I just got fired! Why am I so excited about it?

I am a father and husband. I am a musician, podcaster and advocate for local artists. I am a blockchain enthusiast and proponent for radical social change. But mostly, for the last thirteen years I have been a breadwinner, a professional and a tradesman. That came to an unexpected end when I was fired from my union job. Oddly enough, right at this moment, I couldn’t be more excited.


Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m incredibly grateful for the skills I’ve gained and the opportunities I have had to make a living thanks to those skills. I have never had a hard time finding work or supporting a reasonable quality of life for my family. I would even recommend learning a trade to anyone who needs a way to maintain a solid living or provide for a family.

I never felt I had anything to complain about, so I didn’t. I was raised to believe that as a “man” you just worked. Through thirteen years of leaving the house before the rest of my family was awake, working up to seventy hours a week in extreme weather conditions ranging from 120-degree heat to freezing temperatures, rain, snow and ice, and being called out of bed in the middle of the night for emergency repairs, I simply did what needed to be done. Through all of this, I was happy to sacrifice in-order-to provide for my family. I’ve paid out of pocket and with lost wages to get licensed and certified, missed my children’s sporting events and performances while attending unpaid afterhours training sessions. I put my passions on the back burner to give time and attention to my profession, sacrificed my body and energy to the backbreaking daily grind. That was just the price of bringing a family from relative poverty to the mythical middle class, or so I was lead to believe. But is it really?

I guess the real question is, can I provide a quality life for my family without sacrificing my own place in that life with them. Can I earn a living from my passions and have an occupation that fulfills me instead of draining my vitality? I have looked up to people who have figured out this challenge in their own life for years. I have aspired to follow their example, but the burden of the time and energy I have had to expend just to pay the bills has been far too convenient of an excuse for me to risk taking that first step. Now that excuse is gone, and I’m terrified … but I’m also incredibly excited.


A few months ago I decided I wanted to start a podcast, intended to build community and interest around the NW Oregon local entertainment scene. I also became interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I started the podcast and invested some money in crypto, but I never felt I had enough to really dive into these things the way I wanted. But now here I am, and I plan on combining the two things I am the most passionate about here on Steemit. I am thrilled to be a part of this community. I see all of you as, the ones who saw what the future will bring and decided to do their part to build that future. I want to go on this journey with you as I know I will learn and grow from the incredible content many of you are posting to this platform every day. I only hope that you can benefit in some way from what I am able to share as well.

If you are interested in checking out my podcast please visit our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Local-Entertainers-United-755331751332119/


Hello @thedialectic! It's nice meeting people like i
U! I really appreciate those good people wgi are striving hard for the family. Salute to u!

Thank you so much joanderit for the kind comment. You have some beautiful photos in your stream. I am following and upvoted your Fleur de Liz photos.

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Thanks for the comment tuanis. Being new to the platform I don't really know how the programs you are talking about work, or whether they are an ethical means of building support. If anyone is willing to comment on this I would greatly appreciate it.

Now that you have free time you can work on cutting expenses. Hopefully you have a nice nest egg saved up from all of that hard work.

Thanks for your comment, mysearchisover, definitely wise advice. Of course there will be some cutting expenses and also quite a bit of developing alternative streams of income. I will be following your page.

Thanks. I might have to do a special living better on less post now. :)

You people never despair .... I salud on you .... congratulations struggling comrades .... hopefully create another lesson so his?

Thanks for commenting yunisman. I upvoted your comment. Best wishes.

Congrats on your sbd. You might want to throw .001 towards promoting this post FYI. The promote button is to the right of your tags. It's up to you though. You're doing pretty well on this first post. Did you do any promoting or is it just the catchy title and that it is well written?

I didn't know anything about promoting, thanks for the tip. I was hoping the title would catch peoples attention but it fit well with the sentiment I was trying to express. Thanks again for the compliments and your attention on this post.

I guess the title did work. :) lol You did a good job of writing the post as well. When you get more money just don't blow it all on promotions. I have seen people give all their money to the robots and promotions and not really keep any. I figure if I spend 1 sbd total to promote 1000 posts I can afford that. lol

Wish you good look, that your goals come true. I share your post to support you. Peace!

Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to browsing your content!

You'll learn a lot here. Welcome :)

Thanks, I'm excited to learn grow and share. I love traveling and I'll definitely be following your posts!

Welcome to Steemit thedialectic and I'm sure you'll have a great time here!! :)

Thanks lopezdacruz. I'd love to read your posts but Indonesian! lol

Hey man sorry you lost your job but it might be a blessing in disguise. Another steemian ( @mrviquez) lost his job because of the vlogs he was posting on steemit. He's now making more than he did with the gig. Thank for taking the time to check out my tunes. Gonna send a whale your way!!!

Thanks alao, I love the positive vibes you are sending out! I'm excited to see the amazing things to come from you!

Love your vibes, man!! Welcome! I wish you unending prosperity. Ima definitely check out the podcast, and cant wait to see it here on steemit, makin buku bucks for you and your fam

Thanks avesa! I love your track, Alphafrog . I upvoted and am following. Would you mind if I post a vid (crediting your work of course) of me playing (hand drums) along?

Thank you!! I would be honored. I already am for just the thought! :) Can't wait to see it

one door closes , another door opens , glad you walked in man, best of luck to you :)

Thanks for the kind words theturtleproject. I'm checking out your tracks. Really cool stuff man. I'm upvoting and following to keep up with what you got going on.

thanks very much man

following your progress too

That is really cool, @thedialectic. Terrifying and exciting, that is the feeling you have before the biggest challenges.

Thanks for the comment cryptonik. I'm looking forward to the challenge. I found your "top 10 blog tools" post very useful. I upvoted and followed.

I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Love hearing that @thedialectic! Thanks :)

Welcome aboard!

Thanks archive.xyz. I followed and upvoted your failed Haiku post because,

Hahaha, thanks :) that's the summary of my post about my haiku. I appreciate your up vote.

Well I mean was it fault of your own for getting fired cuz thats not a good thing...

I'm not making any claims that I am blameless in this. I made mistakes. They were honest mistakes though, not made out of apathy or neglect. We all fail at times. I'm choosing to welcome this particular failure as a chance to learn and grow. Thank you for your reply. I am following you and I upvoted your post "Why The Flipping Might Now Happen". I also see Ethereum as a far more viable platform that Bitcoin.

Welcome to steemit, there are discord groups where you can share podcasts, also try dsound


Thanks for the info manuelmendez, I will definately look into discord and dsound. I upvoted your post, "Who Are You? No, I'm not asking your name" and followed because I am interested to see where you are going with it. Tell me, as a man of 19, do you know who you are yet? If so, you are doing better than most. Best wishes.

For now, the son of my father and the cool guy at the university, apart from that, I'm no one

Great introduction! Hope you work your way through all the possible chaos or doubts ahead, now that you have left your job.

Welcome to Steemit, it feels like you have things to show and tell!

Thanks @mashup. I'm looking into your SteemFollowers app now.

Best of luck, make those dreams happen! This only confirms my belief we have to invest in ourselves, and that Unions are not security, they just take a piece of each workers pie.

Thanks for the comment and resteem! I enjoyed your blog story "Gone into full survival mode," funny and well written. I gave it an upvote and will be following your posts.

Thanks, and a prosperous future for your new venture, go entrepreneurship!!

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