Day 2 Of Quarantine In Tokyo

in #japan3 months ago

I'm still alive! No COVID, no death by spouse or kids, I made it through another day of quarantine.

Today was actually good. It started out with a bowl of second day curry. I made Japanese curry for dinner last night and had it again for breakfast somewhere around 3:30am. I woke up at 2:30am.


The thing about second day curry is, it's way better than first day. All the ingredients have had time to thoroughly marinate overnight in the curry rue and it just tastes better. Oh, and don't forget the cheese and shichimi.

After curry it was work all day. We have 3 gem and mineral shows in April and May so we've got lots of work to do preparing for those.


The government contacted me right at 11am. Told me to check in, I did and then I was free for the rest of the day to keep working....

After work it was time for dinner. Lucky for me I'm married and have a wonderful wife who cooks!

She also drinks, sometimes like a fish. She had saved a special bottle of kome(rice) shochu for when I cam back. We decided tonight was the night to open it up.


It came in a gold box so we knew it had to be good.... right? Let's just say it's the alcohol you should drink after you are piss drunk and don't care what it is. A bit of frozen lemon helped wash it down.


Luckily Ariyoshi No Kabe was on so we could laugh and end the night on a good note.



The food looks very good and the rice will is divine! You are so lucky!
Have a good time!
Don’t work too hard. LoL

The food here is incredible compared to the US, even simple things like a frozen lemon. Or maybe it's just my state of mind being home with my wife and kids.

Iv'e had some horrible hard working experiences in my life. I don't want to ever be back in one of those spots so I am working very hard to turn our side business into our main business. Life's hard lessons.


The food there should be very good as they are fresh and of high quality, not like processed and frozen food. I wonder what that wine taste like, sake?!

Good to know that you are living and working the lifestyle which is just right for you. Very luckily to be in that reality and being able to enjoy little happiness everyday!


Excited to see you have 3 gem and mineral shows coming! How come you woke up so early, to prepare for the shows?

Jetlag. I wouldn't mind waking up at 4:30am, which is why time it is right now. It feels like it gives me a head start on the day. Waking up at 2:30 or 3 though is bad.

I was excited about our show in Osaka next week, that is until Japan put a tracking app on my phone and said if I break quarantine they will yank my visa. Now my wife will go to Osaka in my place. The show and our hotel are right across the street from Osaka castle. She got lucky.

Wow, a tracking app on your phone... Your wife is indeed lucky! I remember it's packed with tourists when I visited Osaka castle last time, and now there will be much fewer crowds because of the covid.

Yep, tracking app. I have to check in twice a day. I can uninstall it once my quarantine is up.

My wife got even luckier, she's decided to extend her trip and visit a town called Ise after the show. She needs a break from our kids. I told her to take lots of pictures so I can blog about her trip instead of mine.....

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