PornHive is perfect for PornHub

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This post is just reasoning and fantasy and does not encourage anyone to visit these sites, especially those who have not reached the age of majority.

Since the Internet appeared, the first sites with erotica have appeared, with different options for using these sites and content. From year to year, they keep up with the times and some of their use formats somewhat resemble a social network, where there is its own tokenization system, where there are models with whom you can communicate and thank them with tokens, where you can subscribe to various services for a fee, where there are online stores and much more. This is a whole ecosystem with different service options and offers for every taste and color and with it is difficult to count what billions of dollars in turnover.

Let's be honest, there is no person on earth who has never visited these sites or searched for them in a search engine, and the statistics on the key queries requested in Google and views of these videos indicate that they have always been the highest, and now remain the same high, stability has been built up for decades. At the same time, people of all ages, from schoolchildren to pensioners, both men and women, search and browse. And it doesn't matter what your marital status, social status, and so on is. And no matter what anyone says, it is, it was and it will be.

Let's imagine what would happen if, for example, PornHub switched to this
I think everyone would be very happy here. For them, this would create an entire ecosystem with perfectly suitable hive parameters. With such a token distribution, a whole revolution in this area would be created. Users would also be happy, since they also received cashback for curating. There are a whole wagon and a small cart for use.

For the hive community, it would be a crazy boost from so much traffic. Everyone would have found out about us, as I repeat, absolutely everyone watches adult videos. It would be a real takeoff, with a stable turnover. And I don't think hive will be considered a currency for porno after that.
For example, if you pay for porno with a Visa card, it is not considered that it is now
associated with porn. Or, for example, a cue ball used to be associated and associated only with the sale of drugs and weapons, but this is just a technology, but in my opinion bitcoin is less suitable for this topic than Hive.
If we do this first , then the rest of the crypto projects will simply be envious and there will definitely be no stopping us .

What do you think about this ? Write your opinion how you feel about it.


It is an industry like any other, if it is done well it will work well. If Hive grows a lot we will see this type of pages on a regular basis.

I agree with you. a simple example is splinter lands, a game that brought the hive to a new level both in terms of capitalization and the number of new users in hive. And if it is in the xxx industry, it will be an explosion

Absolutely!!! Thats going to be a crazy traffic creation , views on YouTube and different other sites can show the statistics!

I think it will be , but it takes a lot of time for users to understand the essence , advantages and benefits of web3 technology

I tell you boss!! I have been trying to explain this to a lot of people I know has contents to offer but only few can really understand , it will still take 5-10 years for people to understand this! It’s just like preaching the good news

it takes a lot of nerves and time to work in the auto business to learn how to deal with any brands of cars. I hope we're doing well)

That would actually be a very smart move from porn sites, you're totally right.
Right now hive is a little bit too small and I don't think it will be good to have the image of porn associated with this blockchain at this stage. When more & more people will find out this blockchain is perfect for creating all content, porn will be able to show up and accelerate the process of mass adoption.

Great post!

thank you for your assessment!)
We need some kind of locomotive for good growth.

I agree with you. But as @taskmaster445ole said, there was Dporn and it didn't go well. Maybe people on here are not ready for porn, or too shy to be associated with a porn community. Or maybe Dporn was not well organized. But definitely, porn is a big industry and I think it's a matter of time before it catches on on blockchains.

here it is necessary not to create a new community or not to offer a community to which it is not interesting, but on the contrary to offer the porn industry hive, so that users who are interested in using this blockchain. I also think that this will happen soon , as in all swers .

😊 I see. 👍

Sometimes I don't like to try this sites because they have pops and borried ads, what do you think?

I think that this sphere is, was and will be and it will never die)

This is a porn site, so some people may like it if you are a teenager and have a tendency towards pornography. I do not like porn sites.

it 's not about what someone likes or dislikes , but about how it can be implemented for the development and recognition of the hive blockchain

We already had Dporn which did not go so well.

It would be interesting for them to accept HBD as payment. That would be a huge starting point.

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First time hearing about dporn though I'm familiar with dtube. I'm actually happy with hive and LeoFinance.

hive needs to cover all areas

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Well I'm not sure if this design for showing porn. We consider it sinful so I'm never going to try it though I'm 25+ age.

so no one inclines you to use what you don't need. but billions of people use it, we need to give them this opportunity to develop our community.

Okay I understand

Interesting still new to it lol but learning a lot about everything and looking forward to all that is coming to the hive chain

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dude just the meme made me laugh so hard, so hard man... lmao 🤣 btw. blockchain based erotica per request token system already exist. it's called cumrocket. 😝 if you haven't heard of it, the token is a shit-token. But the system is already existing and running. God bless Market Research and google 🤣

I think liketu is a page you could use for that since it hides content behind a paywall. There is a NSFW tag and one could use that as a model to engage with their viewers.

to be honest, I don't need to use it since I'm not going to do it myself, it was just my reasoning on this topic)