50% of EDS tokens issued - Only 10,000 left

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Hello Peoples, I have been a busy bee this week curating my ass off on LeoFinanace and it's paying off in rewards. I noticed that a few people have been picking up EDS tokens this week so I guess people like numbers and stats better than cartoons. I dont understand the world but then again, i am a fully grown man in a bee suit with a diet of 80% honey and bread and people think that's strange. I guess people like numbers.


Here are some numbers, this every evening over 10,000 EDS tokens have been issued and are sitting in smart HODLer's wallets earning around 13% on investment and growing every week. I call these smart people because they see small rewards now mean big rewards later. Now with half the tokens already sold, im not going to say FOMO, FOMO, FOMO but the sooner they are issued the sooner we will see growth accelerate faster as new tokens micro dilute as they are issued. It's a science, I dont claim to understand it like I dont understand how my TV works either, I do however know how to use it. What was I talking about? Oh, yes. a limited supply of 20k, dont miss-out and FOMO. Sorry, but I am shameless. Numbers....yes, ok numbers


I'm are on week 10. Post rewards were down but dont matter as the pot still increased which is what we're trying to do here. Leasing should go up next week and everything is going as planned. You can see that paid out increase's every week, this is money paid out of token holders. Slow amount i know but it's on a 10k HP pot.

Totals from this morning when i updated my spreadsheet

EDS issued - 9495
HP in wallet - 10244.262


Income payment to EDS holders = 12.95%

This number started at 12% but has slowly increased each week and will continue to increase. By the time EDS are producing 20%......25% incomes are even higher, they will have been sold out a long time. Im not saying it's gonna take 10 years but it'll not happen overnight either. Put your faith in me Eddie Earner and i make you minutely richer by providing you with an increasing HIVE income as long as you hold your tokens.

It's not rocket science people. You dont have to understand how it works to buy EDS tokens but im telling you here what I doing. It's simple compounding, EDS tokens should be called compounding HIVE 101 tokens but the name was not available.

HIVE could be $1, even $2 this time next year. This is a hope we all share, why not set yourself with an income while it's cheap? Just saying...



This looks and feels like another legit way of earning more passive income on the blockchain. I also think your comics are pretty funny. You got yourself another EDS Hodler ;<)

Thanks for spreading the abundance!

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Did you buy in time?

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Define "in time" ;<)

I bought 8 days ago and when I tried to get more, yesterday, I found out it wasn't possible.

I got both EDS and LBI though.

Well you got some. Good job.

And for some reason I thought this project has fizzled out, I should get some more 😄🤑

I am not any quitter. Im a lazy man, no question but quitting passive income is not worth the effort, hahaha

Gonna keep it a small project for a while and see what we can do with it. Grabbing a few would not hurt if you have some spare HIVE.

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As a tip, next time use leofinance.io to post articles in here. You will have better chances to get some better attention.

Interesting, I will need to follow your project, as I love the investment ones more than the actual work. I'm lazy as a drone.

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I should have. In 2 minds cause it's completely HIVE related but i guess it LeoFinanace and i've posted there before :)

Thanks for tip, Do i need to get a lion suit? I sorta like my Bee one i have now. haha

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Posting from the platform gives you 10% more in LEO and does not affect your hive income. It will help for sure to improve your margin.

You can stick to your bee costume and maybe power up some LEO in compensation :)

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Good call, im curating on a 2000 LEO gift delegation from my Boss. Maybe it's time i started staking some and building my own nest egg.

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Cool boss you have. I think your boss wants you to stake and build something for you. You could have different bee outfits like this on the long run :)

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Yes! Do that. I would love my EDS to pay me LEO too - or for the LEO to feed @spinvest, I win either way.

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It is a great way to go from speculation money to income producing. Lock in the gains and put them to work to generate Hive payouts on a weekly basis.

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Next level of crypto investment and crypto banking, if this would be the right term. It is a no brainer that this is the way things will be in the future.

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Well it isnt banking per se as much as financial and money management.

Income producing assets are often outside the banking system.

But the thought is correct. It is always best to move some of your holdings from speculative assets to income producing ones. This is how wealth is maintained.

If one is speculating with 100% of the money, 100% of the time, eventually the market is going to bite back and eat one's account(s).

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I picked up a bunch, keep adding. Might need to add some more.

It is always smart to move some of the speculative monies to income yielding ones.

This is where one can lock in gains and then keep the money growing without it turning south, thus giving it all back.

Not a bad idea to pick up a few EDS tokens.

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Exactly :)

speculative monies in income yielding ones, Its the TV all over again, lol.

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All right you have convinced me .I will buy more now.

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I'll post again next week and try my best to convince you once more, haha

Right On!!!

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Next week will be too late!

Turns out you were 100% correct. EDS is SOLD OUT

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It moved so fast that last 24 hours: one minute there were 8,500 EDS listedd then in no time only about 1,500!

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Giving it a go. Thanks!

I'm always looking for more streams of passive income I just bout my first batch!

Did I miss an announcement about the 1.01 sell wall vanishing? 😅