Book Knowledge or Experiential Learning?

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It is very rightly said that "Experience is the greatest teacher of Life".

What we can learn from going through a situation in life, we can never learn enough by reading. I have met some great people in my life whose educational background has been very limited but still they are so much more knowledgeable then compared to someone who has loads of degree and that comes from the very reason that the person has lived life in depth going through varied experiences of life and that's what makes the person wiser than the one who has loads of degrees.

While I am not saying that the books, we read have no relevance, it also teaches us but not with the same depth that a real-life situation and experiencing can teach us. Books are majorly a reflection of thoughts of other people's experiences and not our own. When we live something, it brings a deep impact on our lives.

Books give us wisdom and Experiences give us an understanding of that wisdom. The real-life situation will test our endurance, patience, will power, our capabilities, whereas the books will give us some sort of a structure to follow. Just for e.g. a person who is addicted to smoking, no matter how much ever the person has knowledge about how smoking can be harmful, still it will be difficult for the person to quit smoking, but when the person goes through some health issue because of smoking, that is the time the person will realize how actually it is harmful and will quit smoking. It is also like reading about a place in a book and seeing pictures of the place compared to actually visiting the place and exploring it in real. There is so much more value to it then, and the place would never be the same as read in a book.


I always enjoy talking to people who share real life experiences because that's where the true knowledge comes from.

At the same time, it is also not possible to learn everything from experience, because we will have limited experiences in our life time and not that we will be going through all the life situations, hence book knowledge is also important, because it prepares us for all the possibilities. It gives us a better understanding of life and it also gives us more exposure to parts which are not in our field.

Both are important in their own ways. Other benefit of reading books is also that, when we are going through some difficult situation in life, which is beyond our understanding and capacity to deal with, if we have read some books with that type of knowledge, it will empower us to tackle the situation well and we can be in control and the lessons learnt from that will hold much more value.

To conclude I can say that Books give us Knowledge and Experience gives us Lessons. The lessons that we can never forget. Where learning is concerned, that never stops in life, whether it is through books or experiences, we keep going through it.

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There is a question;

Who knows better? One who travels much or one who reads much?

To me, the more real experince in life, the more knowledge.

Travelling is the best experience of life for sure.
True, the more real, the more knowledge

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Books give us wisdom and Experiences give us an understanding of that wisdom

I like this and may need to borrow it. Hopefully I will remember who to credit else I may get hammered for plagiarism 😀

Thank you :-) glad you find it meaningful