MyIntro - I'm @goblinknackers the Goblin

I have been meaning to do my ‘introduce yourself’ for a while now.

In the process I have been to SteemCamp 2 in Leicester and met some of the great people on this platform, this and allure of SteemFest Thailand (Yes I’m going) and the daily encouragement from @slobberchops has got me finally round to this.

image by @katharsisdrill

So here I am – it’s my first post so please don’t expect war and peace, (actually – please don’t! apparently it’s quite a boring read) …… I mean to keep it light-hearted and explain some of my interests and maybe I will start to do a regular blog on those topics…

The mental picture I have of @goblinknackers is something I have communicated to @slobberchops as he got on the case of helping me to put the picture down in an image that is going to be used as my avatar.

@katharsisdril has done an excellent job of putting this down with some twists of his own which actually improved on the mental picture I had so there are a few people to attribute this cheeky testosterone laid devil to.


For those that haven’t seen me, they may make a mental association that I’m short/fat/ just around to create havoc and have unproportioned bits to me… this is actually far removed from the truth.

Why then @goblinknackers?… well, the truth is during a moment of inspiration and having to come up with a name other than just ‘Goblin’, … and I was finding this quite difficult, … the term ‘oh knackers’ came to mind, … a few mental hops later Mr Knackers was born and it kind of gained momentum from there.

As I explained in the recent SteemCamp in Leicester, had I known that 12 months in the future I would be in a boardroom type conference with about 15 other Steemians introducing myself I may have put a little more thought into creating a name that may have made initial introductions a little less awkward.

"and my name is Paul Proctor, and I like photography so my STEEM name is @@@PhotoPaul' , .. and you are ?

yeah .. I'm @goblinknackers


A few topics I’m interested in – supplements for health and naturopathy. Like a lot of people, in fact probably like most people in the west especially I have personally known a few people who have been taken by Cancer.

My research and investigations lead me to believe quite simply that if Cancer treatments hadn’t become the multi-billion dollar industry that they have become then we wouldn’t be looking at the current abysmal statistics of cancer mortality. (so much for keeping it light hearted eh :-))

As an overview and due to the propagation of information thousands of people are rejecting conventional treatments which for the most part haven’t developed over the past 80 years, despite the billions being raised annually via charities globally.

only yesterday I came across details of a pharma company who deliberately suppressed the effects of an existing powerful anti-inflammatory drug. Patients who were taking this drug were found to have over 70% less cases of Alzheimer's in later life. The Pharma company in question suppressed the findings.

When the news broke their only excuse was barrage of paper thin technicalities, rather than conceding the true reason which is that the management (not cure) of Alzheimer's generates billions of dollars annually.... God forbid they ever find a cure and stop the gravy train !

this is by no means an exceptional or individual case, historical news is littered by big pharma cases in court for unethical practices and actually fans the flames of mistrust for the industry.

In that same time, we have managed to create weapons that can within a few hours of being deployed can navigate themselves across the world avoiding obstacles and singularly destroy a huge country along with millions of its occupants. source


Something is very wrong – this mistrust of ‘big pharma’ not acting in the correct interest of people has led people to take their health in their own hands while rejecting these medicines.

natural herbs which have been known for hundreds of years to reduce inflammation/attack out of control tumour cells and strengthen the immune system and restore natural balance within the body - all without any side affects to speak of are only now being 'rediscovered'. I hope to do articles on these supplements ….. If you want to keep updated please follow me.


For the past 10 years, I have been trading futures as a scalper, if you don’t know what that is then it means - imagine someone who buys and sells shares – a lot of people do, buy-hold-sell stocks and in the process hopefully, make a profit.

It’s similar to that only the HOLD part can be minutes sometimes and I’m only going for small profits, … and I trade futures, they are ‘geared’ which means that for a small margin (few hundred dollars) you can control usually a few thousand values… few ticks here/ few ticks there, .. it all adds up, … I plan to blog on my trading , the lessons learned, why the concept is simple but why the majority fail… if you like the sound of that then maybe hit that follow button

Finally, my other passion and some would say vice is Scotch / Whisky or even Whiskey and yes some great Bourbons; so what’s the difference?

Scotch is a term exclusively used for whisky produced in Scotland and is also spelt ‘whisky’. ‘Whiskey’ with an ‘e’ is usually used to signify the lovely stuff from Ireland and off course Bourbons are the ones produced in the USA.

You might think this is somewhat opposed to my naturopath ways, but hey you can’t live like a tea totalling monk. Enjoy a little too (if there are any Monks on the STEEM blockchain I totally respect your ways)

I like to have a dram or two to unwind, and I probably partake in it twice a week sometimes maybe even three days. I don’t get drunk any more, I just enjoy it. I have quite a few in my collection. Only a few can be considered collectables, I buy them to drink and over a certain age for single malts the price becomes ridiculous.

I cant justify it to myself to spend crazy amounts on a bottle I will drink, .. and really is a Dalmore King Alexander III, 6 times better than a Talisker 10 … ill never know I guess.
if you've done such comparisons maybe you can let me know ?

Friday evenings after work, after my trading session I will be having a dram or two, and it’s an ideal opportunity to combine and blog my experience of the market that day/week and to review my ‘dram of the day’. Please follow if you are interested and maybe join me for a dram!


You've been sitting on this post for far too long ;) Welcome to the mad community.

We rarely get intro posts that are over 1000 words, in fact I haven't seen one before.

As well as the huge intro post I see you are already 7000SP+ in and an instant Dolphin. There is something to be said your commitment to STEEM.

Effort deserves some attention I think. Resteemed for visibility.

Thanks @slobberchops, .. there is a real possibility I would still be sat on it if u hadn't encouraged to get my Goblinass in gear. Thanks for re STEEMing.

Hi and welcome here! When I started on steemit, my biggest problem was to find interesting people to interact with. So, to help newcomers getting started I created a directory with other interesting and or talented steemians to follow or interact with. Feel free to check it out at I am sure it will help you find like-minded people. Enjoy your stay here and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Great to see a first post from you mate.
Best name on the blockchain. I imagine it’ll stay that way for a long time.

Although we didn’t directly chat much at SteemCamp I feel like I got to understand a bit about who you are and why you’re on STEEM.

I always enjoy reading about yours and @slobberchops urbex adventures :)

Have fun curating and posting.

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hi @ashtv, thanks ! … I was going to power up and post as per steemCamp, … going to SF4, I thought I should get my goblin ass (not more goblin private bits !) in gear. some of the places on the Urbex can be a bit spooky, …… not to go on your own incase you encounter a ………

A post at last! Hope it's the first of many.

There are issues with 'big pharma', but we have benefitted too. Raw capitalism tends to encourage greed and deception, but there are good people involved too.

I'm not into trading, but I do enjoy a good whisky. I'm no expert, but I have friends who will let me taste what they have. One of them acquired some bourbon that was selling for £800 a bottle! I had a taste of that, but wouldn't pay that for it.

Steem on!

hi @steevc, thanks for your encouraging reply, there are a few in the pipeline. I sometimes find it difficult to find the time but when I do the keyboard gets worked overtime :-) …. you hit the nail on the head - the capitalist system that Big Pharma i.e. working for the shareholders ultimately is a double edge sword, … on the one hand it encourages ground breaking research but then will also try to extract the maximum return when marketed, .. not sure what the solution is. iv never tasked a £800 bourbon - seems like you have great friends !

I haven't gotten into scotch much, but I have been really getting into whiskey's and bourbons lately. There are a lot of bourbons coming out of the states right now, but they are kind of like scotch. To truly be a bourbon it has to be made in Kentucky or something like that and have a specific grain to mash ratio. I think. I could be totally wrong. I just picked up some Caribou Crossing and blended Canadian and I am excited to try it out. I really dig Jameson too. My wife @mrsbozz thinks there is definitely a cure for cancer but only the richest people can afford it. I don't disagree with her, but I always use Steve Jobs as an argument just to get her riled up :) Having been diagnosed and treated a year or two ago I know how horrible it can be. There is a good group on here called @naturalmedicine, you should check them out. Glad to see you have finally posted!

hi @bozz, great to have common interests, …. its ironic I also battled with the whole Steve Jobs card too and did some digging , .. I actually read somewhere arguments to counter this but I cant remember what they were, .. ill dig it out - I'm sure @mrsbozz will be interested in that too. I didn't think much to bourbons and most of my collection was Scotch, then I realised I was trying the wrong bourbons !, …. I have a few bottles of Elijah Craig Small Batch, Eagle Rare and also Bulliet 10 year theve certainly changed my opinion .. on the lookout for others and will defo take recommendations.

I love Bulliet. Angels Envy is pretty good and I have heard Blanton's is fantastic. I have been drinking a lot of the Jack Daniels single barrel rye lately too.

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Hi and welcome :D what a delightful intro post !! ha ha & we do like the mindgame of asumtions ;)

We like these intros don’t we @swedishdragon?

Yes !! Thouse once we get allll excited about😉😀🐉🐲💗🌤 redfish should take notes😁

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Welcome to Steem @goblinknackers.

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Welcome to steemit my friend 😁👊

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Thanks @tomsmaid ……. i guess its 'full STEEM ahead ! ' :-)

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GREETZ from Holland

thanks @brittandjosie, ill take the advise and thanks for the offer of support too, … I guess by the green sweater you are referring to the frowning man with the computer lab backdrop, … that's actually an example of what people look like when I tell them my STEEM name, .. I on the other hand have green skin and walk around all day wearing nothing more than yellow budgie smugglers. ! :-)

Shit I thought that was the personal touch
This is how most people look at me when I tell my steem secret

almost as good as war and peace!

Following and resteemed.

lol, .. once the fingers get going on the keyboard there's no stopping them !

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What a pair!

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Hi! Sorry I missed yer first post, had a busy week, but glad to see yr blogging at last!

I look forward to some non light hearted posts.

I've never really been a fan of fluffy.

Health and whisky? Not contradictory. A little booze here and there can be quite healing, and abuse will always be damaging, no matter what you're ingesting. Will follow to see those trading advices as my attempts at this have been a big F.

hi @fenngen, .. iv done a couple of posts after this but non on the subjects i mentioned. i will be posting soon about the trading, finding time is my problem ... but you are right, the learning curve can be difficult and for me it was more about self discipline and i believe its the primary reason for most peoples failures in this business.

Yeah, so many things come into play and your mental state becomes very compromised... Looking forward to your tips

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