A Poem and a Dance

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I've officially landed in my new home in Minneapolis! As I take a moment to slow things down and reflect, I find comfort in stepping into the witness energy, noticing and observing what's going on in my life right now without needing to have answers. Or forming rigid opinions about things. It feels important to stay open and humble. Even though I struggle to be those qualities at times, life is definitely handing me some interesting experiences for deeper embodiment of those qualities ;)

Time is a funny thing. Just last week, I was on the road traveling through all sorts of diverse geographies and cities to get here. Just one month ago, I was entrenched in my California life mindset, still grappling with the changes yet to come and slowly revealing to my community and loved ones about these big changes. None of this would've happened if it weren't for this whole new line of work I started a year ago where I met @mada. Meeting him inspired me to come out to Minneapolis during the winter for the first time ever.

A year ago, I knew big changes were coming. My current life at the time felt comfortable, yet stagnant.

So here I am.

In the Beginning, David Whyte
Sometimes simplicity rises
like a blossom of fire
from the white silk of your own skin.
You were there in the beginning
you heard the story, you heard the merciless
and tender words telling you where you had to go.
Exile is never easy and the journey
itself leaves a bitter taste.
But then, when you heard that voice, you had to go.
You couldn't sit by the fire, you couldn't live
so close to the live flame of that compassion
you had to go out in the world and make it your own
so you could come back with
that flame in your voice, saying listen...
this warmth, this unbearable light, this fearful love...
It is (now) all here, it is all here (in me).

Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 7.44.29 PM Large.jpeg


Beautiful: ) Look at you go!

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