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A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me and gave me feedback and constructive criticism on the last one of these. I have found some great new people to follow both Chinese and non-Chinese alike, so thank you all!

In this video I attempt another 3 phrases and I also review some of the feedback from the first video; hopefully I have managed to take on board some of the criticism and turn that into a positive.

If you want to skip me waffling on, thanking everyone etc. go to 2:11 on the video which is where I actually start speaking Chinese :-)


The Mandarin Series

Can Chinese People Understand Me? - Learn Mandarin With Cryptogee - Restaurants



well to be honest I don't unterstand you.. probably has to do something with how i don't know mandarin though :P

You look like a very cool guy to hand out ^__^

Haha, with this comment I went from this :-( to this :-) Lolz

Thanks for the comment :-D


I had the exact same thought when I watched his last video. :D

"My son is not American"....


That falls firmly into the category of 'phrases-I-never-need-to-know-in-any-language.' Ever.

Great vid. You need to tag it as 'Funny' though!

Haha, cool Nanzo, glad you like it :-D I will add that tag thanks. Oh and you never know when you might need any random phrase :-)


I think its awesome you're learning a new language...its always fun to do...I'm trying to learn Russian...its not going well though. I find it difficult to try to learn a language when there is no one to get feedback from. I never thought to put a post on here and ask others that may speak it for tips like you've done. Its a wonderful idea and I might just copy it. I hope you don't mind. I think Mandarin might be the next one I try to learn. :D

Funny video...Thanks or share it.

Haha, I love it! :)

I only use: "Itadakimasu", "ikuzou!", "nandesuka" and "dattebayo". - Well, use is an overstatement. I've said it and I still say it a couple of times per week probably, but not often at all. I use them weird too, just saying these things randomly. I learned these words from Naruto and other Animes and these words stuck. :D

You are running together small sentences of Japanese.
In Japanese, there are 5 vowels. A, I, U, E, O.

  • A as in Apple
  • I as in tEEth,
  • U as in bOOth
  • E as in bAY
  • O as in bOAt

Nani desu ka. (where the i of nani is silent, and the u of desu is not pronounced.)
Nani = what
Desu = is a to be verb. The sentence structure is such and such IS
Ka = is a question marker.

Nan desu ka = Is that so?

Oh, is that so? - Cool, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the explanation! :)

Thanks for this info @builderofcastles; are you Japanese, or did you study it? :-)


Cool, so you're learning Japanese? I don't know those words you used, but they sound like they're from Japan :-)


No, I'm not learning Japanese. I've only learned these words due to Anime shows I've been watching in the past. They stuck with me as they were used regularly during the shows. However, I do love Japanese. - I've always loved it.

Uzumaki Naruto from Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden says: "Itadakimasu" when he's about to eat.

It means, if I'm correct; "I humbly receive" but is used when people are about to eat, and when they use it at that time it basically means: "Let's eat".

"Nandesuka" is used whenever someone says: "What?" or "What is that?"

ikuzou or ikuzo (I'm not sure how it's spelled), basically means: "Let's go!"

And "dattebayo", is not even a real word.. Or, I don't think it is. But it's used as a somewhat childish phrase for "so" or "well".

I don't know if I'm correct on these things, but I think they mean something like this. At least that's how I used them. :)

Aha, we're kindred spirits! I love anime as well and have picked up words like Tosan (father) and others which I can't remember right now...

Hey check out Sword Art Online if you haven't already seen it; it's on Netflix, it's a pretty awesome concept. Also Ghost Note which has a mischievous Shinigami (kind of demon thingy).

I think I'll move onto Japanese next and then maybe Russian, I think I'll give it a solid year of Mandarin before I attempt to learn any other Asian language.


Father is Oto-san. Grand father is Otoo-san
Mother is Oba-san Grand mother is Obaa-san.

It is a subtleness in length and intonation.
And the Japanese tend to call anyone that is an old person Obaa-san.
Just like in america, we might say, hey, granny.

Thus the joke you probably have seen where a middle school person calls a 30 something woman Obaa-san, and she doesn't like being called in old lady.

I keep using a capital O, because there really is an emphasis on it.
It is showing respect. Thus, if you just say to-san you are disrespecting your elders, which is something you just don't do.

Of course, the -san is the same honorific you hear people use on the end of people's names when being polite.

-kun (male) and -chan (female) I am sure you heard lots. They are for use with people you are close and familiar with. (and close in age)

I tried learning Japanese a few years back and even though it was fun...... I found that there was no one here in Texas to practice with.

Yeah that's the problem; although through my learning app, I've seen a site they recommend to go and practice with real people on. I'll get my proficiency up a bit and then I'll use it and report back.

Thanks for the comment :-)


word to the multi-lingual ! the more comprehension in the world, the better

Definitely! The more I learn languages, the more I learn about different cultures, understanding is the key to getting on :-)


@cryptogee, you are so funny! hahah! Good video! ;)

Haha, thank you! I try, I try :-) Hopefully my Chinese is ok as well lolz


OK I am Bulgarian I don't speak or understend mandarin. It sounds like mandarin but something is missing like it must be more like melody. It is hard to explain.

What is missing is fluency, I speak it like a beginner, give me time! :-)


You are very understandable I think - I didn't get everything, because I'm also a beginner, but I got most of it so I think you sound ok!
Now, a bit about my languages...I'm a native Greek and Italian, fluent in English and French, ok-ish in Romanian and Danish, and I also speak some German and Turkish. In Theology school I did also Hebrew and Arabic but can't say I remember much, unfortunately. I'm mostly into Latin languages as you see, so Chinese has nothing to do - but still like it and wanna go for the challenge! :D