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Making my way into testing coloring, boy was I not prepared for the time this would take. I'm pretty sure the way I did it is not the right way but oh well, was already recording so decided to leave the research for a better method for later. So much time went into picking pixels from one color into another color, in the end I think it would've been way easier if the drawing didn't have one of those dark outlines that anime characters usually have. Honestly it was kind of a pain, I thought I'd get away with just using the fill tool but I'm guessing the outlines either were not thick enough for it to recognize them or I was just using the wrong tool to begin with. Oh well, you live you learn.

I decided to speed the video up 8x cause I think it was around 3h of recording so even the 2x speed on youtube would've been way too boring to watch. Anyway here it is:

Here's the original, this one I didn't bother on focusing too much on making it look similar like I did with One Punch Man in the previous one as the focus was mostly on coloring so you may see some big differences with the eyes and maybe some other parts.

Finished version in image:



Let me know if you have any quick advice on how to faster paint things in the future. :D


So at about 12 minutes, while you were filling in those places, I probably would have clicked 'layer' at the top, select new paint layer(insert is the shortcut key on mine). Then you fill in the area without worrying about overlapping. If you make a huge mistake, you can use an eraser or something without interfering with the layer below. Above all the tools and brushes you have a tab that says 'layer'. Every time you add a new layer it will be in that list. When you have multiple layers, you can paint on a layer without affecting what is on top as well, simply by selecting which layer you want to paint on.

When done, I would right click on layer from that list and 'merge' with layer below. Top of the list would be the 'top layer'. You can even grab them with the mouse and slide layers around. I hope I'm making sense.

Yeh :D I need to wrap my head around layers more, bet it would've saved me a lot of time without fucking with the outliners.

It's much like painting on several thin layers of transparent plastic or glass instead of a sheet of paper. You can alter each one individually but together it still all makes one image. Draw your character, place a layer under that layer, then painting the background is as simple as scribbling all over the place because you can't interfere with the layer housing your character.

Here's a old one of mine. Belinda.

NoNamesLeftToUse  Belinda.jpeg

Here's a layer that makes up the eyes.

NoNamesLeftToUse  Belinda eye layer.jpeg

What you're seeing are two layers. One is transparent except for what's painted. The other is a solid white background. What's painted, at one point, was several transparent layers but now merged into one.

You see how Belinda's hair is ripply and gets darker on the sides? The hair was all one color, starting from the middle. I added a layer on top, probably used black spray paint and slowly worked my way out to the edges. Less shading in the middle, more out to the edges. Darker areas to create the illusions of ripples. You can even set the opacity of each layer to fine tune further.

hey acid,

not bad at all for a first digital drawing ! I didn't know this software, Krita, I'm rather on Photoshop in general ! But one of the things I'm rather missing to draw on computer from a to z is a good graphics tablet and I didn't see in your article if you were using one or not... It will probably allow you to go a lot faster... but the result is already there! That would be my advice regarding the speed of the drawing.

Also, maybe to continue to use this precious notebook and the chinese ink markers at the same time. The physical drawing has something really sensitive and true... even if I'm trying more and more to digital !

Looking forward to seeing your future productions :)

edited : just seeing in the comments that all you did was only with the mouse, well done ! I don't scratch this level of patience for the drawing at least !

Hey! Great job on the Gentar, and the One Punch Man and Pokèmon guy in the other post!

I got myself a Wacom Intuos Pro M a couple months ago and went straight for Krita too.

As for how to paint faster - yeah, draw things on different layers - the lineart, details, paint, shadows, highlights. Start big, erase what's not needed. Also on the layers there's an option to lock alpha channel (so that you only fill what's visible, not the transparent part) which should be a great help when doing shadows and highlights, etc.

If you haven't before, I suggest watching Aaron Rutten's tutorials - he has a lot of them starting from graphic tablet reviews and suggestions to different digital art software tutorials to basic drawing tips to whole "how to draw / paint this or that" videos.

Oh, I almost forgot...
Domestika offers free online creative courses on all kinds of art during the quarantine!

I have no idea about photoshp/digital art painting etc, but Gengar was a hell of a Badass pokemon 😁 It’s a shame we never saw Ash get more into ghost pokemons in the OG series. I think he got a hoot-hoot/noctowl later on, but at this point I don’t remember if it was a ghost pokemon or not!

Damn it Acid where have you been all my childhood! It felt great to talk about pokemon after so many zillion years!

Have u not noticed what my profile pic is? Oh and I own the @pokemon account ;)

Yes, but there wasn’t much of a conversation with you on Pokemon till now 😅

And Yes, the @pokemon account with some of your earlier paintings, I've already checked that account 😝 You told me about that on Steem!

It is impressive likeness to the real thing, and how you did it with free hand as well.

Thanks! Mine's a little chubbier :D

Yeah. Guess the quarantine food was too much to ignore lol

That turned out pretty awesome. I dont have any advice about how to paint faster, because I suck at it, but one word of advice for your video, you should add some music or something to it when you are drawing.

No music mainly cause of this shit


Will it be free in Windows anytime soon? :D

This is on windows. ^^

Wow, I must admit I'm jealous of how skilled you are. :)

Wow, that's really cool, did you use a graphics tablet?

Nah just a mouse!

Is your username based on the tv show? :D

Yeah I thought it would be a great way to stand out and based on your reaction I'd say its working. (also i really love that show) :D

Hehe I watched a couple seasons then forgot about it... until today. xD

Welcome to Hive anyway! :)

Thank you so much for the welcome, upvotes and a tip. Very generous of you, really appreciated :)

That is my acid 'D great job very impressive your mouse is blessed to have you lol°!

Turns out to be you are a good creator

Damn you're good with a mouse. The next step for you would be a Wacom thingy. So much easier...

@acidyo this is quite interesting. Great job.