Introduction: Loyal Husband


“Nothing happens in our life by chance.” - unknown

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” - Invictus

Do you think it will be helpful to predict things in your life with some degree of certainty? Would it be nice to know the places you need to go so you could be where you want to be? How about the things you need to prepare and do beforehand just to arrive in such destination? I am pretty sure that most of us want to become successful financially, in marriage and in building family.

About Loyal Husband

Loyal Husband is a husband (of course), a father, an entrepreneur, a nurse by profession, an insurance agent, a real estate agent, a son and a friend. He’s been to real estate business, food business and rentals. He is very passionate in searching for truths and principles about money and marriage. He got married once and is still married with his beautiful and lovely wife for over 5 years now. He does not believe in luck but he believes in what people do just to achieve the what people called “LUCK.”

Why Money and Marriage?

Loyal Husband grew up without any guidance from his parents to these very important aspects in our lives. Lucky to those people whose parents have imparted them timeless truths and principles. But for him, he needs to experience, pray and search for it. Although he is a nurse and has knowledge and experience in taking care of infants and children, he is sure that child raising is a different thing. Although he gives advises financially to his boss, he and his wife are currently paying their debts slowly. Although they had marriage counseling before getting married, they still had misunderstandings and has still a lot more to learn.

As he looked around, plenty of people are struggling financially, has broken marriages, wrong relationships and rebellious children. Questions then pops into his mind. Why there are only few who are successful in money and marriage although we are in the same level of playing field? Why did human race haven’t perfected them for such a long time? Why are they so rampant these days? Because of these , he cannot contain the passion within but to share his experience, knowledge, wisdom and time. He agrees in a saying that “experience is the best teacher.” But people must not experience them the hard way where escape can be impossible.

Why Choose Hive?

Hive is a growing community and a perfect avenue where you can share valuable informations since it will be in a blockchain. Thanks to @wittyzell for the invitation and guiding him in this platform and community.


Loyal Husband is inviting you to journey with him together with his wife in searching for timeless truths and principles with regards to money and marriage. He wishes you good health, financial abundance, happy family and successful marriage. God bless.

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Thank you.🙏

Welcome to Hive @loyalhusband!

The introduction is so deep!
I really hope you could share to us some of the things you have learned through your experiences and the knowledge you acquired.

Tons of communities here in Hive, I’m pretty sure you’ll find something for you!

Looking forward to your growth here in the platform!
And wow, you chose the best photo for your introduction!

Enjoy Hive and welcome again!

Appreciate the compliments. Will definitely share some of my experience but what’s important are the timeless truths and principles that we can apply in this life. Returning blessings to you in Hive.🙏

Welcome to the HIVE blockchain! If you know @wittyzell, then you are in good company already! Listen to her, because she is smart and will guide you properly! 😊

I will Kitty. I need a mentor in this space.👍

Hey @loyalhusband! This is @indayclara from the @ocd team. Congratulations and welcome to Hive!

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Thanks to this information @lovesniper. I believe they’re very helpful.👍

Welcome to Hive, it's exciting to see you begin :) How long have you been blogging???

This will be my first time actually. Your name is very interesting. We need to wrestle everyday with the seductive allures of destruction. To stop fighting is to die.

Thank you :) Actually the name is the same as my website :) Have you ever seen WWE?

Haven't yet, what about it? What's your website by the way?

Hello @loyalhusband!
I'm looking forward to your future blogs, especially when it comes to marriage and money. Those topics fascinate me, perhaps a lot of people here too.
Have fun! ✨

High five. We can learn from one another here. See you around.👍

Excelente nombre, siempre son bienvenidos en la colmena, en HIVE somos una gran familia, asi que tengo la certeza que tus post, impactaran positivamente en la comunidad.
Exitos en HIVE

I need the help of google on your comment.😅 appreciate the kind words and warm welcome. Thank you

Sana all loyal no? Hehe. Welcome to Hive and looking forward sa blog nyo ni wife mo ☺️

I knew a lot of my friends who are loyal to their wives. Salamat po, hopefully we could share something valuable to you and Hive. Also, we can learn from this community.

Hello loyal husband!
Nice to meet you. May be I am goona marry soon.I may need your tips.

Well come to hive. Wish you all the best for the journey ahead.

Thank you for the wishes. Would love to help you in your quest of getting married. Wishing you a happy marriage the soonest.😎

Very interesting presentation. I assume that for those of us who are single, it can serve as a guide for a future as a couple. Welcome!

Appreciate that you like it. Hopefully, we can bring some guidance to the younger generations.🙏

All thanks to @wittyzell I found you.
Welcome to hive and it's good to have you here.
I'm sure you are going to have an amazing time here and I will be looking forward to reading more from you.

Curious what she’s telling you about me.😅 @wittyzell 🤔

She said you are a loyal husband 😁

😅 very informative.😂

Heyooo, welcome here. I hope mwg enjoy ka po ng bongga dito. And madaming communities dito na pasok sa mga topic na balak mong eshare here so Good Luck!

Salamat po. Hopefully pasok din yung ishare namin sa iyo.😅

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Thank you. Where can I see the badges?😅

@loyalhusband you can see it in the "your board" link of the comment.
This is the link if you can't find it in the comment

You are welcome @loyalhusband! It is great to see you are doing your first steps! Great work!

@loyalhusband is welcome to Hive. I'm sure he will find it a great place to share his experiences and thoughts.

I think success has to first be defined, and even though seemingly it's the same playing field, the topography differs from one spot to another. And finally, the inherent laws in this universe have randomness and "chance", or in other words "luck" -as he mentioned- built into its fabrics. So we can't expect anything to be any different.

Anyways, welcome again and I wish @loyalhusband the best of luck, and to enjoy his journey.

I agree that success needs to be defined but we have already an idea of it at the back of our minds. As long as it’s growing and not going down hill, that for me is success already. For instance, if someone is in debt right now and few months or next year will be debt free, personally that is success. If someone is single this year and become married the next year, that is success for me. Same with every aspect in our lives. Though we may have different challenges, but putting our hopes into that luck is like having no chance at all. I prefer something that I can control and work on it. Hope I understand your comments above clearly.

No one should rely on luck, I was just saying that it does play a major role in life, like you mentioned in your post.

Anyways, I don't want to turn this into a philosophical discussion, even though you sparked it with that intro. And there were couple of things I don't agree with in your reply, but yeah, maybe another time. 😁

Welcome once again!

Welcome loyalhusband!
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Welcome to Hive, @loyalhusband. Finally, you already have an introduction. That's kinda deep, but interesting. I'm not planning to get married or have a relationship yet, so I'll be looking forward to your posts about financial related stuffs and business stuffe in the future.

Hello @ayane-chan , if you are 14 years old and above, I suggest you take marriage as consideration and be prepared for it.😉

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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