We should all comment more in IW and DD :)

in #informationwar2 years ago

Join me in commenting on many posts in our community and the tags #informationwar #deepdives

I usually read everything but dont always comment!

It's a bad habit, I know how I feel when no one leaves a comment on a post. Not good! Hehe.

Soooooo. Lets comment more! Motivate people to keep going. Make some new friends :)


I enjoy the conversations, really.
Agreed that as much as it's fun to get big fat score on the voting system, sometimes it feels a little null and void when there's no discussion being sparked. But I get it - people have lives, they don't want to comment on every thing

Yup! I'm currently taking care/monitoring my sick children for the night.

Now I'm sick to haha. So I'm taking a bath and commenting more on hive. Just got the littlest one back to bed. We all have some sort of laryngitis that started yesterday.

No fun!

Oy vey, feel better my dude! I've been slacking on Hive lately, but then again I do have a job I should be doing... ;)

I think I'm on the upward curve now. Should be normal tomorrow

Yeah, I'm guilty of not engaging as much as I'd like to, gonna try to make a concerted effort to comment more in the new year. Need a reminder once in a while. cheers!

comments by communiyy leaders are so important b/c i think that they, alamost as much as finncicl reward, show community members that their work is appreciaeted

obvivously, leaders have a lot of committment just puttting things togrther, so commenting can be seen as additional burden on leaders

we do the best we can, leaders included

and let me exoress my own thanks to you and @truthforce for the suoprt y;all have given me over the years

We are all better <3

Yes, comments are important, they are on the abuse checklist.
People that don't get much interaction often get visited by the mean people.

Why not the super nice people? ;)

Well, to be accurate, they are super nice to the rest of us, just not the abusers so much.
Lots of farmers in the hive, many of them long term users.
Some people say they are mean, but if people put out original content every time, and have actual interactions with others in the community, they will never meet these 'mean people'.

The purple people eaters!

Here is where we hang out.

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Agreed. I do try to post a comment at times, but not nearly enough. Thank you for the reminder. !LUV

@walkinverse, sorry! You need more $LUV to use this command.

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More LUV is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

Ty for the Luv <3

i agree! commenting is half the fun! especially because comments can be upvoted. i always give my commenters a full upvote when the comment on my post. its important!

Very good!

ill jump back in as mych as i can

at this point, i just dk

Hey!! Glad to see you are still around. Feeling any better? Things going well?

went to er lasrtweek dida round of chemo. waqnting to go under the knife so bad but the leaddoctor thinks my being sick forlolnger meansi live a better live. recovering foran expected 2-3eweeks

sorry for extended complanikt

i havemy standards for quality of life...

..but then again, do do the ppl reading thecdommenyds lol

No problem man! Take your time and get well!