Interesting and information filled as always and once again I learned a lot also on a side note before I go on more whoever ''Mark'' is, is quite frankly a jerk idiot. Can you imagine if these kinds of people got their way all the time? Yikes.

another thing I have to say and kinda express an opinion on after reading this is why exactly does Statutory Rape even exist? whoms idea was it? and why is it a thing? In my opinion it is a useless law altogether and it needs to be done away with. if I remmeber correctly America is the only nation in the entire world that has statutory rape there are no other countries that have such a thing. I am not 100% sure on that but I think I vaguely remmeber reading something at some point that mentioned that it is not a thing anywhere else my memory might be a bit foggy on that though.

Statutory rape is not even real rape and there are already laws out there for cases where something bad happens to a person that is a minor so why this? it is not needed in my opinion when we already got the other stuff.

Yeah, I agree that Mark is definitely not an open-minded individual, to say the least about him. His kind also usually engage in what is called selective hearing.

In one of the YouTube videos I embedded in my article above, YouTuber Thecast: Life Video Blog does state that one of the reasons that statutory-rape laws were created was to preserve the purity of young women so that they would remain suitable for marriage. Heather Corinna researched into the background of statutory-rape laws, and she found out that California was one of the first state jurisdictions here in our nation to raise its statutory age of consent to 18 years old inasmuch as lawmakers wanted to crack down on the problem that California had with prostitution in the early 1900s. In the mid-1800s, the statutory age of consent in California was 10 years old. Then it was subsequently raised to 14 years old so many years later and then 16 years old. They ultimately raised their age of consent to 18 years old in the year 1913, and it has remained at that for over a hundred years.

Here you can review details of the historical background of the legal construct of "statutory rape." Other nations do have statutory-rape laws, but they are usually not as Draconian as they are here in the United States of America.

Your friend, Hector Vera, followed me here on my Hive-Blog channel last night. My article about him is still on my radar screen. Tell him to be patient and I will be getting that article out eventually in the near future. Currently, my Resource Credits are very low as I have been doing certain enhancements on my Hive-Blog channel to get it up to snuff. One thing that I used to do when I first started my Steemit channel was that I bolded anything that I attached a link to in order to encourage my readers to click on the link. I'm going through each and every one of my articles to do so to any article to which I have not yet done it here on Hive Blog. Once my Resource Credits charge up again here on my Hive-Blog channel, I will be publishing my article about Mr. Vera shortly thereafter.

Oh okay so I was mistaken when I said that other countries lack statutory rape laws. Also I am normally open minded about the ages as you can see you and I have similar viewpoints on this subject but THANK GOD the statutory age is no longer 10 in California holy crap 10 really? yikes. 14 and 16 is perfectly fine though but 10? oh no good job on them raising it from that. However, raising it to 18 years old was not needed in my humble opinion. It is rare to see spots with the actual age set to 18 around 16 or so is the most consistent.

also yes he told me that he started following you he read a few of your articles and is impressed with them and he has learned some things too aswell. He says he feels he can have an intelligent conversation with you on these matters and such. Also yes I did tell him as he is awaiting to see when that article will come to and I am aswell myself. that Over reactor dude needs his behavior brought to light. AT one point I caught that guy saying that my friend somehow did human trafficking okay wtf? this guy is making up so many delusions and he has shown that just like he cannot get the definition of pedophilia correct he does not even know what the heck human trafficking is! He wants to know human trafficking? the things that Epstein guy did that is an example of that. This guy is getting out of control and it baffles me the level of insanity and obsession he has.

Yeah, I don't think that 10 years old would easily be accepted as the statutory age of consent anywhere here in the United States of America or in the extended United States jurisdictions. A girl would still likely be in the crayons-and-playground phase of her life at that age. I once read somewhere that back in 1962 a bill was once introduced to legislation in Delaware in an attempt to lower that state jurisdiction's statutory age of consent to 10 years old, and that bill was met with great resistance. Ultimately, that bill was defeated. It's really odd to think that anyone would have ever thought of introducing a bill like that to any state legislature here in our nation back in 1962 inasmuch as society was very reserved back in those days from what I heard.

I'm glad that your friend, Hector Vera, enjoyed my Hive-Blog articles. Getting this article about him together may take a little longer than I thought. I've accumulated a whole series of notes that I have taken in watching all of the pertinent videos to it. I am going to be approaching this topic in the form of a comparative analysis in order to produce a strong enlightening effect on my readers. I'm probably going to have to post this same article in three separate segments.

Yeah, I know what you mean about YouTuber The Over Reactor. He is a real piece of work. When I was watching YouTuber The Over Reactor's videos and taking notes for my upcoming Hive-Blog article, I got so irritated with him that I almost felt like throwing a pillow at my television screen. He flashes things on his screen way too quickly insofar as I have to switch over to my regular computer to freeze them so that I can read them inasmuch as it is difficult to do so on my YouTube application on my television set. Anyhow, one thing that I did want you to ask Hector Vera on my behalf is if there is anything that he does NOT want me to state in my article about him. I am writing this article in his defense; but if there is something that he wants me to leave out of the article or omit from it, I can do so out of respect for him. I want his reading experience with this upcoming article about him to be a positive one. Let me know.

Hey epicenter! I am Denox a.k.a Hector Vera myself in the flesh! Naglfar94 told me great things about you and The Over Reactor is getting desperate to see if SOMEONE can prove my innocence supposively based on what he said. I actually was considering writing also my own article tomorrow as well pointing out things he said about me that I did not covered in the video I made for over an hour because he started saying it after I made the video commentating on my own. I am actually gonna try getting back to writing articles here on HIVE soon. Its very similiar to STEEMIT for sure. Btw, I am so looking forward to reading your article on TOR and I can show this to some of my closest friends as well. I wonder how TOR will react when he reads your article on it too xD But when your article is ready, you can let me know here now since I will be back checking HIVE regularly and followed you on here. Please to meet ya by the way! I really enjoy reading your article on critical thinking on the whole pedophilia and teenage/adult dating situation. People are quick to demonize adults for liking teenagers and translates to liking kids which TOR seems to do. Its crazy. Go ahead and post whatever you can post about this subject and I trust your judgement and honesty on this. :) I will be there to read it and comment afterwards. May I ask tho when more or less will this article be ready to read? Take your time of course, I ask of curiosity.

Hector Vera? I'm glad that you contacted me, and I bid you salutations. I almost have the rough draft finished for my article about your current situation with YouTuber The Over Reactor ("TOR"). I may have to break it down into three segments at least because of its length, unless, of course, the Hive blockchain has greater posting capacity for each article than the Steem blockchain does. If you are going to post an article here on Hive-Blog about it, then what I would like to do is wait for you to post your article first and then I can post mine so that I can incorporate a link from my article to yours. Otherwise, if you prefer, I could go ahead and publish my article about your situation and then incorporate the link from my article to yours after you publish your article. Whichever way you prefer.

Yeah, it would be interesting to see how TOR responds to my article about your situation with him. Then again, he doesn't appear to have an account here on the Hive platform, so he might do a YouTube video about it instead. If he wants to get ugly at me for speaking the truth about him, then I guess I'll have to be prepared for it. Much to his disgust, he may end up sending traffic my way, because people will want to know both sides of the topic.

Surprisingly, I never really got much hate on the Steem blockchain for writing and posting the controversial articles that I did. The Hive blockchain may turn out to be a different environment in that regard. Haters and trolls are everywhere on YouTube. I've only gotten one downvote since the time that I've been here on the Hive blockchain, and it wasn't even for any of my controversial articles. I'll just have to roll with the punches if anyone here on the Hive blockchain doesn't like what I have to say. I'd like to publish articles on HubPages as the ones I have been posting on both the Steem blockchain and the Hive blockchain, but HubPages is a pain in the backside about allowing any controversial subject matter on their writing platform. They are quick to demonetize an article on HubPages, if their review board doesn't like what you send them for publication. It angers me too, because there is more money to be made on that writing platform now that they've been taking Google Adsense out of the picture and handling the monetization on their own.

Thanks for getting back to me. Well honestly I wanted also to wait on your article first before I add in mines so I can also use it as a ways to reference your link into my article. So go ahead your articles first and I will read it later on once I se them. I have some screenshots to use in my article but I like to se what you say about it first before I well craft mines cause I believe your article can help me add stuff in my article that I would not even imagine. Thanks man for taking your time for making the article to defend me. I will be awaiting your response and articles. :)

Hector Vera? I'm letting you know that I've gotten my article about you all together and I'm now ready to publish it as soon as you want me to. If you want me to publish it now, I will do so. If you want me to wait until after you publish your article about your situation with YouTuber The Over Reactor, I will do so and then I will incorporate a link from my article to yours. I'll remain on standby until you give me the go-ahead to publish my article about your situation. :-)

Yes please. Go ahead and post it! Looking forward to reading it as soon as I can :)

I know it is a bit off topic but I went back to your old steemit article your ones on marriage and my is scary, scary how fast time goes by I have been following you and reading your stuff for 2 years now it..did not feel like such time passed by wow.

Yeah, and a lot has happened with Steemit since then. Now we begin our journey with the Hive blockchain, which hopefully will have a stronger effect on those to whom we want to reach and get our voices heard. However, the good thing is that Fraidy Reiss of Unchained At Last and Jeanne Smoot of the Tahirih Justice Center both had believed two to three years ago that every state jurisdiction in our nation and every extended United States jurisdiction would have made marriage before the age of eighteen illegal under any circumstances by now, and these two femi-Nazi extremists have not accomplished even close to as much as they thought they would have done so by now. People are starting to stand up to them and push back against them, because they know that these women do not have the best interest of the American people at heart. On discussion threads throughout the Internet, I've read rumors about how the Supreme Court of the United States may strike down some of these new marriage laws on the basis of their unconstitutionality sometime in the future. And I have nothing against feminism, but these two women are not representative of the women's liberation movement. They're just man-hating shrews who want to wage war against anyone who doesn't share their ideologies or support their agenda. You better believe that I'm going to be putting out articles here on the Hive-Blog writing platform and everywhere I can on the Hive blockchain for the next two years or however long I have to do so in order to get someone in a position of political power to listen to me and undo the chaos that these two witches have unleashed here on our nation.

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