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4yrs here with 4 different drugs over the first 2yrs (2 of which i recognized the other 2 i deduced). Using CIA Methods for interrogation, disinformation, and torture. Perhaps knowing their physcological program will help you make them destroy themselves. This is without a doubt the US government. You were likely considered less intelligent, undesirable, or non-compliant.



Stage 1 - looping: trying to make you loop a phrase or idea over and over again and reducing you down to that a looping phrase.

Stage 2 - questioning: trying to make you answer who, why, how, and what then tell people what you came up with because they have made it unanswerable.

Stage 3 - biases: exploiting your biases (racism, religion, homophobia, pedophilia, etc) in either direction (for or against) to tdy to make you lash out at family, neighbors, coworkers, and random strangers. (To isolate you in prison, clinics, etc)

Stage 4 - shunning: trying to make people think you are crazy, dangerous, etc. by getting you to talk to someone who is not physically there while you're in public. By getting you to do or say things seen as unusual when observed by others.

Common things they use: live or recorded audio while awake or asleep, datamining, various recreational and prescription drugs, LED lighting effects. The use of "false trusts" is heavily employed to make you believe its family or those around you. Note: stages are both ordered and progressive. The program will try to regress you to previous stages.

The point seems to be to get rid of you by any means necessary while gaining any useful information possible without leaving any evidence(you're a junkie, you're a deranged crazy person, you're a terrorist).
Stage 1 includes suicide(death),
stage 2 includes a mental disorder diagnosis(someone else's problem),
stage 3 includes mass shootings and other criminal like activities(imprisonment),
Stage 4 includes ostracized from society(outcast).