My Name is Snook.

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I am writing this post because @HiveQA made me do it. Just saying. 😸 He made a community and everything just so we Pollinators can read each other's stories of who we are and why we are at Hive, The Blockchain.

Let's start...

I am just me. I don't lie. I like to make people smile and laugh. I am human and make mistakes. Deciding to fly over to Hive and build a new home is a decision I made with great care. I stand behind my decision and will do all in my power to make this new community feel like home again.

Why is having a place to post about anything and everything on my mind important to me? The video below is still the best way to explain what I live through each day. Don't worry. The video is only three minutes long. 😹

I had never blogged, vlogged or zogged before September of 2017. I was pushed into trying to blog by my son.

He meant well and was correct in his thinking that "It would be good for me".

I have a very bad education. The public schools were teaching children at their own pace when I was growing up. I learned how to memorize facts to take a test and promptly forget those facts unless I found them interesting. Most facts I had to learn did not fall into the interesting category.

I wanted to go to school to learn how to be a beautician. My Grandmother had owned her own salon and I felt it would be the perfect place for me to find my life calling. I was not dumb enough or smart enough to get any kind of financial aide for extra schooling. I am going to leave that there.

I was working at my local Libary and loving that but once again there was no way I could pay for the schooling needed to stay at the Library. I went out into the big scary world at the age of eighteen. I worked for the next twenty-three years in the flexographic printing industry. I loved it. I worked on a huge light table and played with an Exacto knife, scissors, and tape all day long.

Four back surgeries later found me working at the same local Library I had at age sixteen. I am proud to say because of me the people that worked there got a new job title and huge pay raises. I was finally living one of my dreams. Life was perfect. Too perfect.

I became ill.

I lost my job.

I lost my friends.

I had no income.

I spent way too much time alone.

Years later, I was talked into joining something called a blockchain.

I never looked back.

I am just me.

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


All photos are mine unless otherwise stated.

Gif made by @Snook


Glad you found us here and thanks to your son for pushing you a bit. Is he on here?

yes, he is @ecoinstant :D

and Thank You!!

!!! I know him! Cool guy!

SWEET! I kind of love him too 😁

I have my introduce yourself community here. I cross-posted this post to it.

Good to see you over here. Following you now too.

Someday, maybe my mother will join.

It makes me so happy to see you here ❤️

Thank YOU!! and I feel the same seeing you here too!!!! You made me smile BIG time!!

Snookie an excellent post! I learned a lot more about you from this post as I suspected you do have an interesting past... 😀

I have to go follow @ecoinstant 🤑


Thank YOU!! This was hard to write but I am very happy I stuck with it and made it through.

Thank You for the post yesterday talking about it!!


Glad to have you here on the Hive. :)
I am enjoying it here so far.

So am I!!

Happy to see you here too!!

Thank you for your supportive and welcoming nature.

You're educated in blockchain and community building, how to touch a soul with your poetry, isn't this far more worth than any title and certificate? As I mentioned in my introduction post to overcome all those obstacles of reaching someone's heart is far harder. I don't think many people learn that in university. What they learn is how to function in a society, in a job, in a career, in a life plan. Sometimes plans are not turning out the way we like them to be and then what? I think you're a very strong personality to learn from!

Thank You.
You are very kind. I am smiling and crying (good tears) from your comment.

Thank You again!

and by the way I always had a hard time reading Master's and PhD theses by students that have never heard of or just didn't care of justifying text. Well they will never make it to write a blogpost in Markdown ;)


I get teased for making all my posts justified. XD

So much easier to read that way though.

Have a wonderful day/evening!! :D

OMG same here, I always enjoyed to justify, it looks so nicely put in place, clean and lean BUT they complained that my writing is too long-winded, nobody can read it and it is so hard to understand and so complex, now the demon gives a fuck and it seem to work :D

you will become my anchor then ;) Enjoy your Sunday as well :)

Thank You!!

I have so far enjoyed my Sunday. I hope you have as well.

If people can learn to read my jibberish they can learn to read anything :D

Just keep being YOU!

I try, not easy when so many influences try to impose something on you or plant something in you :D but the lord of darkness has now sharpened horns for the hunt <3 Have a great start into your week <3 and let's #ThriveOnHive engagement3

Hi Snook, not to be confused with Snooky lol. The Internet is the best education ever.

it is but so is living life out in the world. It teaches you things that can not be learned on the internet. Why talking/listening to elders is a great thing to do.

Thank You for your great comment and I hope someday your Mom does try and blog too. We all start somewhere.

Awesome. Agreed. Yes yes.

Great introduction post Snook! For the record, I didn't know that @ecoinstant is your son. You raised a fine young man. See you at the BroPoker tables later.

Thank You!! I am very proud of him. He is my heart.

Dammit Snook. You've probably pushed me way out of my comfort zone again. I have a couple of friends agitating for my story. I don't find that a very interesting subject but...

comfort zones are highly overrated LOLL

If it gets you writing again I am all for it :D

our stories are good to get out. You will feel better. I did. but was hard to write. I hate writing about myself so understand but do it anyway LOLL


The thing called the blockchain saving me from boredom and some other things too. I know what it is to deal with pain. I started early in life learning the trades, building, electrical, plumbing, etc. and moved on to driving an 18-wheeler. Went into the military as a combat engineer and learned about equipment operation.

Five knee surgeries on the right knee, with more to come and maybe some on the left knee. Those dreams were gone. I found the world of blockchain and made some new friends. I am thankful for that because it helps to keep me smiling and laughing every day. Always Forward!


they will save us :D

that and laughing and writing when things get too overwhelming

Please keep being you!

people like you are needed in this world

You have had a interesting life that i would like to hear more about.

Im glad your son got you into blogging and its great that a community like hive is there for folks like you and me to reach out and talk about anything that comes to mind.

I know my fiance would love a job at the library. And ive always felt cozy somehow when i was at any library.

Hope to see more of your posts here on Hive

thank you!! and thank you so much for stopping and leaving such a great comment!

Yes, this is where I will be posting from now on.

Cool youre here snook. I'll be keeping an eye out for your future posts. 😃

Oh! my gosh ! How lovely you look !
Followed you :)

Glad to connect with you Snook.

Last time I checked, @HIVEQA has been incredibly generous and helpful.

Glad he pulled you here!