Oatmeal English

Learn English While Eating Oatmeal. Learn English while you're living. Learn English while having conversations. Study English while making friends with people. Hello, I'm the Oatmeal English. This account was made by the Oatmeal Joey, AKA Joey Arnold. Click here to add me on Facebook. Click here to find me on other websites as well.

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2019-07-26 - Friday - 08:11 AM - PST LMS - Introduction
@joeyarnoldvn - @oatmealjoey - @oatmealenglish

Main Purpose

The main purpose of this account (Oatmeal English) is to teach English, basically. You can call me Joey or Oatmeal. I began teaching English for the first time as a freelance English teacher in Vietnam in 2012. Click here to read my blog on Vietnam. I was teaching English in Vietnam from 2012-2017. I was born in 1985 in Oregon, USA. I was also a Bible Camp Counselor, 2005-2010. Some people call me oatmeal because you are what you eat and I enjoy eating oatmeal since I was a small kid.


I taught English to children and adults of all levels. Generally, I was helping them practice speaking in English. I plan to post English lessons here: articles, videos, posts, pictures, memes, sentences, links, ideas, questions, answers, suggestions, etc, etc. I'm going to try to turn this place into a resource not just (only) for students but also for teachers, educators, parents, and others. This post serves as a quick introduction to the purpose, goal, mission statement, behind this Oatmeal English account. The difficult of teaching is that students, pupils, can be at different levels.

Google Translate

So, obviously, if you're new to English, Google Translate might be able to translate English into your mother tongue, your mother language, assuming you have one.

Not a Lesson Here

Again, this post serves as a quick rough draft to the purpose of Oatmeal English. This post is not really an English lesson for beginners, starters. Advanced English learners could probably learn from this post. In future posts, I plan to post lessons for students to learn from. The hard part is choosing which level to focus on. So, I may have different posts focusing on different levels, students, classes. There are many different ways to teach and learn English.

Ask Me Questions

Dear students and teachers alike, feel free to ask me questions, anything relating to learning English. I may include your questions in future posts.


I may give out some advice on how to memorize new vocabulary words, etc, etc. In some ways, even native speakers are learning new words. In the United States of America (USA), that is my home country, some people go to college and they continue to study even more English. So, I could even create lessons for university students, scholars. So, check back for more on that. Click here to find Oatmeal English on YouTube. In the future, I plan to make better videos on learning English. I'll continue to share resources, lessons, videos, etc, online. So until next time, Eat Some English Like You Eat Oatmeal lol.



If nothing else, you're thorough. Thanks Oatmeal.

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creative name, "Oatmeal" :)

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