

Your example about Germany and evicting people is not relevant. We are talking about many different things simultaneously and people are guilty of conflating different things together. I believe in private property rights. If something is your land, then it is yours. It should be yours. Perhaps, bad people stole some land from some people in Israel, in Palestine, in the Middle East in general. That kind of thing happens all the time and that is not good. Maybe somebody stole land and gave it to me. I might say the land is mine. And I would want to keep it even if it was stolen. I would believe it was mine because it was given to me. In regards to Israel, of course the borders, the size of the country, the Gaza Strip, the territory, has changed over the years. So, who owns what and when and where is a good debate to have. Generally speaking, for too long, the so-called government would claim and allegedly own the lands of their so-called country. So, it really depends on what happened in 1948 when Israel was allegedly made into a nation. You might be conflating things I said. I mentioned race and religion and other things. You respond by saying that religion is not race. of course not. I did not say it was the same. Again, you might be interjecting. I am telling you different things. I try to say many different things at the same time. I am not trying to say one thing but different things. But I do believe in private property rights. Sadly, governments tend to violate private property rights and that is a big problem in the world since the dawn of time.