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Principle:  Truth plus false is false.

........original photography with the assistance of a Van Gogh backdrop by @bleujay.

'Lily of the Valley'

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Here's wishing everyone a Happy Easter!  

A celebration of the resurrection of Christ Jesus, the Son of God, the Saviour of those who believe in Him for salvation. It is faith alone in Christ alone for salvation.....nothing added to faith.

'For God loved the world so much, that He gave His uniquely born Son, so that anyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.'

John 3.16, .....translation from the original greek language.

Principles are timeless truths presented here for our ponderance.

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Happy Easter... He is risen indeed! Beautiful photos and a solid principle... well done!

Greetings @brian.rrr and to your good lady.

Thank you for dropping by.

Appreciate your kind words concerning the post.

Thank you for your kind's wishing you and your family a 'Happy Easter'



I love the lily mon ami!
how have you been ?
sorry to have miss out on the others
been on a short sabbatical

Hi ya mon ami,

Appreciate ypu stopping by with such a love;y comment. have been missed!

Hope you are enjoying yourself......sabbatical are a good thing. ^__^

No worries.....all good here.....enjoying Spring!

A bientot! xox

I love that verse. Belated happy Easter to you too my friend!

Greetings @nextgen22,

Appreciate you stopping by.

It is one of the go to verses......for the message of the good news indeed.

Thank you for your kind wishes.

.....fortunately for us....'Easter' is everyday!

Take Care.


Hi @bleujay, somehow I miss this post from you, my belated Happy Easter, I hope you have had nice holidays and these are beatiful pictures of lily. The color choice as well as the background been perfectly combined. Thank you for such beautiful Easter Wishes!

Hi ya @stef!,

Lovely to see you.....appreciate your kind holiday artistic comment. ^__^

Oh yes....thank you.....a lovely holiday indeed!

Looking forward to reading your post about your Easter celebration....

All the best.


Such gorgeous shots of the flowers and a great principle, truth these days seems to be hard to find, and so many seem to think they can make up their own version of the truth and will only happily accept falsehoods if it supports there wish for the truth

Greetings @tattoodjay,

What a splendid comment.....

Thank you for your kind words with regard to the photographs.

You have hit the nail on the is true....the truth is obfuscated these days almost everywhere you turn......and that is the way many prefer it. The principle is ....Truth is harsh.....however, rejection of the truth and the following consequences can be even more harsh. There lies the rub.

Appreciate you stopping by. ^__^

All the best.


Yes ignoring the truth or making your own truth is more harsh in the long run I fully agree

Always a pleasure to visit :)

Sometimes lies are necessary. It's just that sometimes interferes and makes our life more realistic and not fabulous .

I for example love dream up. It's not true, but not a lie :-)

Who knows. it is possible that some of these fantasies can become a reality!

I found you here, dear @Bleujay

And your lilies are just beautiful!

Greetings @singa,

Appreciate you dropping by expressing your thoughts with regard to the principle......and kind compliment. ^__^

One of the best things about WLS is meeting so many new people....a privilege to have met you.

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@bleujay, Have a blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter!

Greetings @armentor,

Lovely to have you drop by.

Thank you for your kind Easter Greeting's wishing you and yours the same! ^__^


the beautiful lily flower my friend,a very wonderful art @bleujay

Thank you for your kind words @love-peace.

Here's wishing you a memorable Easter!


Great principle! It’s true, I absolutely agree.

The lily is very gorgeous! “Lily of the Valley” – well said!

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter! ;)

Greetings @tangmo,

How very much I appreciate your kind comment and lovely wishes.

Here's wishing you and yours an Easter to remember! ^__^


It's always my great pleasure!

All the best to you and yours! ;))

Great principle. "Truth plus false is false" is a sentence that we have to remember every day in our life!
Thanks so much to share it and to share those beautiful flowers. Happy Easter to you and yours, dear @bleujay ^_^

Dear @silviabeneforti,

How very kind of you to drop by for a cuppa. ^__^

Appreciate hearing you enjoyed the post.

Thank you for your kind Easter's wishing you and yours a Happy Easter!


Nice lily

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Thank you for stopping by @brothermic.

Here's wishing you a Happy Easter!

Amazing and stunning image! Happy Friday and Happy Easter.

Greetings @buzweaveryoutube,

Thank you for your kind words.....appreciate hearing you enjoyed the photographs.

Appreciate your kind Easter Greeting..... here's wishing you a Happy Easter!


Happy Easter @bleujay and beautiful photographs along with the awesome principal of the day very nice :)

Greetings @xawi,

Appreciate you dropping by with such a lovely comment.

Thank you for your kind's wishing you a happy and memorable Easter. ^__^

All the best.