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Brutally earnest rebrand of Lassecash

Here is the logo we are considering for a rebrand of Lassecash. Its been almost 2 years with ups and downs. I will be brutally earnest with you in this post about the past and future of Lassecash.

Lassecash was build to create a tribe where truth content, social interactions and personal posts was rewarded. I found that truth content did not fly like I wanted it to on hive, thats the main reason I got the idea for Lassecash. I was for the longest time trying to attract truthers on Lassecash, its hard, VERY HARD.. people on youtube just dont come on hive/Lassecash the next day. Even one of my favorite truthers on youtube, Jake Gibson, wrote that he would try out Lassecash some months back, but never came.

So my experience is that getting new people on here is very very hard, you have to work a lot to just get one person on hive/Lassecash. I did manage to attract a handful of people to hive, by giving them hive accounts and donating Lassecash power. But they never was successful bloggers after that, so in the end the best bloggers we have on Lassecash comes from hive. Maybe they never was seen on hive and try their luck on Lassecash, I have a handful of people like that who I really appriciate.

End of promotion by donation

For two years I been playing santa and handing out donations of Lassecash power left and right, that strategy come to an end now! It had a purpose to get those tokens out there to serious people with a hive account. At the end of the day it cannot go on forever, as it will hurt the price forever then.

For a long time I was personally supporting the price of Lassecash and the serious bloggers on Lassecash made good money for a long time. I know I am a controversal person that speak the truth a lot more then most people and reward uncomfortable topics for most people like, Illuminati, flat earth, fake corona and such. Thats why I had to drag a lot of good people here by donation and trying to get the best youtubers in truth here also. So the first part succeed and the last part did not succeed.

What the future brings? NFTs?

we have to move on to evolve and we are dealing with some of the smartest people in the whole cryptocurrency market (even they are ignorant to the truth concept I am all about, for the most part), its kind-of a miracle we have been able to work together with programmers that still are globe believers right?? So fare so good. Two years with huge success and some lows!

What the future brings? Well the earnest answer is: I DONT KNOW! At this point in time I will be earnest and say I dont know the future of this tribe and if it even has a future. (UPDATE: already hours after I wrote this a lot of solutions came up, so the tokenswap is cancelled, so this tribe goes no where, we are just getting started, STAY TUNED, more information soon!). Its hard to do what I do and its better I am earnest. So buying Lassecash at these low prices are an extreme gamble that everything works out, HIGH RISK comes with HIGH REWARDS.

In a perfect world we soon add diesel pools with rewards, gamified with NFTs.

Potential rewards are HIGH

If the rebrand, introduction of diesel pools and NFTs are going the way I dreamed it, then there are potential rewards in the extremely high ends of the spectrum. On the middle ground of things, we will continue with our tight group of tribe members and those will get rewarded over time.

If those youtubers finally come here, I doubt it, then the price will go parabolic, but I think its much safer to focus on the real tribe members who are already here.

One more thing - crypto!

I always thought cryptocurrency was a big part of this tribe, as I love to share information about all kinds of innovations, so with the rebrand we might explicitly change the tag line to involve cryptocurrency content, along with the other things.

A huge "thank you" to everyone involved in Lassecash and lets build this a great tribe for the future!



A truther tribe is a winning strategy in my opinion, but I agree it's very difficult to get people to migrate to this platform. I think it has to do with markup/html, along with some blockchain technicalities (which are easy once understood). Also, there are so many blockchain start-ups constantly coming up and people like cutting edge, but then they loose interest after a few months.

The potential here is huge. Having a "truther" token would be so cool and potentially valuable. I view lassecash as that "truther" token, more than any other crypto out there.

One thing I would miss with a rebrand is loosing the blue logo. Not a fan of yellow-black, reminds me of the failed smartcash that I was all about back in the day.


I agree, but if we begin to make real bucks they might come in bigger numbers.

The reason for the yellow-black logo is that its the colors of anarchocapitalism. I didnt decide if we use a new logo or not, but lean towards it, I also like the blue color, sometimes change is good for progress.

I got some brilliant ideas for our tribe today, I will share them as soon as I know more about the NFT tech Hive Engine are building in the coming months.

Having Jake on here could be a key point, because he has real friends in his audience all over the states, who love him and want to support him, imagine 10-20 of those came on here to reward Jake here, it would make a lot of buy pressure, but at this point in time its a pipe dream.

Keep in touch!