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It is difficult to let go of things that have been part of your lifestyle for a long time but choosing things that I believe are the most important for my well-being is the right thing to do and the appropriate choice to make.

I stopped writing articles and making noise for a while 4 months ago because I am having trouble balancing my time with studying and staying active in the online world but now that I am on my vacation all I want to do is to continue what I've started, cope up what I missed, and expand my knowledge throughout my journey.

Writing is indeed fun. I never expected and planned myself to be a writer, a blogger, or a content creator someday. It just so happen that I became one and I'm grateful to have this kind of opportunity in both of my hands. I always ask myself if this is just a coincidence or if my fate guided me to be here but whatever the reasons are, I believe that I should be thankful for where I am right now and the person I become.


Hi! I'm Khairro Alastair, not my real name but rather my screen name. If you know Cecelib the popular author of the Possessive series in Watty that is where my name came from. I'm 19 years of age and an incoming second-year college student this academic year pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at one of the universities in Manila.

I'm the type of person who is fond of mobile photography. Capturing moments is one of the things that I am very fond of because I believe that the meaningful memories we are creating with others or with ourselves should be treasured and be remembered forever.


I am not a professional when it comes to photographs I will just search for a random subject and then click my camera afterward. Usually, I take photos of random things that can pick my interest. It can be flowers that bloom, an animal or my doggies as my model, leaves after a heavy rain, blue skies, sunrise, and even orange sunsets. There are a ton of subjects I can think about! All I know is that I love the natural beauty of nature. It reminds me every time that being natural is beautiful.

I take these photos using my mobile phone and then edit and enhance their features and colors to make them more alive. And here's the result! What do you think about the photos above? Feel free to criticize, I am open to suggestions.


Another thing about me is I love listening to music and I somehow know how to sing but I'm not that good at it. Listening to some songs is kinda therapeutic for me it can lift my mood whenever I feel sad while singing is another way for me to show what I truly feel. I'm into Ballad and Pop music. Ben & Ben is one of my favorite bands and their song entitled 'Leaves'. One Direction, Boyce Avenue, Hillsong, The Scripts, Coldplay are some of the bands that I love internationally. When it comes to solos I love listening to Justin Vasquez's song covers.

I'm into Do It Yourself projects, this is where I can showcase my creativity and imagination. My hands and mind wonder all the time so I need to put it into action. Most of the time, I am giving my DIY projects to my family members, relatives, friends. and even people that I care about. This is an alternative present that means 'I love you' or 'I care for you'.


One of the things that I've made as a gift is this recyclable gift box. Using recycled materials like used cardboard, colored papers, and ribbons from a cake I was able to make this piece. There are actually three of them but I already gave them to my friends on their birthdays.

In addition, just like most of us here in Hive, I'm also an author in read.cash, and noise.cash platforms for over a year now. I can say that through writing, I was able to meet new people in different parts of our nation and even meet people of different nationalities. I like to write about my personal experiences, I can also make a short story, compose some motivational and inspirational posts, and some random things that I can think of. I am flexible when it comes to writing because I don't have a permanent niche to write about.

Now that I am in the Hive community thank you to @Ayane-chan for inviting me, I believe that this is another way to broaden my horizon and increase my experience about things. I may be a little confused like a man that woke up in the middle of nowhere on this platform but as time goes by I know that I will be able to get used to it.

Hive blockchain and the whole hive community will surely teach me a lot of things and contribute something as part of my growing up.

Special thank you to @eunoia101 for your delegation. I will always remember your generosity. And also to Ms. @indayclara for guiding me in making this introduction post. I appreciate all your help.

The images used in this post are all mine unless stated otherwise.

The images are all edited in Canva

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Hello Khairro!
I love your choice of music artists. I'm a fan of Ben and Ben too 😁
For sure you'll enjoy it here!
Looking forward to your future blogs ✨

Hello po nice to meet you here rin! Singers and bands that I mentioned is truly a remarkable music artists. I am glad na nagustuhan niyo rin sila, thank youu!

Welcome khairro!
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That's a beautiful captured Khairro. Possesive ka din ba? Charrr, lol. Anyways, you are good in singing narinig na namin yan so you might want to join on Hive Open Mic. They have challenges din so check it if you want. Also maraming communities here na magugustuhan mo din at pasok sa mga topic na gusto mo. Make sure to read their About and Description lang para di magkamali. Yon lang ang Happy Hiving!! And wait, baka gusto mo ding eCheck Valuable Tips for Your Hive Journey

Hindi po ako possessive ate pero I'm UNDERstanding naman eme AHAHAH. Thank you for the compliment ate, next time kami naman ang kantahan mo ng marinig namin ang kay ganda mong tinig.

Welcome on Hive brother, Indeed writing is part of our lifestyle. Welcome Aboard 👋🥰

Thank you for welcoming me! And nice meeting you here brother!

Welcome to hive @khairro the pogi 💪 also welcome back to writing. More opportunities awaits for you here, I feel that. 😍

Mas pogi ka pa rin kiya Eunois. Thank you for your generosity and welcoming me here. Let's grow altogether!

Ang cool ng netflix inspired edits! 🥰🥰✨ Gandaaaa! Anyway, welcome to hiveee khairro ✨

Yieee thank you poo, I appreciate it! It's nice meeting you here!

Welcome @khairro!
Glad to meet someone like you here in Hive!
I'll be looking forward to your mobile photography shots in the future!
See you around!

Hello po ate @wittyzell ! Ang magandang ate ng lahat. Thank you for welcoming me! Will do my best shot on the following uploads. Thank youu!

OMG nahiya ako bigla sa magandang ate HAHAHA
At dahil dyan, may tip ka sakin! !HBIT

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Oh nice! Welcome to Hive bro! You are an impressive writer with a great potential. I know, you'll improve and develop your writing skills here.

Also, you have such a good intro post. I never thought of using Netflix as the background. ComSci mind, indeed. High five! There's a programming community here bro, you might like to check it out.

Again, welcome and enjoy!

That's a lot of compliment denn thank you!! I'm sure that we will grow here all together in the future. I am honored by your kind words. I will surely visit the community that you have mentioned. Thank you for welcoming me!

You're welcome. You deserved it though. I delegated some HP, I hope it helps you moving around here. You can ask me, or anyone in the discord if you have inquiries.

Welcome. Ang ganda ng edit, agaw-atensyon siya. Ganda ng music taste (esp. Coldplay and the script,yan lang pinapakinggan ko dyan) tsaka yung diy craft mo.
Omg cecelib haha (D ako nagbasa ng Possessive dati, temptation island lang haha).

Welcome to Hive @khairro! 😃 Hope you find it to be an enjoyable journey into the communities here, have you ever tried short form blogging too? 😉 Warm greetings from @dbuzz, cheers! 🍾
D.Buzz is a great place for you to freely express what you want with our microblogging platform. Feel free to make an introduction post and let the community know who you are. 🐝

@khairro! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ilovewintergem. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

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I rarely follow folks but I think you are one of the guys I need to be watchful for. You are indeed an amazing artist on your craft already and for sure Hive will even push you to do more.

I am excited to your journey here man!

Kinilig naman ako doon kuya tp. Thank you very much for your warm welcome!

Welcome on board @khairro. It is good to meet another Read and Noise cash family here. I love your music choices as I listen to them also. I also love your hand-crafted work.

Welcome again, and have fun finding new bees🙃🙃.

It's nice to know that you also like the music artists that I love! They are so good! Thank you for welcoming me, it's nice to meet you here.

Delighted to make yours.

Hello, welcome po sa hive community.

Thank you po sa pag welcome! Nice meeting you here sa hive!

Welcome, Khairro! I love taking pictures too. I started my photog journey last year. I am more into macro shots. Yeah, hard to balance things and make them work all at once.

Enjoy your stay here. Delegated some for you to explore more here!

Hi Jijisaur! It's nice to know that you're into photography also. I'd love to see your macro shots in your next posts. I can say that you are really an artist. From making your digital arts that truly amazed me whenever I see it and now from photography. Thank you for welcoming me and giving me some delegation, I appreciate it a lot!

Thank you so much! Use it to interact more. By the way, I am jiji_ah on discord. 😊

Hello, @khairro! This is @anggreklestari from the @OCD team. We saw that you already posted your first post here in Hive Blockchain! Congratulations and welcome!

Well, you can explore the communities that are suitable for your content. You can read about the communities in this post: [https://peakd.com/communities]

For tips and information as a Hive newbie, click here: newbie guide.

The important thing is Hive is a bit different from other social media platforms since you are monetizing your blog. You can't include content that you don't own without sources. For more information, check this post: Why and How People Abuse and Plagiarise.

If you have questions or concerns, you can hop into OCD's Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions.

Have a great day!

Hello, @khairro. Welcome to Hive, Lil bro!

I like your mobile photography and your write-ups. Even in readcash, you're one of the writers that I often look forward to every day for each of the posts you published. Just feel free to ask us anytime if you have some questions. I'm looking forward on how you will flourish here after the 4 months of rainy and gloomy days that life gave you (malapit na sa La Niña yarn). 🤗

Hello ate Ayane! Kelegs naman me sa compliments. Thank you so much for inviting me here and for your willingness to help me. I appreciate it a lotsss

Welcome to Hive. Same username mo sa read?

Hiii! Thanks for your welcome. Yeah my username in read and noise is just the same as what I'm using here in Hive.

Hello @khairro! Well done. Like that you listened and applied the advice I shared to you! Keep it up!

Hello ate @indayclara! Can't thank you enough for helping and guiding me enough to make this introduction of mine successful. Nakatulong po talaga siya as akin ng mabuti. I will keep in mind what you said to me po.

WELCOME ❤️ For some reason one day we'll back on our track rin. Kasi ako I lose track sa lahat when i started working,but let's still keep it up ❤️

Bienvenido @khairro a la comunidad de HIVE, tengo la certeza que compartiras contenido de gran calidad.
Exitos 😃

Welcome po sa Hive
Ako po ay taga Batangas.

Welcome to hive, you will surely enjoy here. Keep posting.

That's quite an impressive intro! I love your photos, especially the second photo as well as your DIY box. You're oozing with so much talent. By the way, I'm also new here so cheers to us. I'm sure we will enjoy this community just like how we enjoyed read.cash and noise.cash.

Hi Khairro! nice seeing your photographs. I also take photos of random things and it makes me kilig pag good yung quality nung pictures!

Love your shot Bro, keep it up!