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Keychain Store Apps are ready!

Recently, we saw more and more instances of store owners starting to accept HIVE/HBD payments, most noticeably in Venezuela. We've also discussed with @theycallmedan and @starkerz about getting some stores around the HiveFest venue to accept Hive payments.

As a result, we've decided to develop Keychain Store, a set of Android and iOS Apps that enable HIVE and HBD payments.

How does it work?

Since we were on a tight deadline to have this ready for HiveFest, the current version is pretty basic, both in terms of design and features, but the core features are complete and it's working well.

Step 1

Setup your store username, Keychain Store will verify that the username exists, and will lock it after receiving the first payment to avoid errors in the future.

Step 2

For each payment, input the amount in HBD or HIVE, and enter or auto-generate a memo.
This will display a QR Code.

Step 3

Your customer scans the QR Code, it opens Hive Keychain and prompt them to choose an account and transfer the funds.

Step 4

Every few seconds, Keychain Store checks for the transfer confirmation and will notify you once it is completed. That's it!

You can also go to the history and see completed and pending payments. If a payment is still pending, you can display the QR Code again and verify its status.

Why not directly on Keychain Apps?

If there is traction with this, we will add more features and don't want to bloat Hive Keychain with features that are only useful to store owners.

Future development

As mentioned, it is very basic for now, we will collect some feedback from store owners and see where we go from there.

Help us reach store owners who accept payments

@guiltyparties @brianoflondon @alex-rourke @mercadomaestro @acidyo @edmundochauran, tagging you here since we've discussed this project before.
If you, and others, know some stores that could be interested in this, please share the word =)

Download Keychain Store

You can download Keychain Store on Android or iOS or simply by scanning this QR Code:


To communicate with us, join our Discord by following this link :


@stoodkev : CEO - Witness
@cedricguillas : CTO - Witness
@theghost1980 : Front-end Developer
@manuphotos : Community Manager
@yabapmatt : Advisor - Witness

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It's things like this that none tech guys like me have been waiting for on Hive for over 6 years!! Now we can finally go evangelise efficiently, and without deal breaker bugs and onboarding problems. Props to Hive Keychain team!!

Can't wait to see this in limited use during #hivefest #hivefest.mx23

Excellent idea and development. 💯 UI will have to be improved but as you said, just step by step.

I really like what you have built here. Every phone becomes a POS for Hive and HBD. It would be great if you could extend it to HE tokens in the future. So we could also accept BTC, LTC through their wrapped versions all on hive.

Definitely HE tokens!

This should assist those wishing to use the Hive Thrifted store buying/selling pre-loved goods at @hive-167845 where requirements are specified in the About section.

@tipu curate

store owners starting to accept HIVE/HBD payments, most noticeably in Venezuela.

Finally. Real use case for Hive/HBD. More stores should do this. Maybe one day we will be able to buy bread and butter with Hive/HBD.

People are already doing that in Cumaná today.


For example Quedo y jamón is Spanish for "Cheese and Ham".


Can we scan an invoice in the App and make payment? That would be very practical.

Yeah that's how it works, see Step 3

Ah, I see the barcode button in the App, nice one. I think we need more Hive QR code generation possibilities so that we can send and receive payments easily on mobile. This store app looks a great progress,.nice one!

Great, it's magnificent 🥳🥳🥳 Here in Sucre, Venezuela, there are more than 60 businesses affiliated with the crypto adoption network, where we #hiver make purchases using our #HBD, Pay with our #hive currency at @keychain, It is a fast, safe and reliable process 🥰🥰🥰

We continue to advance to the new technological era with Blockchain and Web3 technology 😎😎😎

This is excellent!

va servir para hacer pagos a comercios que tenga qr? por que seria un gran update

Amazing! This should have been invented years ago!

Hive Keychain is getting better and better, kudos to the devs!

I have no use for it in my country, but I'm downloading it anyway!

I have no use for it in my country,


A step in the right direction! With H-E tokens it would be really powerful tool!

Unfortunately I'm getting "Unable to process your request". I'm on the US App store but I'm actually in Israel.

My app for accepting Hive or Lightning payments is working :-)

Sounds good. looking to transact with our blockchain.

It was good to see the continuous step by step description of the hive keychain store. It's really awesome.

This is great thanks. I think it could be attractive to include savings and make it look good that you can get 20% APR, that would draw attention to the merchants and they would see another benefit. 🎉

Things just keep getting better and better. My only complain is why only now hahaha. Thanks so much.

Its amazing! Always i needed this

Si claro que sí acá hay alrededor de 60 tiendas que aceptan HBD cómo método de pago, vamos a tener un proceso de inducciones a estos establecimientos nuevamente explicando este nueva y maravillosa opción.

Esto está genial, se que con esto vamos a crecer mucho más.

Amazing, this will come in very handy!

A lot of other coins were getting ahead of Hive due to lack of the app like this. Now that this app is here I am sure we can create contest and ask for people to adopt. I also think we should ask trustwallet and other external wallet to accept Hive. We have to play with others for adoption sake.

Great job guys🙌. Hive keychain developers can't stop impressing me with all this great ideas.

This new development will definitely encourage the use of hive tokens all over the world.
Good job guys 🙌.

Have you broken something with your update? Hive keychain isn't working on hive-engine or

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I believe this is a very useful service and I hope it enables vendors to accept Hive and HBD payments simply, safely, and inexpensively, particularly folks in Venezuela, Argentina, and other places where incompetent government has afflicted them with debilitating inflation.


Is purchasing goods online an option?

This is indeed an excellent idea, it will help purchasing easier and faster. I am thankful to everyone that assisted in coming up with this.

This is an amazing hack to the hive community, now you can get hbd and the likes easily . 👍

Awesome. This should be a great feature for the @hivehustlers and @hivelist communities.

That's great news

however from some days ago cannot use keychain to log neither on Peakd nor NFTshowroom
Anyone else with same issue?

Happens both on Firefox and Chrome

Swietny pomysl

This excites me so much. I'm new to Hive, but knowing that we will have another payment option here in Venezuela makes me very happy because the country's situation is getting worse every day, and these developments are what we need to make progress little by little. I also have no doubt that it will be of great help to many others outside of Venezuela

Hey @keychain, here is a little bit of BEER from @bigtakosensei for you. Enjoy it!

We love your support by voting @detlev.witness on HIVE .

This is great. Weldone guys.

This totally powerful , indeed the project will soon proof more that crypto is the e-commerce future payment.

For transferring the funds and for other activities it is really good.

Hats off, guys! That's just brilliant :)

You guys are doing an awesome job :)

Ding!! New improvement alert!

Keychain making transactions easier for users👌

That's huge guys, congrats!

Best level right here man! And we can use it in the states!



@keychain! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @bigtakosensei. (1/1)