Recycling With Steem - Lego Saved from Landfill

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Some of you may be familiar with @steemmatt and the way in which he scours his neighbourhood curbside for otherwise useful goods that can be saved from winding up in landfill, and actually makes a pretty decent living off it. If you haven't yet, I strongly reccommend checking out his feed, it's fascinating some of the stuff he's able to find - and a little scary that people are prepared to just waste this stuff.

Recently, Matt decided he would up the ante a little bit and offer up some of these salvaged treasures here in exchange for some crypto goodness in the form of Steem, and among those treasures were these little beauties....

photo by @steemmatt

Yep. Some Star Wars minfigures. Well naturally this piqued my interest so I opened negotiations. Shipping to Australia was going to be fairly unecomonical for half a dozen figures, so Matt went into his stash of curbside finds and pulled out even more figures - this lot.

photo by @steemmatt

Well that looks like a nice little mix of stuff I can see (including a couple I need for my own collection) and the element of surprise. Negotiations opened, we settled on a price and I set about turning some fiat into Steem (not as easy as I first thought it would be, but I got there in the end). So this sweet little bundle of minifgure awesomeness will soon be winging its way to me, and I promise you all I'll be sure to make an unboxing post once it arrives so we can see exactly what it is that's been saved from rotting away in the ground for years to come.

Until next time - leg godt - Play Well.


That is awesome! Man I might have to do similar, I am not anywhere near as far as you are away from matt so shipping might not be so terrible for me

Why not. He scored around another 8lbs while he was checking out his neighbourhood offerings again last night.

Hey @brickmanbrad, FYI I just set you as a moderator on the LEGO Community.

You don't really have to do anything, but I figured a Lego-nut like you would do the right thing if I'm not around at some point. :)

I can remove it if you're not keen.

Happy to help mate. I'll be doing a little contest soon to celebrate the launch of the new hive community

Cool, make sure you use the hive tag as the first post tag or it won't go into the community. Also, did a post for later tonight about @steemmatt and selling lego for steem which is a cool thing.

On the comp thing...Was going to do a giveaway/comp thing too...I'll let yours roll out and do something next time, a little later down the track.

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What a Collection. :)
I love it.

Pretty cool right here man! Bloody awesome actually. Nice work! I'm not sure of you know but I had @freedompoint in the states make me a custom drop point knife for hunting and outdoors use...Kinda cool that we connected on steem and got the job done. I paid in fiat though.

Hey, I got the Mack done man. Got a video post going up tomorrow showing it working. It's not great as I'm no film maker but sort of gets the message across. Was so cool to build. Anyway, you'll see it as some stage I guess.

Now I am thinking about the stash of Lego we have here. It should really be up to the kids if they want to let any of it go. I have no idea what it might be worth.

Now slowww down... we are exempt from any family disputes over said Lego treasures!

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